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Revisiting WOMAN: AN ISSUE, 50 Years Later.

“Revisiting WOMAN: AN ISSUE” will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of a groundbreaking double issue of the Massachusetts Review (MR), while also reexamining the multifaceted conceptions of womanhood in the twenty-first century. The issue will include literary prose and poetry from women writers around the world, including intersex and trans women and transfeminine writers. This issue will represent an effort to go beyond the definition of “woman” as framed by the ideologies of the 1970s, to explore and examine new possibilities and horizons for feminist literatures today.

“Revisiting WOMAN: AN ISSUE” will honor the 50th anniversary of the publication of “WOMAN: AN ISSUE”, which published prose, poetry and visual art by...


Celebrating our 11th Annual Jules Chametzky Translation Prize Winner and Honorable Mention

We are pleased to announce Aga Gabor da Silva as the winner of our annual Chametzky Translation Prize for her translation of Ewa Lipska’s “Can Always Happen” from its original Polish. Published in our Spring 2021 issue, Gabor da Silva’s masterfully translates this poem about longing for one’s country of origin. You can read Gabor da Silva’s 10 Questions interview with The Massachusetts Review here.

Our judges included one honorable mention as well: Diana Senechal’s translation of Gyula Jenei's poem “Scissors” (MR Vol. 61, Issue 2...


A Poetry Reading with Robert Whitehead, the 2022 Anne Halley Prize Winner

Join MR for a poetry Reading with Robert Whitehead, the 2022 Anne Halley Prize winner

Registration for the event can be found here.

Judges Ellen Doré Watson and Deb Gorlin, and the MR Editors, have selected Robert Whitehead's poem "David" from Spring 2021 issue (Vol.62, Issue 1) for this year's prize. From the judge's note: "By retelling the story of the fabled hero, the breathless narrator of Whitehead’s inspirational, of-the-moment poem, exhorts us to...


2022 Winner of the Anne Halley Poetry Prize

Congratulations to ROBERT WHITEHEAD, winner of this year's Anne Halley Poetry Prize!

Ellen Doré Watson and Deb Gorlin have selected Robert Whitehead's poem "David" from MR's Spring 2021 issue (Vol.62, Issue 1) for the prestigious prize. A virtual reading with Robert Whitehead will be held May 26th on Zoom.

From the judge's note: "By...

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