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Volume 65, Issue 2

Front Cover by Daisy Quezada Ureña
Untitled (detail) 2018
Porcelain and clothesline in Wuhan Student Dormitory
500 Sq. Ft.

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Table of Contents 2010-2019


Introduction, by Jim Hicks

Alfred Kazin and Norman Podhoretz,
portraits by Jules Chametzky

Psalm of Leah, a poem by Diane Gilliam

My Soul, a poem by John Allman

Shadows on Jeweled Glass, a story by Juan José Saer,
translated by Jim Hicks

Spreading Ash, a poem by Sandra Meek

Ex-Wives, a poem by Ira Sadoff

Saffron, an essay by Robert Kostuck

Comida tipica, a story by Mei Li Ooi

From Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie,
a poem by Joshua Harmon

The Atheists Club, a story by Philip Kobylarz

Jackpot, a story by Kelly Luce

Minnie Driver, a story by Amy Weingartner

Crazy in Love (Women and Shoes),
an essay by Cynthia Lewis

Dinner Party, a story by Sarah French

What I learned in Art School, a
n essay by Joy Manesiotis

Melinda Interviews, a poem by Mike Michaels

Mother’s Bartok, a poem by Frannie Lindsay

Building, an essay by Michelle Disler

Insulatus, an essay by Zachary Watterson

Your People’s Ways, a story by Jane E. Martin

Polaroids of Tom, an essay by Burlee Vang

A Kingdom Comes, a story by Nance Van Winckel

Waiting for Solomon, a story by Susi Wyss

Everything and Nowhere: A Quest for Tango
in Buenos Aires, an essay by Paige Boncher

The Approximate Placement of the Sun,
a story by Lauren Foss Goodman

Little Stick, a poem by Anne Marie Macari

Time and Language: The Trials of a Philosophical Tourist,
an essay by Frederic Will

Pantoum of the Brothel of Ruin,
a poem by Patrick Donnelly

The Nutcracker’s Overbite, a story by Peter Moore

A Man from the Lord, a poem by Kirun Kapur

Beer, a poem by Lee Upton




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

Decomposition of the Soul, No Complaint Book,
and Divine Caress, poems by Rosa Alice Branco,
translated by Alexis Levitin

The Sound of Water, a story by Myriam J.A.Chancy

On the Training of Expert Witnesses,
a poem by G.C. Waldrep

On Cape Cod, an essay by Michael Thurston

Calypso, a poem by Cleopatra Mathis

I Thought It’s Time and Diana,
poems by Jean Valentine

Proof, a poem by Barbara Perez

Helen and Jose Iglesias, portraits by Jules Chametzky

Having It All, an essay by Robert Erwin

“Union of the Beautiful with the Useful”:
Through the Eyes of Orra White Hitchcock,
an essay by Daria D’Arienzo

Orra White Hitchock Folio,
art by Orra White Hitchcock

Mercy Flynt Morris and Nancy Flynt:
A Portrait of Two Massachusetts Sisters
in the Early Republic, an essay by Jessica Lang

As if the sky..., a poem by Gary Young

Ode to the Boulders in the Orchard, 
a poem by Teddy Macker

Guests, a story by James Meyer

Against the Dying, a story by Wilson Roberts

Toni Morrison, the Slave Narratives, and Modernism,
an essay by Robin Dizard

Big Sister, a story by Edith Pearlman

Bulls-eye, a poem by Joanne Dominique Dwyer

Adrienne Rich, Anne Halley, Marilyn Hacker,
portraits by Jules Chametzky

Dear Words, a poem by Stephen Lindow




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

The Way to Smith College, a poem by Ko Un,
translated by Lee Sang-Wha

Whacked, a poem by C.K. Williams

Holy Terror, a story by Takahashi Takako,
translated by Amanda C. Seaman

A Boundless Void, a story by Takahashi Takako,
translated by Amanda C. Seaman

A Womb of One’s Own: Takahashi Takako’s
Women Apart, an afterword by Amanda C. Seaman

Hungry Moon, a poem by Henrietta Goodman

17 Movements in Spring, a poem by David Welch

Celebration in the Season of Nettles,
a poem by Liliana Ursu, translated by Liliana Ursu, 
Adam J.Sorkin and Tess Gallagher

Accomplice to Memory, a story by Q.M. Zhang

In a half-mile, the highways cross...,
a poem by Tomas Venclova, translated by Rimas Uzgiris

Afterlife and Snow and the Wolves, poems by
Stanislaw Borokowski, translated by Chris Michalski

Victorians (III) and Called, poems by Donald Revell

The Lover of a Subversive Is Also a Subversive:
Colonialism and the Poetry of Rebellion in
Puerto Rico, an essay by Martín Espada

Ten Years Apprenticeship in the Republic of
Carnivorous Loves, a poem by Kara Candito

Fata Morgana, a poem by André Breton,
translated by David Lenson and A.F. Moritz

Monkey Spinning a Prayer Wheel,
a poem by Lisa Bellamy

The Bridge Named Desire, a story by Dario Dzamonja,
translated by Aleksandar Brezar

Transatlantic Mail, by Miljenko Jergovic and Semezdin
Mehmedinovic, translated by Una Tanovic

Risk, a poem by Katherine Larson

Pap, a poem by Carolyn Creedon

Gender’s Waiting Room, a poem by Athena N. Edmonds

Zouhira, a story by Haim Isaacs

Starving Horse, a poem by Doug Ramspeck

Am I a Redundant Human Being?, a novel excerpt
by Mela Hartwig, translated by Kerri A. Pierce

Selections from The Life and Memoirs of Doctor Pi
and Other Stories, stories by Edgar Bayley,
translated by Emily Toder

My Week with Bogdan, a graphic story by Summer McClinton

The Gospel of the Gospel, a poem by Michael Chitwood




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

This Morning the Small Bird Brought a Message
from the Other Side, a poem by Aracelis Girmay

Bird, a poem by Gretchen Primack

Tamara, a poem by Izet Sarajlic,
translated by Jim Hicks

Joseph Brodsky, a portrait by Jules Chametzky

Somewhere Near the Beginning of the Match,
a story by Abdourahman A. Waberi,
translated by Carolyn Shread

We Will Win the World Cup 2010,
a story by Alain Mabanckou,
translated by Helen Dickinson

The Clan of Ali Babas, a story by Ananda Devi,
translated by Florentine Bambara and Jim Hicks

It Takes Two Hands to Clap, a story by Fatima Rashid

Isaac Bashevis Singer, a portrait by Jules Chametzky

How to Become a So-Called Caribbean Woman Writer:
A User’s Manual, an essay by Maryse Condé,
translated by Dawn Fulton

Most at Rest, a story by Eson Kim

American Girl, a poem by Kimalisa Kaczinski

The Inside Scoop, a story by Phyllis Rudin

Wonder Spot, an essay by Krista Eastman

From The Scale of Maps,
a novel excerpt by Belén Gopegui,
translated by Mark Shafer

Just a Rumor, art by Anna Schuleit

Hagar before the Occupation, Hagar After
the Occupation, poems by Amal al-Jubouri,
translated by Rebecca Gayle Howell and Husam Qaisi

Fucking the Mermaid, a story by Matthew Eck

Mautam, a story by David Yost

How Wars Begin, a poem by Izet Sarajlic,
translated by Jim Hicks

Panel on Borderland, a poem by Eric Weinstein

Saul Bellow, a portrait by Jules Chametzky

Moriah, a poem by Collier Nogues

We Whistled While We Worked, a story by Gary Amdahl

When I Lived with a Stalinist in the Village,
a poem by Colette Inez

Quiet Evening, a poem by Jennifer Habel

Letters from Salinger, an essay by Deirdre Bonifaz

The Republic of Mania, a poem by Jane Barnes

Attic, a poem by Michael Snediker




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

I. travel logs

The Safari, an essay by Amy Leach

The Nubian Vultures Have the Floor,
a poem by Aimé Césaire,
translated by A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman

Howling, a poem by Aimé Césaire,
translated by A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman

Periplus, a story by Sabina Murray

Babel Diary, a poem by Brian Culhane

Helvetian Freedoms, a story by Quim Monzó,
translated by Peter Bush

At the Checkpoint to Sleep, a poem by Henk Rossouw
Cowboy, a story by Kim Chinquee

Boundary 5 (Warheads), a poem by Salgado Maranhão,
translated by Alexis Levitin

Resuming the Count, an essay by Mike Freeman

Mourning I, a poem by Bruce Snider

Something Flown, a poem by Patty Crane

More Than You Know, artwork by Whitfield Lovell
with essay by Kevin Quashie

II. memento mori

You, A Shadow, a poem by Heather Madden

On Indian Road, a poem by Meena Alexander

Lines on the Wall, a story by Pravinsinh Chavda,
translated by Mira Desai

En Route to Bangladesh, Another Crisis of Faith,
a poem by Tarfia Faizullah

Parting Words, an essay by John Nelson

Tenacity, an essay by Douglas Bauer

A Final Brooklyn, a story by Brion Dulac

Thifting, a poem by Angela Sorby

III. le parti pris des choses

The Song of the Railroad Crossing Barrier,
a story by Otar Dovzhenko,
translated by Patrick Corness

Tesla, Portrait Among the Masks,
a novel excerpt by Vladimir Pisˇtalo,
translated by Ellen Elias-Bursac

Report from Computerville:
Virtual Walkabouts and Master Narratives,
an essay by Larry Owens and Dominique

La Mono Nagra: An Analog Tale,
an essay by Luke Jaeger

Mistaken, a poem by Charlotte Boulay

IV. illuminations

Mystical, Dawn, Flowers, and Common Nocturne,
four poems from Illuminations by Arthur Rimbaud,
translated by John Ashbery




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

SNCC, the Struggle, and the W.E.B. DuBois

Department: An Introduction for Charles E. Cobb, Jr.,
and Judy Richardson, by Ekwueme Michael Thelwell

Black in Different Colors,
an essay by Charles E. Cobb, Jr.

Womanpower and SNCC, an essay by Judy Richardson

Por Bem, a poem by Elizabeth Hoover

The Fates, a poem by Maxine Scates

Upon Hearing a Child Call You Old,
a poem by Samantha Thornhill

Estranged, a story by Charles Lamar Phillips

1 Corinthians 13, a poem by Spencer Reece

Before Bees, a poem by Marina Hope Wilson

Shift, a poem by Aubrey Lenahan

Litany: Four Men, a story by Christine Sneed

For Major General Abner Doubleday,
poems by Jack Spicer

Banana, an essay by Eleanor Stanford

Mí Encanta Panama, a story by Robert Kostuck

The Virgin of Candelaria, a story by Ruth Taylor

Borges, Blind, Gives, a poem by Elena Karina Byrne

Prosthesis, or The Metamorphosis,
and Once Upon a Time, a King...,
stories by Vittorio Marchis, translated by Jim Hicks

The Republic of Curtis, a story by Urban Waite

Grozny, a story by David Torres,
translated by Daniel Nevarez

House Afire, a poem by Dennis Finnell

How to Survive on Canned Peaches,
an essay by Nicole Walker

Combing Through the Trash: Philosophy
Goes Rummaging, an essay by Elizabeth V. Spelman

Motherhood, a poem by Adrian Blevins

The Monkeys, a poem by Stacey Waite

The North African – Middle East Uprisings
from Tunisia to Libya, an essay by Herbert P. Bix

Protecting States or Protecting Civilians:
The Case for R2P, an essay by Jon Western

A New Egypt, a declaration by
The Youth Coalition of the Egyptian Anger Revolt



VOLUME 52, ISSUES 3 & 4 

Introduction, by Kevin Bowen and Jim Hicks

“Here is what the mind does,”
 a poem by Fred Marchant

A Poem about War, a poem by Gheysar Aminpoor,
 translated by Maryam Ghodrati

Liberation Square, an essay by Juan Goytisolo,

translated by Peter Bush

Horses, a poem by Brian Turner

Endangered, a story by Eduardo Halfon,

translated by Anne McLean

Down to the Crossroads: An Iraq War Story,

an essay by Charles M. Sennott,

photographs by Richard Sennott 

from Love in a Time of War,
poems by Yusef Komunayakaa

from Soviet Computer, an essay by Semezdin Mehmedinović,

translated by Una Tanović

Two Soldiers, Two Tours, Two Countries,

Two Wars, oral histories by Elise Tripp

I Was There, a poem by Fady Joudah

Beirut, August 1982, a poem by Ghassan Zaqtan,

translated by Fady Joudah

Your Village, a poem by Elana Bell

Portfolio, visual art by Dan Witz, Michelle Dizon,

Anna Schuleit, Sarah Bliss, and Faith Wilding

Walk with Us, a story by Askold Melnyczuk

Something Like a Soul, an essay by Doug Anderson

Last Love, a story by Deena Linett

Black October, Bloody Sunday,
an essay by Jen Marlowe

Home/Front, a poem by Philip Metres

Tomorrow, a poem by Christopher Merrill

Old Men and Their Grandchildren,

a story by Dubravka Ugrešić,
translated by Celia Hawkesworth

Collective Memory in Action (and in Motion),

an essay by Nora Strejilevich

from Sloboština Barbie, a novel by Maša Kolanović,

translated by Andrea Milanko and Ulvija Tanović

Air Aria, a poem by Philip Metres

from The Day before Happiness,

a novel by Erri De Luca, translated by Michael Moore

A Man, a story by Evelio Rosero,
translated by Anne McLean
 and Anna Milsom

Faces and Names, an essay by Tracy Wilkinson

Street Smarts, an essay by Taylor Stoehr

Telemetry, a poem by Laren McClung

They Steal Your Sweat, an essay by David Rabe

A Postcard from the Underworld,

a poem by Sinan Antoon

Scenes from an Illicit War,
an illustrated essay by Josh Neufeld and Martha Rosler

One Message Leading to Another,
an essay by John Berger

Not Going to Hanoi, a poem by Sam Hamill

White Magic for Gioviano, an essay by Ruth Kennedy,

introduction by Martin Antonetti, afterword by Nina Antonetti

Singing Grass, a story by Ly Lan,

translated by Ly Lan and Kevin Bowen

from La Grande, a novel by Juan José Saer,
translated by Steve Dolph

My Manhattan, When I Got Down to the Burning,

and You with Me inside You, poems by Robert Dow

War Chatter: Collage, an essay by Donald Anderson

[white paper #8], a poem by Martha Collins

from The Unintended, a novel by Gina Apostol

Quitter’s Rose, a poem by Fred Marchant

None of Us Belonged There, an oral history by Dick Hughes

and Christian G. Appy

Mea Leah, a collective remembrance by Mary Kay Magistad,

Mila Rosenthal, Boreth Sun, David Rohde, Chris Gunness,

and Kofi Annan

Trauma Market, a poem by Adisa Bašić,

translated by Una Tanović

In Harm’s Way: Brain Injuries in War,
an essay by Susan R. Barry

Excerpts from a Journal for English 183,

an essay by Matthew Thompson

Continuum, a poem by Jack Haley

Copley Square Blues, a poem by Roy Scranton

The Morally Injured, an essay by Tyler Boudreau

After the War, a poem by Christine Dumaine Leche

Gulf War: Portrait of the Artist as a Refugee,

an essay by Wafaa Bilal and Kari Lydersen,
with art by Summer McClinton





Introduction, by Jim Hicks

Kafeteria, Norman Riding, and Hotel Wellesley,

poems by Gerald Stern

The Red and the Black: Victor Serge’s Russian Heritage, Part One, an essay by Richard Greeman

Ode to Sleeping in My Clothes,
a poem by Ross Gay

We May Just Forget to Die: Patrick Leigh Fermor,

a story by Margot Demopoulos

If I Were to Tell You,

a poem by Breyten Breytenbach

The Unbearable Lightness of Not Being There,

a story by Steven Schwartz

Blue Village, a poem by Betsy Sholl

Sterling Brown, Past and Present
an essay by Phil Richards

Bone’s Blues, a story by Colin Fleming

Bad Mediator, a poem by Doug Anderson

Craft as Conduit, an essay by Carol Moldaw

A Measure, a poem by Carol Moldaw

Jacob and His Friends Work Out the Difference

Between Post and Modern, an essay by Jacob Paul

Sailing through Cassiopeia, a poem by Dan Gerber

Chrome & Oranges, a poem by Kevin Miller

Lessons in Romanian, an essay by Lenore Myka

Williamsburg 2000: Reflections on the Colonial Artist,

an essay by Matt Ashby

Roadside Albania, an essay by Jefferson Hunter

Forged, a poem by Maya Smith Janson

Bite the Hand, a poem by Catherine Morocco

The Naked Days, a poem by Melanie McCabe

Create in Me a Clean Heart, a poem by Lisa Ampleman

What Comes Through These Walls,

a story by Dario Sulzman




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

The first Translation, a poem by Steven Reese

The Cellar, a story by Sarah Gerkensmeyer

Restoration, a story by Lawrence Raab

The Sirens, a poem by Lawrence Raab

Borges & I, a story by Karen Tei Yamashita

Black Guy, Bald Guy, a story
by Steve Davenport

The Thing about Thugs, a novel excerpt
by Tabish Khair

Facts on the Ground, a novel excerpt
by Benjamin Hollander

Mary, a poem by Hannah Fries

Harmonic, a poem by anne Shaw

Scars, a story by Charles Haverty

For I Am the Sea, a poem
by Anzhelina Polonskaya, translated
from Russian by Andrew Wachtel

Over the Earth, a poem by Brian Komei Dempster

Europa 2, a story by Barbara Pumhösel, translated
from Italian by Victoria Offredi Poletto
and Giovanna Bellesia-Contuzzi

Grief, a poem by Adrienna Su

Leaving, a story by Susan Volchok

The Golden Peacock Has Flown, a poem
by Anna Margolin, translatted
from Yiddish by Maia Evrona

You Should Pity Us Instead, a story by Amy Gustine

In a Landscape:LXIX, a poem by John Gallaher

Kitchen Door, a poem by Caroline Randall Williams

In the Beautiful Static of Winter, a poem
by Alessandra Lynch

The Catch-and-Release Man, a story
by Jennifer Wisner Kelly

Munson House, a poem by Christopher Todd Matthews

Victor Serge's Russian Heritage, Part Two:
Vera Podorovskaya abd the Feminist Intelligentsia,

an essay by Richard Greeman

A Delicate Cowboy, a poem by Dave Neilson

On the Dream Within a Dream, an essay
by Andrei Krasnyashykh, trasnlated

from the Russian by Tanya Paperny

Istiraha Café, a story by Ezer Vierba




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

They Speak of Race, Paw on Your Lap, and
In War Time, poems by Alicia Ostriker

Playing France, a story by Lindsay Sproul

After a Stroke, My Mother Imagines She
Is Bathsheba Thinking of King David,
a poem by Tom Daley

The Seventh Day, a poem by Roya Zarrin translated
from Farsi by Kaveh Bassiri

A New World of Love, an essay by Laure Katsaros

The Invasion, a story by Muriel Rukeyser

See It, Don't, a poem by Jessica Young

Narrative with a Green Sky, a poem
by Jennifer Luebbers

The News at His Back, an excerpt from
Thinner than Skin by Uzma Khan

F., a story by Giulio Mozzi, translated
from Italian by Elizabeth Harris

Two Poems by Jean François Bory, translated
from French by M. Kasper

Demerol, Demerol, Benzedrine, Schnaps,
a story by Jen Fawkes

Girls, She Falcons, Be Thin: Let Us Work Ourselves
Asleep Agaist You, a poem by Kathy Davis

Blue Heron, with Black-Snake, a poem by Luke Johnson

Summer Problem, a story by Lia Purpura

Jerome Liebling Memorial, June 10, 2012,
an essay by Alan Trachtenberg

Myth and History: Victor Serge's Russian Heritage
Part Three: Deceit and Denial,
an essay by Richard Greeman

On Tender Hooks, a story by Carissa Halston

Transmigration, a poem by Jenna Le

The Squirrel in Tank 12, a poem by Matthew Brady Klitsch

Reasons for Return, a story by Heather Bryant

Van Gogh's Olive Orchard, a poem James Magorian

from The Deviil Be Familiar, a play by Lucy Marx

from Song 18, a poem by Derek Henderson

Laughing, a poem by Mark Irwin




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

Relentless Usurpation of Temporal Linearity,
a poem by Dara Wier

Saddling the Sorry Ass of Self,
a story by Gary Amdahl

Laughing Creek, a poem by John Ashbery

The Woman of Porto Pim,
a story by Antonio Tabucchi,
translated from Italian by Tim Parks

Klingon Confidential,
a novel excerpt by Mandy Keifetz

Leave Me Hidden, a poem by Franz Wright

Black Site (Exhibit I), a poem by Philip Metres

Lizard Juice, a story by David Hancock

Good Form, an essay by Michelle Valois

A Gathering Storm,
an essay by Mark O'Connor

Occupations, a story by Andrew Fox

First Born, a poem by Sarah Gambito

The Abduction Narrative,
a poem by Aimée Baker

Baby Talk, a story by Kristie Letter

New Poems,
nine new poems by James Tate

Monitor, a story by Dana Cann

If grief is the cup, a poem by Carol Ann Davis

Snapshots, a poem by Warren Slesinger

Edith Under the Streetlight,
a story by Rachel Swearingen

Giving Shelter to the Homeless, a story
by Mercedes Cebrián translated
from Spanish by Ben Van Wyke

A letter from Paul  Éluard   to his wife
who is in Cadaqu
és with Salvador Dali,
a poem by Anna Piwkowska translated
from Polish by Iza Wojciechowska

In the Good Old Summertime, a poem
by Deborah Bogen

Civil Disobedience: A Question of Institutional
Involvement, an essay by Kim Townsend

Living On, a poem by Richard Jackson




Introduction, by Jim Hicks

The Princess Doctrine, a story by Chris Bachelder

The Darker Powers and Correction,
poems by Carl Phillips

The Waiting Stool, a story by Jekwu Anyaegbuna

For Second Lieutenant J. Wesley Rosenquest, 
a poem by Thomas Lux

Literary Imagination and Living History, 
an essay by Sabina Murray

Godzilla versus the Smog Monster, 
a story by Lucy Corin

Ghazal, a poem by Adam Scheffler

Displaced Persons, an essay by J. Malcolm Garcia

The Translator I and  The Translator II,
poems by Polina Barskova, Translated from Russian
by Catherine Ciepiela

Sisyphus’s Wife, a poem by Pavel Šrut, 
translated from Czech by Deborah Garfinkle

Adhesion, an essay by Pete Duval

Oil Rises, a novel excerpt by Hilary Plum

Peau, a poem by Gillian Cummings

Grete, Florida, 1978, a poem by Molly Spencer

The Clock Hands of a Child,
a poem by Christopher Watkins

Grand Jury, a story by Rebecca Powell Lartigue

Ask an Expert, a story by Christine Sneed

Crow, a poem by CJ Evans

The Apartment, a story by Yoojin Grace Wuertz

The Lost Meadows of Northampton, 
an essay by David Fleming

Christ in a Ditch, a poem by Laura Koritz

Nothing Went to Waste,
an essay by J. Malcolm Garcia

Silk Road, a poem by Peter Balakian



VOLUME 54, ISSUE 2                                                                                   

Introduction, by Jim Hicks                 

Ode to the Great Wall in the Fog, a poem by Pablo Neruda, translated from Spanish by Ilan Stavans

The Transparency of Evil, a story by Francesc Serés,
translated from Catalan by Peter Bush

Culmitzsch, a poem by Lutz Seiler,
translated from German by Alexander Booth

San Luis el Brujo, Part One, a story by Gary Amdahl

History and Myth, a poem by Shara McCallum

The Goat, a poem by Michael Bazzett

“So A’Feared Of” See Also,
photographs by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Who are not, but could be, an essay by Kelly Clancy

What a Woman Knows, a poem by David Thacker

The Kulak’s Son, a novel excerpt from Ron Kubati,
translated from Italian by Yvonne Freccero

The Arc of Memory and the Arc of Justice,
an essay by Max Page

Tears in Reverse, a poem by Marianne Boruch

Rise Up, Beloved, a story by John Goulet

The Selected Works of Alessandro Pope,
a story by Elvis Bego

As the Fool, a poem by Matthew Reed Corey

Fires, Ashes, Forgetfulness and Beauty Untamed,
poems and essays by Juan Goytisolo,
translated from Spanish by Peter Bush

Hand in Glove, a story by Vedran Husić

Morning Rituals, a poem by Nora Hickey

Plenty, a story by Katherine L. Hester

Holes, a poem by Judith Berke

Jack and the Skunk, a story by Jessica Scalise

The Bargain, a poem by Nathaniel Bellows

Night Man, nonfiction by Bill Pitts

Pig on Grass, a story by Kim T’ae-yong,
translated from Korean by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton

Ode to Ironing, a poem by Pablo Neruda,
translated from Spanish by Ilan Stavans


VOLUME 54, ISSUE 3                                                                                                                                      

Introduction, by Jim Hicks  

W. E. B. Du Bois, A Gathering

     A Negro Student at Harvard at the End of the
          19th Century, an essay by W. E. B. Du Bois

     W. E. B. Du Bois: A Personal Memoir,
          an essay by John Hope Franklin

     Du Bois's Crisis and Woman's Suffrage,
          an essay by Jean Fagan Yellin

     W. E. B. Du Bois's Dusk of Dawn and
          James Yates's Mississippi to Madrid,
          an essay by Kathryne V. Lindberg

     Notes from the Underworld: Dostoevsky,
          Du Bois, and the Discovery of Ethnic Soul,
          an essay by Dale E. Peterson

     Du Bois in His Time (and Ours),
           an essay by Ekwueme Michael Thelwell

Du Bois in Our Time, A Portfolio

     Art by Radcliffe Bailey, Mary Evans, Brendan Fernandes,
     LaToya Ruby Frazier, Julie Mehretu, Ann Messner,
     Jefferson Pinder, Tim Rollins & K.O.S., Mickalene Thomas,
     and Carrie Mae Weems

     Meditation on Skin, a poem by Karen An-Hwei Lee

     My Last Love Poem for a Crackhead, #23,
          What I Mean When I Say Farmhouse, and
Divorce Means, three poems by Geffrey Davis

     Selections from Crank Shaped Notes,
          lyric prosisms by Thomas Sayers Ellis

     Tiny Women, a poem by Martha Collins

     Inlaw, a posm by Tara Bray

     San Luis el Brujo, Part Two, a story by Gary Amdahl

     dang tou bang he : this is a timely warning,
          a poem by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde

     Of Useless Knowledge, a poem by Margaret Russotto,
translated by Peter Kahn

     Triptych, a poem by Andrew Nurkin

     Mourning Pictures and Magic Glasses, Part One,
         an essay by Elzabeth Young

     From Her Deathbed Harriet Bailey Chronicles the
         Fifth and Final Trek to Her Son Frederick Douglass,
         a poem by Adam Tavel

Notes on Contributors


   Introduction, by Jim Hicks

  Kenmore Square, 1968, a poem by Adrian C. Louis

  The Doer of Things We Dreamed of Doing:
      Big Papi and the Lost Year of 2012, an essay by Martín Espada

  Anna Grace, a poem by Rebecca Cook

  “All the Things One Wants”: John Ashbery’s French Translations,
      an essay by Rosanne Wasserman and Eugene Richie

  I will look at. . ., a poem by Pascalle Monnier,
      translated from French by John Ashbery

  From Real Location and Theatre, poems by Yves Bonnefoy,
      translated from French by John Ashbery

  The Einaudi Primer, an essay by Guido Davico Bonino,
      translated from Italian by Yvonne Freccero

  Notes for a Book Series on Moral Investigation,
      an essay by Italo Calvino, translated from Italian by Jim Hicks

  Mercies, a poem by Melanie McCabe

  Mourning Pictures and Magic Glasses, Part Two,
      an essay by Elizabeth Young

  Meat, a story by Pete Duval

  October, a poem by Andres Rojas

  Mercy, a story by Anna Lidia Vega Serova,
      translated from Spanish by Jacqueline Loss

  After the Witch, a poem by Amy Woolard

  That Delicious Word, a poem by Lynn Domina

  The Red Veil, a story by Violet Kupersmith

  The Engineers, a story by Rebecca Rukeyser

  Adolescence, a poem by Yehudit Heller,
      translated from Hebrew by Sabina Murray with the poet

  House of Footfalls, a poem by Alice B. Fogel

  San Luis el Brujo, Part Three, a story by Gary Amdahl

  The Adventures of Mrs. Ema, a story by Federico Falco,
      translated from Spanish by Sarah Viren

  Monday, a poem by Benny Anderson, translated by Michael Goldman

  House of Footfalls, a poem by Alice B. Fogel

  To You Who Lost Your Father and The Dead Man Returns Disguised
      as a Tour Guide to an Improvised Reenactment of His Own Demise,
      poems by Sebastian Matthews

  The Fusiform Face Area, a story by Eugene Dubnov,
      translated from Russian by Justin Lumley and the author

  Horseshoe Crabs and the Sargasso Sea, an essay by Paul R. Hundt

  Lust, at your Age, a poem by Kurt Heinzelman

  Moscow 2013: Reveries of a Solitary Walker,
      an essay by Geneviève Piron, translated from French by Jay Milton

  Notes on Contributors


  Introduction, by John Emil Vincent

  Big Little and If Only, poems by Marianne Boruch

   Scavenger, an essay by Corwin Ericson

   What is the name of this? What is this word the name of?,
      I lose my temper and find it again and keep it better,
      and Caesar’s “Gallic War,” poems by Lesley Yalen

   Underground, Dead Drop, and Spook,
      stories by Jedediah Berry

   an oh   a sky   a fabric    an undertow,
      a poem by Gillian Conoley

   Stories to Go, poems by Lesle Lewis

   Cuba Hill Diary, a story by James Haug

   Poem for a Vial of Nameless Perfume,
      a poem by Matthew Zapruder

   The Incident at Villedeau, a story by Valerie Martin

   Ráfe Laudïan, a poem by Rachel B. Glaser

   Siasalem, a poem by Brian Baldi

   Cable, a story by Hilary Plum

   The Natural World, a poem by Emily Toder

   Laika, Emily, Jewel Casket, and Hunger Artist,
      stories and art by Mira Bartók

   That was the summer, Wakeful, my eyes seething,
      and The way we left, poems by Ellen Doré Watson

   The Extent of the Shock is Equivalent
      to the Rate of the Flow, an essay by Douglas Whynott

   Plate Neatly Broken, a poem by Heather Christle

   from The White Devil, a novel excerpt by Domenic Stansberry

   Marsyas, a poem by Lee Upton

   Notes on Contributors


  Introduction by Michael Thurston

  We All Fall Down, a poem by Tony Barnstone

     The Last Great Cause, foreword by Cary Nelson
     Translating the Spanish Civil War: 
       Langston Hughes's Transnational Poetics,
       an essay by Evelyn Scaramella
     A Little  DIalogue between the Poet and the Revolution,
       a poem by Rafael Alberti, translated by Langston Hughes
     Frente, a poem by José Moreno Villa,
       translated by Langston Hughes
Things and Lost Things: Nancy Cunard's Spanish
       Civil War Scrapbook, an essay by Anne Donlon
     Imagining Spain: Charles Yale Harrison's
       Meet Me on the Barricades, an essay by
       Emily Robins Sharpe and Bart Vautour
From Meet Me on the Barricades,
       a novel excerpt by Charles Yale Harrison

  Elegy, a poem by Lev Rubinstein,
    translated by Philip Metres and Tatiana Tulchinsky

  The Once and Future Capital, a story by Emily Barton

  The Waters of Time, The Delivery, and  War of
    the Clowns, stories by Mia Couto, translated by
    Eric M.B. Becker

  Interrogation, a poem by Arne Weingart

  Friday Was the Bomb, nonfiction by Nathan Deuel

  The Front Line, nonfiction by J. Malcolm Garcia

  Drawings and Prints, art by Rabéa Ballin

  Separation, a poem by Shez, translated by
    Elliot batT'zedek

  My Tape-Recorder Ear, an interview with Tillie Olsen
     by Robin Dizard

  Amor Vincit Omnia, a poem by Richie Hofmann

  In Extremis, a poem by Christopher Munde

  Things Unspoken, a story by Sara Nović

   Aphasic, a poem by Erika Wilder

   Undertow, a story by Victoria Lancelotta

   Person in Water, a poem by Claudia Monpere

   Alpha Centauri, a poem by Nicole DiCello

   Dead Ringer,  a story by Laura Hartenberger

   A Brief History of Dance, a poem by Jeff McRae

   To L., After Parting Again, a poem by Donald Morrill

   Trousseau, a poem by Kara Van de Graaf

   Masks, a story by bruce Lawder

   The Girls Are Sleeping, a poem by Antonina Palisano

   Notes on Contributors


   Introduction by Jim Hicks

   Sarra Copia Falsely Accused of Heresy in the Year 1621
     and Dark House on the Mountain: Sarra Copia Writes
     to Me in the Year 2014, poems by Meena Alexander

   The Factory, a novel excerpt by Ricardo Piglia,
     translated by Sergio Waisman

   Omnisciens, a story by Julie Lekstrom Himes

   The Death of André Breton, Because of Bears,
     and Gizzard Song, poems by Dean Young

   The Circle, a story by Antonio Tabucchi,
     translated by Martha Cowley and Antonio Romani

   The End of Brother Black, a story by Galsan Tschinag,
     translated by Katharina Rout

   Trinket-Shine and Her Moods Caused Owls, 
     poems by Sarah Sousa

   The Secret of Nikola Tesla, a story by Karim Zaimović,
     adapted by Aleksandar Brezar, with art by Enis Cisić

   What's So Funny?, a poem by Richard Michelson

   Half a Queen, a story by Jim Walke

   Settlement, a story by Debbie Urbanski

   Always Together, a poem by Henry FInch

   A Place of Their Own, a story by Robert L. King

   Doll's Dress and That Pretty, poems by Joel Long

   Telling the Time with Emily Dickinson,
     an essay by Peggy O'Brien

   Lovers Under Lilies—Marc Chagall,
     a poem by Claudia Roquette-Pinto,
     translated by Taryn Gilbert

   Rake's Congress, a story by Mateiu Caragiale,
     translated by Sean Cotter

   Dream of the Rood, a poem by Rebecca Foust

   Searching for a Head in NIgeria,
     an essay by Roger Atwood

   lullaby, a poem by G.C. Waldrep

   Nehil'im, a poem by Hilene Flanzbaum

   Notes on Contributors


Introduction, by Anna Botta and Michel Moushabeck


  Being Medit, a poem by Erri De Luca,
    translated by Jim Hicks

  The Country, a story by Francesc Serés,
   translated by Peter Bush

  Beit and Liturgy, poems by Nathalie Handal

  It’s Worthwhile Remaining a Tel Aviv Citizen
    on the Bank of the Yarkon River,
    a poem by Ortsion Bartana

  Riding the Babel on Wheels, an essay by Igiaba Scego,
    translated by Giovanna Bellesia-Contuzzi and
    Victoria Offredi Poletto

  For My Next Illusion I Will Use Wings,
     three stories by Alex Epstein


   Levantine Legends and Histories of Bread,
     an essay by Predrag Matvejevic´,
     translated by Russell Scott Valentino

   Story of the Olive Tree, a poem by Sharif S. Elmusa

   Looking at a Donkey, poems by James Sacré,
     translated by David Ball

  Distance, a poem by Maya Abu-Alhayyat,
     translated by Fady Joudah


  Tempted by Nothing, a poem excerpt by Adonis,
     translated by Khaled Mattawa

   Love from Afar, a libretto by Amin Maalouf,
      translated by Patricia E. Frederick

   The Inheritance of Marie Saulnier,
      an essay by Laure Katsaros

   Photographs, photographs and text by Vanessa Winship

   The Story of La Florida, a novel excerpt by Laila Lalami

   Cell, a poem by Maria Grech Ganado

   The Ringing Bones, a poem by Giuseppe Bonaviri,
      translated by Stephen Campiglio

   Allah’s Christians, a novel excerpt by Massimo Carlotto,
      translated by Yvonne Freccero


   The Journeys of ’A’bdi, known as Son of Hamriya,
      a novel excerpt by Abdelrahim Lahbibi,
      translated by Mbarek Sryfi

    A Rare Blue Bird That Flies with Me,
      a novel excerpt by Youssef Fadel,
      translated by Charis Bredin

    Tashari, a novel excerpt by Inaam Kachachi,
      translated by Roger Allen

    Frankenstein in Baghdad,
      a novel excerpt by Ahmed Saadawi,
      translated by Jonathan Wright


   from The Shell, novel excerpts by Moustafa Khalifé,
      translated by Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

   from Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the
      Egyptian Revolution

   Repatriation: A Libya Memoir, an essay by Khaled Mattawa

   Do We Need to Understand, a poem by Gökçenur Ç.,
      translated by the author and Robyn Marsack

   The Old Woman from the Mountains,
      a story by Leïla Sebbar, translated by Dawn Fulton

   To Netanyahu, a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye

   Dale, an essay by Ilija Trojanow, translated by Philip Boehm,
      with photos by Christian Muhrbeck

   The Crossing, a novel excerpt by Gabriella Ghermandi,
      translated by Giovanna Bellesia-Contuzzi and
      Victoria Offredi Poletto


   Radio Street, from a memoir by Ibtisam Barakat

   Europe in Patras, a story by Ersi Sotiropoulos,
      translated by Evelyn Toynton

   The Archeology of a Relationship: Journeying to
       Italy with Roberto Rossellini,
       an essay by Barbara Kellum

   The Unlimiting Infinite, a poem by Marcello Fois,
      translated by Alfonso Procaccini

Notes on Contributors

    Volume Index



   First Instrument, a poem by Thomas Devaney

   Other people’s stories . . . ? Why do you want them?,
     a story by Mark Jay Mirsky

   Artifact Hotel, a poem by Ted Mathys

   One from Begur, a story by Josep Pla,
     translated by Peter Bush

   Last Minutes,  a poem by Raul Zurita,
     translated by Ilan Stavans

   Provincetown and The Drowned Man,
     poems by Alison Hawthorne Deming

   Zapata Vive, La Lucha Sigue, a story by James W. Foley

   Douze: Opening Pages,
     a novel excerpt by Myriam J.A. Chancy

   Palisades, a story by Allison Kade

   Collected Olive Pitts from the Diaries of Strangers,
     four stories by Rafik Schami,
     translated by Kristina Kalpaxis

   from The Notion of Family,
     photographs by Latoya Ruby Frazier

   Insurgency,  a poem by Sarah Holland-Batt

   Like Victorian Women and Angel and I are
     both great pretenders, poems by Natalie Scenters-Zapico

   Because the world has its own version of solace,
    a poem by Amy Dryansky

   The Boyfriend Experience, a story by Ken Harvey

   Wyoming, a poem by Christopher Howell

   Rome,  a story by Nicholas Montemarano

   Changing Shirts in the Car, a poem by Evan Beaty

   Other Adam, a poem by John James

   To the Women I Secretly Want,  a poem by Marc Tretin

   Always Ruining, a story by Laura Willwerth

   This is a Test of the System,
     a story by Thomas Israel Hopkins

   Passeri, a poem by Matthew Miniucci

   The Translator, an essay by Efin Etkind,
     translated by Jane Bugaeva

   The Train, a poem by Tsvetanka Elenkova,
     translated by Jonathan Dunne

   Aubades 1-4, poems by L. M. Myers

   The Boy Who Would Be Oloye,
     a story by Maurice Carlos Ruffin

   One of Us Us Sleeping and Days in the Summerhouse,
     stories by Josefine Klougart, translated by Alexander Weinstein

   Seventy, a poem by Doug Anderson

   Notes on Contributors  



   Loud, a story by Elizabeth Denton

   We Called Her Uteri, a story by Amy Collier

   Spiritual Evaluation and Grief, poems by Taije Silverman

   The Mother Liquor, a story by René Char,
     translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson

   Food Work, an essay by Siobhan Phillips

   Milk, a story by Zaher Omareen,
     translated by Alice Guthrie

   Time Merchants, a story by Daniele del Giudice,
     translated by Elizabeth Harris and Louise Rozier

   Walk, a poem by Tim Seibles

   The Vermin, a story by Amir Ahmadi Arian

   Clemente's Overzealous Romp: Roberto Clemente
    and Baseball as Theater, an essay by Martín Espada

   Clearance, a story by Jason Mastaler

   Lashing the Body from the Bones,
     a poem by Lee Sharkey

   You Who Read Me With Passion Now Must
     Forever Be My Friends, art by Dorothy Iannone

   On Dorothy Iannone, an essay by Trinie Dalton

   The Resurrected Body, a poem by Nicholas Samaras

   When Coleoptera and When Backlit, poems by Lisa Furmanski

   "The Space Between": Rediscovering the Folly Cove
     Designers, and essay by Jennifer Scanlon

   Your Brother Will Be Born in the Spring,
     a poem by Nick Narbutas

   How to Cope with Risk, an essay by Gary L. McDowell

   What to Do When You Are Alone in It,
     a story by Christa Romanosky

   Why Elizabeth Goes to Suzie, a poem by Jeri Chevalier

   Advice, a poem by Kristin Latour

   A Burglary on Quarry Lane,
     a story by Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer

   There Was No Transition, Only This,
     a poem by Edward Mayes

   Notes on Contributors



   Kindness, a poem by Francisco Urondo,
     translated by Julia Leverone

   Conversations in the Realm of the Dead,
     a story by Maria Stepanova, translated by Sibelan Forrester

   Refugee, a poem by Arseny Tarkovsky,
     translated by Philip Metres and Dmitri Psurtsev

   (untitled), a poem by Aigerim Tazhi, translated by J. Kates

   Not All There, a story by Eric Henry Sanders

   The True Chronicle of the House of Bego, a story by Elvis Bego

   Gray Noise, a story by Charles Swift

   Why Things Fall: Galilei, Hawking, Rabinowitz,
     a story byErin Stalcup

   The Very Idea of a Bridge, a poem by Mira Rosenthal

   from The Books of Jacob, a story by Olga Tokarczuk,
     translated by Jennifer Croft

   The Translational Life of Cities, an essay by Sherry Simon

   With Knowledge of Fire and Medea, poems by Corey Thrasher

   Notes for Angela, excerpt from In Your Name
     by Mauro Covacich, translated by Christopher Tamigi

   Fatih Akin’s Cinema of Hospitality, an essay by Donald Weber

   Islands Adrift: Korean-Japanese Relations, National Identity,
     and the Zainichi, an essay by Joohwan Kim

   Pina, a poem by Benjamin Landry

   Birds and War, a story by John Nelson

   The Sheep Farmer Transmutes, a poem by Rachel Rinehart

   The Joints That Hold Us Together, a story by Annie Lampman

   From the Wind-Up Cathedral, a poem by Sarah Ann Winn

   God’s Decree to Marc Concerning Why the Dusty Rose Bedroom
     Walls Make Him Uneasy, a poem by Marc Tretin

   Whose House, Whose Playroom, a poem by Virginia Smith Rice

   No Cocktails in Kabul, a story byRobin Fasano

   Hamas Commander in Brown Shoes, a story by Rivkie Fried

   Trajectory to the Sun, a poem by Joanne Dominique Dwyer

   I Am What I Was, a story by Ken Hanes

   Spring Training, a story by Rebecca Thomas

   On Weather, an essay by DeWitt Henry

   Prayer, a poem by Bonita Penn

   Notes on Contributors



   For Jim Foley, October 18, 1973 – August 19, 2014,
     a poem by Benjamin Balthaser

   The Ghetto Bird (III), a poem by Esteban Ismael

   Blue Handed,a play by Ah@d Ha’@m

   Burnt Orange, a story by Robin Wyatt Dunn

   Dead Horse Point, a story by Mylène Dressler

   This stone, a poem by Emmanuel Merle,
     translated by Jennifer Barber

   Photographs, by Chuck Close
     Selections from the exhibition at the UMCA

   from Autisms, stories by Giacomo Sartori,
     translated by Frederika Randall

   Second Thoughts on a Winter Afternoon,
     a poem by Chen Chen

   Patience, an essay by Patricia Horvath

   “I have only you in this world . . . ”,
     selected letters of Gabriela Mistral,
     translated by Velma García-Gorena

   Butter Up, Morning Glory, a poem by Tiffany Higgins

   Dumbass, a story by B. P. Greenbaum

   When We Were Boys, a story by Eric Severn

   A Dark Day of Justice, a story by Rodolfo Walsh,
     translated by Cindy Schuster

   Raw Unfiltered Honey, a poem by Anne Love Woodhull

   Women’s Work: Feminist Art from the Smith
     College Museum of Art Collection,
     Selections from the exhibition

   Dancing Among Schoolchildren,
     an essay by Catherine Gunther Kodat

   Midnight Mass, a poem by Katie Hartsock

   But to Return Again to My Going Home,
     a poem by Kay Cosgrove

   The Little Hunchback, a story by Roberto Arlt,
     translated by Sergio Waisman

   Molting, a story by Marianne Colahan

   (. . .), a poem by Anzhelina Polonskaya,
     translated by Andrew Wachtel

   The Private Life, a story by Robert Hamburger

   Language the Fire in the Bog,
     a poem by Martha Silano

   Notes on Contributors

   Volume Index



   Speed of Light, a story by Paul Harding



        An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s Heart of
        Darkness, an essay by Chinua Achebe



        Where one thing stands, another will stand beside it,
          an essay by Johnnetta Betsch Cole

        Chinua Achebe: The Ironies of History Dancing
        with the Politics of Literature,
          an essay by Ekwueme Michael Thelwell


        Goodwill Message, an essay by Denja Abdullahi

        Achebe’s Legacy, an essay by Jules Chametzky

        The West’s Most Undervalued Friend,
          an essay by Chidi Achebe


        It is the Storyteller who makes us see what we are,
          an essay by Caryl Phillips

        My Encounters with Chinua Achebe, A Master
        Storyteller, an essay by Okey Ndibe

        A Tale of Two Books: A Forgotten Story and
        Things Fall Apart, an essay by Chika Unigwe


        Let no one be fooled. . ., an essay by
        Chinelo Okparanta

        The Extended Family and the Trojan Horse,
          an essay by Chuma Nwokolo

        Unheard-of Things, an essay by Maaza Mengiste

        Africa in the New Century, an essay by
        Achille Mbembe

   * * *

       Meditations, a story by Akil Kumarasamy

       What He Saw, a poem by Amy Gordon

       Photo and Photo and Photo, a poem by
        Marianne Boruch

       Charm, an essay by Marianne Boruch

       That Difficulty Increases Desire, a poem
       by Brandon Lewis

       Descartes, His Daughter, and Her Dog,
       a story by Lynda Sexson

       The Palace of the Soul, a poem by Corrado
       Govoni, translated by Paula Bohince

       Grayfish, a poem by Kathleen Hellen

       Asfixia, an essay by Caroline Beimford

       Barcelona Bombing, 1937, a poem by
       Nicholas Wong

       The Storage Room, an essay by Marlene Olin

       And the Temple of Doom Town, an essay
       by Matt Salyer

       St. Francis, a poem by Maxine Scates

       Neither Here nor There: Remembering Seamus,
         an essay by Shaun O’Connell

       The Scent of Frangipani, a story by Nathan Go

       Notes on Contributors



   Cinco de Mayo, a poem by Alicia Ostriker

   “The Lecture,” or How Poetry Can Save Your Life,
       an essay by Hilene Flanzbaum

   On Grief, an essay by Naira Kuzmich

   from Da morte. Odes mínimas, poems by Hilda Hilst,
       translated by Laura Cesarco Eglin

   from Adua, a novel excerpt by Igiaba Scego,
       translated by Frederika Randall

   Bad Things, a poem by Hayan Charara

   Amongst the Olive Groves of Mezra,
       a story by Kenan Orhan

   The Janissary, a story by Aatif Rashid

   The Light, the Bridge, and the Fish,
       a poem by Kathleen M. Kelley

   Driftwood, a story by Elias Leake Quinn

   One-Way Zebra, a story by Colin Fleming

   What Size Is Yours, a poem by Robert Dow

   Paintings, by Allison Schulnik

   On the Immortality of the Soul, War and Peace,
       and The Flame of an Idea, stories by Jorge Yglesias,
       translated by Peter Bush

   Showing What Cannot Be Said:  Total War and the
       International Project of Modernist War Writing,
       Part One of an essay by Nil Santiáñez

   foretell the silent ridge of the tongue,
       a poem by Alessandra Lynch

   A Bit of a Thief, a story by Joel Fishbane

   Dollmaker, Inventory, Child, a story by Erin Fortenberry

   “You Two Are So Beautiful Together,”
       an essay by Frances Park

   A Kennedy in Each of Us, a poem by Gary Margolis

   The Rodeo, a story by Genevieve Plunkett

   from Leafmold, a poem by F. Daniel Rzicznek

   The Commune, a story by Brion Dulac

   Notes on Contributors



   Amherst Stories, essays by Jules Chametzky

   Singing Vegetables and Estranged, poems by Terese Svoboda

   Immigrant Dreams: Eat Crow, a story by Marilyn Chin

   Grackle, a poem by Meg Kearney

   Honorary Englishman, a novel excerpt by Sabina Murray

   The Dark Ages, a poem by Lauren Hilger

   The King’s English, a poem by Brian Johnson

   from Birthmark, a memoir by Stephen Clingman

   Marek (1988), a memoir by Jonathan Dollimore

   Duchamp and Zeus, Cyclops, Plato, Gaia . . . ,
     poems by Michael Waters

   Paintings, by Nina Chanel Abney

   Letters from the Spanish Civil War, 1937–38,
     by Joan Sales, translated by Peter Bush

   Showing What Cannot Be Said: Total War and the
     International Project of Modernist War Writing,
     part two of an essay by Nil Santiáñez

   Stories, Scandals, and Censorship: Telling the Story
     of the Guantánamo Bay Detainee Library Facilities,
     an essay by Muira McCammon

   Balconies and How the hands, poems by Farhad Showghi,
     translated by Harry Roddy

   The Goncourt Brothers: Reflected in the
     Magic Mirror of Japan, an essay by Laure Katsaros

   Dr. Leopold Takes French, a story by Joann Kobin

   Dear Kelly Bloom, a story by Christine Sneed

   Visions, a poem by Mikko Harvey

   Family Matter, a story by Alex Poppe

   Portrait of José Clemente Orozco,
     Doris Ulmann, New York City, 1929,
     a poem by Lisa Beech Hartz

   Notes on Contributors




   from Here Be Sirens, an opera in one act by Kate Soper

   Lips, a poem by Gerald Stern

   What to Take, a poem by Barbara Ras

   The Bugler Responds to Mary, a poem by Rebecca Foust

   Bird Song, a poem by Tony Eprile

   Without Night-Shoes, a poem by Jane Hirshfield

   from Caetano Veloso, Walking into the Wind,
     nonfiction by Igiaba Scego, translated by Frederika Randall

   Mezzo, a poem by Tanya Grae

   Muzak, a poem by Carol Potter

   Loss, a poem by Roger Greenwald

   Paul Robeson Sings America, nonfiction by Shana Redmond

   from The Last Bohemian of Avenue A,
    a poem by Yusef Komunyakaa

   The Coming of John,
     an essay by John H. Bracey Jr.

   Things in the Form of a Prayer in the
     Form of a Wail, an essay by Matt Donovan

   The Blues: Where Love Ends Badly,
     an essay by Gerald Williams

   The Romantic Mode, a poem by Jen Jabaily-Blackburn

   Then Elvis Drops to One Knee, a poem by David Kirby

   Variable, a poem by Mary Peelen

   from The Voice Imitator,
     art by Anna Schuleit Haber and Yotam Haber


   [untitled] and Marvin Gaye Sings the
     National Anthem, 1983, poems by Bruce Smith

   Desert Suite #5: Cactus Music,
     a poem by Kimberly White

   In their own time, a poem by Casey FitzSimons

   National Anthem, a poem by Ilya Kaminsky

   from Radio Imagination, a novel excerpt by Seiko Ito,
     translated by Hart Larrabee

   Cloud Hands, a poem by Arthur Sze

   Randy Weston’s African Rhythms, the Day After,
     a poem by Randall Horton

   Found Music, a poem by T.J. McLemore

   Ornithology, a poem by Peter Fiore

   Goldberg Variations, a poem by Jim Whiteside

   from The Scarlet Professor, a libretto by Harley Erdman

   Charles Ives at the Spinet, a poem by Donald Revell

   Music in the Kingdom of the Heart,
     a poem by Laura McCullough

   Dear Enya and Dear Sinéad, a poem by Abe Louise Young

   Twilight on Kool Darkness, a poem by Bonita Lee Penn

   Bassoon, a poem by Ken Waldman

   from Perfect Pitch, nonfiction by Marcelo Cohen,
    translated by Judith Filc

   Silent Swan, a poetry comic by Bianca Stone,
     with text by Ben Pease

   Fantaisie Impromptu, nonfiction by Chen Li,
     translated by Ting Wang


   The Page Turner, a poem by Amanda Anastasi

   The Fidelity of Music, a poem by Geffrey Davis

   Trying to Write Music Poem, a poem by Diamond Forde

   My Crying Towel, a poem by Laura Kasischke

   Music from a Farther Room, a poem by Gary J. Whitehead

   For a Fistful of Sitars, an essay by Gabriele Ferraris,
     translated by Laurence de Richemont

   Race Music and Interview with Berry Gordy,
     poems by Meredith Nnoka

   from This Side of the Sea, nonfiction by Gianmaria Testa,
     translated by Jim Hicks

   The Rolling Deep, a poem by Anne Marie Macari

   Country Music II, a poem by Helen Wickes

   Song of Eleven Consonants and Thirteen Vowels,
     for G. Stein, a poem by Katie Farris

   Poetic Art, a poem by Paul Verlaine,
     translated by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

   Mozart’s Magic Coach, a poem by Slavko Mihalić,
     translated by Dasha C. Nisula

   Mozart’s Starling, an essay by Leslie Stainton

   The Tabla Player, a story by Farah Ahamed


   Old Folks’ Singing and Utopia, an essay by Tim Eriksen

   Crypto-Animist Introvert Activism,
     a poem by Brenda Hillman

   Writing the Life of the Concert Promoter,
     an essay by Steve Waksman

   Saved by Soul, an essay by Rashod Ollison

   For Adrienne, an essay by Julia Conrad

   The Persistence of Music, a poem by A. Molotkov

   Notes on Contributors

   Volume Index


   Introduction, by Jim Hi

   What the Tree Said and A River in Egypt, two poems by Chase Twichell

   Why I Get Lost, an essay by Vince Granata

   Silence, a poem by Gerald Stern

   The Christian Girl, a story by Edie Meidav

   Mennonite Forest, a story by Terese Svoboda

   Blur, a poem by Doug Ramspeck

   Igloo, a poem by Owen McLeod

   Shipwreck with Painting, a story by Daniele Del Giudice, translation by Anne Milano Appel

   Feed, a poem by Laura McCullough

   The American Dream Writes to Orpheus, a poem by Cynthia Dewi Oka

   COBRA, paintings by Jacqueline De Jong

   Flourishing, a poem by Joy Ladin

   Oranges, a story by David Zellnik

   Of No Consequence, a poem by William Fargason

   Runner, a story by Tom Cantwell

   Deconstruct and Peanuts, two poems by Ruth Madievsky

   Godsblood, a poem by Matthew Westbrook

   Anna’s House, a story by Mhani Alaoui

   Subject Subject, an essay by Ben Dolan

   Zero Gravity, a poem by Peter Leight

   This is Autumn, My Dear. Talking with Yunna Morits, an essay by Philip Metres

   Nocturne, a poem by Adam Dressler

   The Unprotected Females of the Women’s Rest Tour Association,
     an essay by Jodie Noel Vinson

   What They Were, a story by Jane Gillette

   Music. At Elmwood Men’s Correctional Facility, a poem by Casey FitzSimons

   Auroras, a poem by L.A. Johnson

   Data Driven, a story by Jeannie Tseng

   The Short Happy Life, a story by Steffan Hruby

   paper cone, a poem by Ulrike Draesner, translation by Bernadette Geyer

   VOLUME 58, ISSUE 2 

   Introduction, by Jim Hicks

   No One and Syria’s Struggle to Sleep, a poem by Seif Eldeine

   All I Know About Myself and Everybody Else, Lest I Forget,
     an essay by Francesc Serés,
translated by Peter Bush

   Song over Song for My Father, a poem by Paul Nemser

   In Case of Emergency, a poem by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

   Nehru’s Relevance in India Today,
     an essay by Shashi Tharoor

   The Paper Pond, a story by Kalam Haidari,
     translated by Syed Sarwar Hussain

   The Lottery, a story by Atef Abu Saif,
     translated by Alice Guthrie

   Postcolonial Resentments, an essay by Tabish Khair

   Harp Jazz, a poem by Taije Silverman

   Meditation in the Key of an Exhale, a poem by Jared Harél

   Flying Houses, photomontages by Laurent Chéhère

   Now that Tomaž and Jim are Gone, Sleepers Awake,
     and Unprotected, poems by Dean Young

   Impossible Love, a story by Antonio Muñoz Molina,
     translated by Claire Huttlinger

   Lena Dunham Is Everywhere, a story by Eric Henry Sanders

   The Little White Notice, a story by Alexandra Berková,
     translated by Corine Tachtiris

   Two Weeks at Most, a story by A. Medvedenko

   Rainy Sun, a poem by Ilma Rakusa, translated by Francesca Bell

   Baroni: A Journey, a novel excerpt from Sergio Chejfec,
     translated by Margaret Carson

   Glory, a novel excerpt by Giuseppe Berto,
     translated by Gregory Conti

   Parthenogenesis, a poem by Britton Shurley  

   Turn, Struggle, a story by Ahsan Butt

   The Day of No Fire, a poem by George Kalamaras

   [Redacted], a poem by Claire Schwartz

   The Commitment of Rain, a poem by Stacie Leatherman

   Blood Oranges, a poem by Daniel Lusk

   Mwen menm ou menm, a poem by Félix Morisseau-Leroy,
    with commentary by Danielle Legros Georges,
    translated by Danielle Legros Georges with
    Jean-Claude Martineau, David Brooks Andrews,
    Mary Birnbaum, Ruby Poltorak, and Molly Lynn Watt

   White Girl, a story by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

   The Dancing Other, a novel excerpt by Suzanne Dracius,
     translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson and
     Catherine Maigret Kellogg

   Love & Hypothermia, a poem by Laura Paul Watson


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