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Volume 58, Issue 2



No One and Syria’s Struggle to Sleep

by Seif Eldeine

Table of Contents

Introduction, by Jim Hicks

No One and Syria’s Struggle to Sleep, a poem by Seif Eldeine

All I Know About Myself and Everybody Else, Lest I Forget,
  an essay by Francesc Serés, translated by Peter Bush

Song over Song for My Father, a poem by Paul Nemser

In Case of Emergency, a poem by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

Nehru’s Relevance in India Today,
  an essay by Shashi Tharoor

The Paper Pond, a story by Kalam Haidari,
  translated by Syed Sarwar Hussain

   The Lottery, a story by Atef Abu Saif,
  translated by Alice Guthrie

Postcolonial Resentments, an essay by Tabish Khair

Harp Jazz, a poem by Taije Silverman

Meditation in the Key of an Exhale, a poem by Jared Harél

Flying Houses, photomontages by Laurent Chéhère

Now that Tomaž and Jim are Gone, Sleepers Awake,
  and Unprotected, poems by Dean Young

Impossible Love, a story by Antonio Muñoz Molina,
  translated by Claire Huttlinger

Lena Dunham Is Everywhere, a story by Eric Henry Sanders

The Little White Notice, a story by Alexandra Berková,
  translated by Corine Tachtiris

Two Weeks at Most, a story by A. Medvedenko

Rainy Sun, a poem by Ilma Rakusa, translated by Francesca Bell

Baroni: A Journey, a novel excerpt from Sergio Chejfec,
  translated by Margaret Carson

Glory, a novel excerpt by Giuseppe Berto,
  translated by Gregory Conti

Parthenogenesis, a poem by Britton Shurley

Turn, Struggle, a story by Ahsan Butt

The Day of No Fire, a poem by George Kalamaras

[Redacted], a poem by Claire Schwartz

The Commitment of Rain, a poem by Stacie Leatherman

Blood Oranges, a poem by Daniel Lusk

Mwen menm ou menm, a poem by Félix Morisseau-Leroy,
 with commentary by Danielle Legros Georges,
 translated by Danielle Legros Georges with
 Jean-Claude Martineau, David Brooks Andrews,
 Mary Birnbaum, Ruby Poltorak, and Molly Lynn Watt

White Girl, a story by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

The Dancing Other, a novel excerpt by Suzanne Dracius,
  translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson and
  Catherine Maigret Kellogg

Love & Hypothermia, a poem by Laura Paul Watson

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