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Table of Contents 2000-2009


Stitches; Wake Up, Poetry by John Witte

Derek Walcott's 'Omeros': Echoes from a
White-throated Vase, Non-Fiction by Charles Lock

Beyond a Street Corner in Little Havana,
Poetry by Virgil Suarez

London and Berlin, Fiction by Neal Durando

We All Glitter & Shine Here: Codependent No
More, Poetry by Dana Roeser

Arthur Koestler's Moral Logic and Duty to
Know, Non-Fiction by Robert L. King

1937 Citroen, Poetry by Claire Malroux

To Warsaw, Poetry by Karen Kovacik

Table Bouquet, Poetry by Allison Eir Jenks

Vin La Forge, Non-Fiction by Jeffrey Heiman

I Like to See It Lap the Miles; Crossing Brooklyn
Ferry, Poetry by Kenneth Rosen

The Maidservant, Now Married,
Poetry by Tabish Khair

Eyewitness, Scribe and Storyteller: My
Experience as a Novelist,
Non-Fiction by Radwa Ashour

new age teeny bopper ho turns jetset;
there were too few moments how many,
Poetry by Steve Conway

The Forest and the Trees, Fiction by Juan Tovar
Prelude in Puerto Rican, Poetry by Luis Pales Matos

Le Breun Speaks of King Tut, Poetry by Trent Busch

Arraignment, a memoir, Non-Fiction by Kathy Larson

Hunger Invited God to Seder, Poetry by Isaac Goldemberg

A Nineteenth-Century Church for the New
Millennium: The Legacy of Pius IX and John
Paul II, Non-Fiction by Bob Swacker

Crossing a Field of Bees After Being Recently
Stung, Poetry by Charles Rafferty

Six Therapists Resting, Fiction by Harry H. Taylor

Thieving the Gorillas Child; The Death Song;
The Last Autumn of Candice Hilligoss,
Poetry by Michael Atkinson




Standup Comedy and the Prerogative of Art,
Non-Fiction by Rebecca Emlinger Roberts

The Bomb, Poetry by J.P. White

She Has Eight Arms, But Only Shows Me Two,
Fiction by Robin Coste Lewis

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please; Five Note Range
of Sorrow; You Don't Know What Love Is,
Poetry by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers

Actor-Become-Auteur: The Neorealist Films of
Vittorio De Sita, Non-Fiction by Bert Cardullo

Orpheus in the Subway, Poetry by Katia Kapovich

From Where I Sit Watching,
Fiction by W.D. Wetherell

Like a River on Rails Like,
Poetry by Matthew Miller

Teaching 'Othello' in the Schoolhouse Door:
History, Hollywood, Heroes,
Non-Fiction by Sharon O'Dair

Squeeze, Poetry by Joyce Persoff

Sweet Talk, Poetry by Eugene Gloria

The Next Ten, Fiction by Monica Wood

Peacock; Winter Games,
Poetry by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Returning, Poetry by Robert Coles

Sadness is Fuel, a Nutrient,
Poetry by Ethan Gilsdorf

Caliban at the Stadium: Shakespeare and the
Making of Americans, Non-Fiction by Coppelia Kahn

Tango Under The Moon,
Cover Art by John Grillo




Speak You Too; Landscape; With The Persecutted,
Poetry by Paul Celan

Year of the Prison, Poetry by Abigail Wender
Natural History, I; Pervical Lowell and the
History of Mars, I; Down Hills,
Fiction by Sandra Miller

Travelogue: 1998, Non-Fiction by Damion Searls

Spell, Poetry by Dorthea Grunzweig,
Translated from the German by Derk Wynand

For Instances, Poetry by Jorge Luis Borges,
Translated from the Spanish by Kurt Heinzelman

Dying Matters, Non-Fiction by Spencer Nadler

1999 Flower Glass, Fiction by Jim Janko

Bertolt Brecht, His Name as is From Tar,
Poetry by Andrew Miller

All About Me, Poetry by Linda Fader Swenson

Traffic of our Stage: Chekhov's Mistress,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Trip to Falls, Fiction by Martin Cozza

Meadow Death, Poetry by Stuart Friebert

The Invisible World, Poetry by John Canaday

A Good Night, Poetry by Sara Littlecrow-Russell

Enormous Languages Were Pitched Against Us,
Fiction by Sam Michel

Herons, Poetry by Charles Rafferty

Life Guard, Non-Fiction by David Masello

Light, Poetry by Jody Winer

Fragment, Poetry by Jan Conn

Mars Globe; Seasonal Changes,
Cover Art by Percival Lowell




Tribute & Interview: Eqbal Ahmad,
Non-Fiction by David Barsamian

The Canon of Apologia, Poetry by Yuri Izdryk,
Translated by Michael Naydan

Angel City, Fiction by Elizabeth Porto

Why Speak?, Poetry by Nathaniel Bellows

The Triple Courage of Charlotte Delbo,
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

Puzzles and Pilgrimages (Business or Pleasure?),
Non-Fiction by Marietta Pritchard

The Queen of Spelling, Fiction by Stephen Guinan

What Literature Can and Cannot Do: Lionel
Trilling, Richard Rorty and the Left,
Non-Fiction by Brock Clarke

Talmoon, Poetry by Inara Cedrins

Dahlberg Redivivos, Non-Fiction by Mark Jay Mirsky

Pantoum, Poetry by Mary Beth O'Connor

True Tales, Fiction by Peter La Salle

Plan B, Fiction by Beth Goldner

Kyoto Panorama Project, Fiction by Kyoko Yoshida




Commericial for a Summer Night,
Poetry by Tony Hoagland

The Price of Poetry, Non-Fiction by Eula Biss

Elegy, Poetry by Marianne Boruch

Fire, Non-Fiction by Amy Kolen

Color Seperation, Fiction by Brian Ames

Winter Semester, Poetry by Dick Allen

What Hell's Really Like, Poetry by Jill MC Donough

Making My Bones, Non-Fiction by Helen Barolini

Easter, Non-Fiction by Edith Shillue

Cathedral, Poetry by Tama Baldwin

Kissing You, Poetry by Daniel Hayes

Lewis Carroll's Last Photograph of Alice Liddell,
Poetry by Sarah Getty

Traffic of our Stage: Gielgud,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Maria Teresa, Poetry by Virgil Suarez

Armorer Male, Poetry by Michael Casey

Stay with me., Fiction by Susan Steinberg

Shit, Poetry by Miles Wilson

Confluence, Fiction by Sarah Buttenwieser

My Father Explains, Poetry by John Hennessy

Fort Funston, Non-Fiction by Susan L. Feldman

Reunion Break, Poetry by Scott Withiam

Starfish Reversing Heaven,
Cover Art by Oriole Farb Feshbach




The Play of Uncertain Ideas,
Non-Fiction by Robert King

Down in the Lab, Poetry by Tom Russell

The Travelers, Fiction by Kathryn Rhett

The Year I Found Myself Under Two Blue
Moons, Poetry by Colleen McElroy

The Salad Diet; Phoca the Waiter; Thrill of a
Good Ride, Fiction by Susan Johnson

Sierra Leone, Poetry by Teresa Pfeifer

Heart Rhythms, Non-Fiction by Spencer Nadler

Meaning to Eat, Poetry by Antonio Jose Ponte,
Translated from the Spanish by Mark Schafer

Encyclopedia of Ethers, Poetry by Tony Hoagland

The Story of My Travels, Fiction by M.B. O'Connor

Charles Johnson's "Exchange Value": Signifyin(g) on Marx,
Non-Fiction by Linda Selzer

Miss Sally's Wisdom, Poetry by Shara McCallum

Naked, Naked Sisters, Poetry by Mary Winters

Light, Fiction by Nicholas Montemarano

Tea Leaves, Poetry by Ethan Gilsdorf

Lilly and Hanka, Fiction by Amy Bordiuk

Before, Poetry by Edith Aronowitz Bordiuk

Guitars, Non-Fiction by Debra Anne Davis

House Built on a Hairpin Curve, Poetry by Sunshine Glenstone

Hiroshima 1995, Cover Art by Chester Maichalik




Olympic Begging Finals (Berkeley, 1994),
Poetry by Angelo Verga

My Wife Dreams of Prince Sihanouk,
Poetry by Angelo Verga

The Day His Wife's Face Froze,
Fiction by Ron Tanner

In My Son's Cambodia, Non-Fiction by Nancy Kline

The Moose and the Murderess,
Poetry by Anna Meek

Souvenir, Fiction by Stephanie Allen

Across the Free Zone; Mirsada,
Poetry by Anna Marie Craighead-Kintis

The Hurtling, Poetry by John Witte

The Most forgotten Alien Land,
Non-Fiction by George J. Makari

Giving the Finger; Waving; Shaking Hands,
Poetry by Matt Yurdana

Sausages, Fiction by Michelle Hoover

Gener, Fiction by D.E. Steward

Tuesday at 6; Waiting for the Duchess,
Poetry by George Eklund

In Retrospect, Poetry by Doris Abramson

In Chess Season, Non-Fiction by Alyce Miller

To Go Back; Day of Anger, Poetry by Marta Petreu,
Translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Christina Illias-Zarifopol

Paradise, Fiction by Jean Ryan

Exotic Winter, Poetry by Jennifer Tseng

The Cool Life and Death of the Dragon Lady,
Non-Fiction by Robert Abel

Goya's Grotesquerie, Poetry by Christian Hawkey

A Perfect Circle, Fiction by Daniel Griffin

The Animal in Life, Poetry by Betsy Snow Hickok

Timex Pugilistes, Poetry by D.C. Berry

Detail from 'Paradise Gate',
Cover Art by Patrick Dougherty




Foreward/Letter to Brooke Comer,
Non-Fiction by Raymond Stock

Fragment From A Work in Progress,
Fiction by Ahdaf Soueif

The City Shore, Poetry by Julian Reilly

The Legend of the Pharaoh's Lost Tomb, A Tale
from the Valley of the Golden Mummies,
Non-Fiction by Sahi Hawass

The Ancient Egyptian Underworld in the Tomb
of Sety I,  Sacred Books of Eternal Life,
Non-Fiction by Bojana Mojsov

The Mummy Awakens, Fiction by Naguib Mahfouz,
Translated by Raymond Stock

Literary Alexandria, Non-Fiction by John Rodenbeck

The Architecture of the New Library of Alexandria,
Non-Fiction by Christoph Kapeller

From Amusing Encounters with Genies and Demons,
Fiction by Ali Salem, Translated by Raymond Stock

El Bawiti, Poetry by Brooke Comer

Islamic Cairo: A Past Imperiled,
Non-Fiction by Caroline Williams

Egypt Photo Insert, Art by Linda Connor

Egypt Photo Insert, Art by Barry Iverson

Egypt Photo Insert, Art by Robert Lyons

Egypt Land, Non-Fiction by Jeffrey Hammond

Life and Death in Bab-el-Louq,
Poetry by Brooke Comer

Anwar Al-Sadat, Cairo, 1981,
Poetry by Raymond Stock

Desert, Poetry by Peter Marin

'Children of the Alley': A Translator's Tale,
Non-Fiction by Peter Theroux

Political Criticism in the Short Stories of Yusuf Idris:
"Innocence" and "19502",
Non-Fiction by M. Akif Kirecci

The Dust Devils of Luxor,
Non-Fiction by Raymond Stock

We Are Lost, Poetry by Robert Dow




Emigration and Cosmetics: South Africa Now,
Non-Fiction by Kathryn Joyce

Psalm of the Bitter Man, Poetry by Virgil Suarez

Lice, Fiction by Elizabeth Denton

Damn Melancholy: A Memoir,
Poetry by Mary Crow

Tornado, Poetry by Dzvinia Orlowsky

from Nenana, Fiction by Lee W. Stratman

Notes Toward a Commencement Address,
Poetry by Miller Williams

Pray for the Dead, Fiction by Claire Tristram

Zero, Poetry by Ellen Wehle

Changing Traditions: South Asian American and
Cultural/Communal Politics,
Non-Fiction by Ketu H. ketrak

Bazin on Post-Neorealistic Rossliini, De Sica,
and Vicsonto:  Three Original Reviews,
Non-Fiction by Andre Bazin, Translated with a preface by
Bert Cardullo

Zipper Trip, Poetry by Pamela Yenser

Our Carnal Nature and Cosmic Flow,
Non-Fiction by Lorraine Mortimer

The Meaning of Meaning, Fiction by S.G. Miller

Seven Variation on a Theme of Untied Shoelaces,
Fiction by Olga Grushin

At the Churchill Club (Little Dean's Yard, by the Appey, 1944);
On White Horse Hill (May, 1944);
Elegy: The Walk Between (July 1944),
Poetry by Edward Pols

The New Maid, Fiction by Maximilian Schlaks

And Shapiro's Little Dog Too!,
Poetry by Jimmy A. Lerner

Mulch, Poetry by Stanley Koehler

Parting Shots, Poetry by Mary Fister

Full Moon/Munt Massamont;
Drowning Church (Quabbin),
Cover Art by Christin Couture




The Open Door, Fiction by Valerie Martin

Where Do I Crawl; Grace; Peace to the People
of the Earth, Poetry by Tomaz Salamun,
Translated by Joshua Beckman and the poet

Last Day, Poetry by Timothy Liu

Du Boisian Double Consciousness:
The Unsustainable Argument,
Non-Fiction by Ernest Allen Jr.

There Be Phantasies, Poetry by Eva Hooker

Good, Brothers, Fiction by Peter Markus

The Woman in a Purple Coat,
Poetry by Yehudit  Ben-Zvi Heller
Translated by Agha Shahid Ali
with Stephen Clingman and the poet

Conversation with Agha Shahid Ali,
Non-Fiction by Christine Benvenuto

The Floating Post Office: Reproductions selected
from Agha Shahid Ali's manuscript,
Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali

The Floating Post Office,
Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali

Dear Shahid, Poetry by Daniel Hales

The Vindication of Fawn Brodie,
Non-Fiction by Jennifer Jensen Wallach

Flag Etiquette, Poetry by Chris Kingsley

The Agonist, Poetry by Ogaga Ifowodo

Landscape with Abandoned Trash,
Poetry by Kate Northrop

The Price, Fiction by E.M. Beekman

Deer, Poetry by Steven Lapinsky

Crucifixion, Poetry by Therese Svoboda

Father, Poetry by Joel Brouwer

Chicago Spring, Fiction by Gail Hall Howard

Wake Up Call, Cover Art by Nanny Vonnegut




Lay Thine Hand Upon Him, Fiction by C.M. Mayo

The Flower Carriers, Poetry by Jan Conn

The Question of Race in 'Moby-Dick',
Non-Fiction by Fred Bernard

Longitude at Sea: a novel in verse,
Fiction by Jeremy Greenfield

Only Opera,
Non-Fiction by Paula Speck

The Two Franzes, Fiction by Melvin Jules Bukiet

For My Father; For My Father on Poetry,
Poetry by Jennifer Tseng

Devil's Trill,
Non-Fiction by Xiaoda Xiao

Helmets, Poetry by Kevin Bowen

It's Friday, Poetry by Tom Wayman

It Loses Its Grandeur, Fiction by Molly Fitzsimons

What Is a Day, Non-Fiction by Ann Lauterbach

It is Enough; Closer Still,
Cover Art by Elizabeth Meyersohn




Poets in Cars, Non-Fiction by Marianne Boruch

A Television Show that Takes Places in California,
Poetry by Ed Allen

After; Flock , Poetry by Billy Collins

Clot, Poetry by Karen Donovan

Beth Our Dead Man, Poetry by Garrett Doherty

Immortal, Fiction by Christine Sneed

Dream Corps, Poetry by Roald Hoffman

The Retreating World, Poetry by Naomi Wallace

Ferocious Alphabets: Michael Herr's 'Dispatches',
Non-Fiction by Jon Thompson

The Role of the Ideal (Female) Reader in Tim O'Brien's
'The Things They Carried': Why Should Real Women Play?,
Non-Fiction by Pamela Smiley

Liminality, Poetry by Virgil Suarez

Attitude of the Spectator; Listening to Jimi Hendrix
Near Lafayette Park, Poetry by Monifa Love

Things of that Nature, Fiction by Timothy Scott

Mr. Mann Visits the Free Medical Clinic, Pays
Good Money for a Skinny Au Lait,
Poetry by John Mann

Preparations, Poetry by Victoria Chang

Dangerous Crossing to a Safe Place,
Non-Fiction by Barbara Baer

The Only Snapshot I Have of My Father's Parents. . .,
Poetry by Jane Southwell Munro

Genus Loci, Poetry by John Witte

Useful Fictions, Fiction by Susan Schiff

Naked Man on a Bed, Poetry by Judith Berke

Vaginolatry, Poetry by Peter Viereck

Where It Is That Things Go, Fiction by John Keyes

The Shepherd Reproached: The Shepherd Answers,
Poetry by Guy Goffette Translated by Marilyn Hacker

Messenger, sculpture,
Cover Art by William Tucker




A Family Photograph, Brooklyn, 1942,
with commentary, Non-Fiction by Jerome Liebling

Jules Chametzky's Memo (October 23, 1958) From
Which Sprang the Massachusetts Review,
with a note by David R. Clark

June Rain '72, Poetry by Robert Tucker

Early Days, Non-Fiction by John Hicks

For Jules, In Appreciation,
Non-Fiction by Esther Terry

Bruce Laurie Talks Union with Jules Chametzky:
An Interview, Non-Fiction by Bruce Laurie

Interview with Jules Chametsky,
Non-Fiction by Bruce Laurie

Broadening the Canon; or Talmudic Faulknerism:
Reading Chametzky, Knowing Jules,
Non-Fiction by Werner Sollors

Reflections on Editing Jewish American Literature,
Non-Fiction by Hilene Flanzbaum

A Brief History of CCLM/CLMP,
Non-Fiction by Pauline Uchmanowicz

Four Faces from SNCC, photographs,
Art by Julius Lester

Music of New Orleans,
Non-Fiction by Stephen Clingman

Oriki: Ancestors and Roots, Non-Fiction by Kwame Ture
From the autobiography 'Ready for Revolution: The Life and
Struggles of Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture)' by Stokely
Carmichael with Ekwueme Michael Thelwell

Salzburg, Non-Fiction by Daniel Aaron

From Race and Class to the Feminist Press,
Non-Fiction by Florence Howe

Four Radio Scripts, Non-Fiction by Ursula Junk

Kleist Drawings, Art by Leonard Baskin, 11 drawings,
with commentary by Anne Halley

Travelling Memory; The Middle Passage in German
Representations, Non-Fiction by Sabine Broeck

Postcolonial (?) Linguistic Fieldwork,
Non-Fiction by Emmon Bach

Contraband Guides: Twain and His Contemporaries on
the Black Presence in Venice, Non-Fiction by Paul Kaplan

The Intellectual as American: Richard Rorty on
"Achieving Our Country", Non-Fiction by
Alan Trachtenberg

Carribean Writers and Language: The Autobiographical
Poetics of Jamaica Kincaid and Patrick Chamoiseau,
Non-Fiction by Rose-Myriam Rejouis

The American Academic: Immigrant Bard of Diversity,
Non-Fiction by Dale Peterson

That Much Credit: Irish-American Identity and Writing,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

"The riffs, runs, breaks, and distortions of the music of
a community in transition"-- Redefining African Modernism
and the Jazz Aesthetic in Langston Hughes' 'Montage of a
Dream Deferred' and 'Ask Your Mama',
Non-Fiction by Dr. Gunter Lenz

Henry Hurwitz, the 'Menorah Journal', and the Last Years
of an American Romance, Non-Fiction by Lewis Fried

Edward Bond's DE-LEAR-IUM,
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

Salt Women, Non-Fiction by Yehudit Ben-Zvi Heller,
Translated by the author, edited by Agha Shahid Ali
and Stephen Clingman

20 Questions I wish I'd asked my Father,
Poetry by John Felstiner

Ghazal For Open Hands,
Poetry by Martin Espada

Paula Executes the Angels; The Scissor-Tailed Swallow,
Poetry by Madeline DeFrees

Madman, Fiction by Chinua Achebe

Recognitions & Recollections,
Poetry by Joseph Langland

Julius, Fiction by Andrew Lass

Aging Amelia, Poetry by Doris Abramson

Walt Whitman in Chile, Poetry by Paul Jenkins

The Confusion About What It Means To Be Human;
Fourth of July on the Deerfield,
Poetry by Carol Potter

The Way God Must Feel; Atlantis,
Poetry by Val Vinokurov

The Eye, Poetry by Adrienne Rich

I Never Meant to Harm Him, Poetry by James Tate

All We Have, Poetry by Ellen Dore Watson

Ne'ilah, Poetry by Kadya Molodowsky,
Translated by Kathryn Hellerstein

The Distant Town of Luniniec,
Poetry by Melvin Wilk

Portrait of Jules Chametzky,
Cover Art by Jerome Liebling




Soft Targets, Fiction by Robert Abel

Ways of the World, Fiction by Ravi Howard

Watch, Poetry by Marvin Bell

Before the fall of Saigon; Birthplace of My Brother,
Poetry by Selena Flowers

51, Poetry by Miguel Hernandez
Translated by Daniel Mahoney

The Attached Couple, Fiction by Melissa Fraterrigo

The Way a World Can Change ,
Poetry by Tony Gloeggler

The High Pastures, Poetry by Enis Batur
Translated by Clifford Endres and Selhan Savcigil

Interview with Michael Lenson, Archives of American Art,
Nutely, New Jersey, October 30, 1964,
Non-Fiction by David Lenson
Transcribed andedited by David Lenson

The Fog Sleepers, Non-Fiction by Robert Vivian

I Love Fraud, Poetry by Anne Silver

Guardian Spirits, Poetry by Lisa M. Steinman

Revere Beach, Non-Fiction by Evelyn Shakir

Fam da Sham, Fiction by Amanda Brauman King

Gustavo's Wedding, Fiction by Victoria Barrett

The Unfaithful Wife, Poetry by Lorca Federico Garcia
"Translated by Lynn Margulis and Ricardo Guerrero

Bozturgay, Poetry by Adnan Adam Onart

The Witness, Poetry by Jay Nebel

If I Have to Hit One of You, I'll Hit You Both,
Fiction by Evan Shopper

Lives of the Saints,
Poetry by Kate Greenstreet

In Lieu of Elegy, Poetry by Patricia Hill

Traffic of Our Stage: Shakespeare in Oregon,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Baggage, Non-Fiction by Maxim D. Shrayer

History of Newark, Cover Art by Michael Lenson




These Blocks, Not Square,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Glave

On the Difficulty of Confiding, with Complete Love
and Trust, in Some Heterosexual "Friends",
Non-Fiction by Thomas Glave

Become Becoming; Earth Unsung,
Poetry by Li-Young Lee

Interview with Li-young Lee,
Non-Fiction by Dianne Bilyak

Rudy, Poetry by Rane Arroyo

The Gracious Daughter and the Man by the River,
Poetry by Colette Inez

We Are the Same People,
Fiction by Micah Perks

Excavation of the John Alden House,
Poetry by David Roderick

Stalking the Bumblebee: An Exploration of "Cruelty"
in Pilgrim at Tinker's Creek, 
Non-Fiction by Mike Dockins

Buffalo Boy, Fiction by James Janko

I Brake For Moose, Fiction by Geeta Kothari

Kitsch and the Art of Wildlife Painting,
Non-Fiction by Glen Retief

Abandoned House Near Hanford Nuclear Reservation,
Poetry by Mary Quade

Holding Cells, Fiction by Martha Marinara

Hair Rules, Non-Fiction by Rebecca Emlinger Roberts

The Patriarch, Poetry by Rynn Williams

Drinks at Sonia Orwell's,
Non-Fiction by Gerald Williams

Diana Makes the Rounds,
Non-Fiction by Zachary Levin

Ingmar Bergman's Maria Stuart: A Jungian Reading,
Non-Fiction by Richard Trousdell

Triangle; Beach; Night, Art by Cathy Osman

Adrift, Cover Art by Cathy Osman




English 2340: World Literature,
Poetry by Tino Villanueva

'World Book' Apocalypse,
Non-Fiction by Webb Harris

The Forest of Titles, Fiction by Peter LaSalle

E.B. White Takes His Leave or Does He?
'The Elements of Style',  Six Editions,
Non-Fiction by Richard Minear

My High School Library,
Fiction by Thomas Washington

Eight True Maps of the West,
Poetry by Kevin Bowen

Code, Fiction by David Crouse

The Second Going, Poetry by Patrick Donnelly

Elsa, Fiction by Irving Werner

Zimbabwe, 1981,
Poetry by Omolola Ijeoma Ogunyemi

Traffic of Our Stage: Long Day's Journey into Night,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Overalls, Poetry by Leonard Kress

Tableaux In Motion, Poetry by Liliana Ursa,
Translated by Sean Cotter

Kennedy on the Mount of Olives,
Non-Fiction by Mark Jay Mirsky

The Cat and the Bullet: A Ballistic Fable,
Non-Fiction by Larry Owens

Dance , Cover Art by Graydon Parrish




This is How it Starts, Fiction by Shannon Cain

Musings , Poetry by Gerard Malanga

The Hipster's Hopper, Fiction by Stephen O'Connor

'Alentour': One of the Lost "Little Magazines" (1935-1943),
Non-Fiction by Paul Marion

the corgis of queen elizabeth, Poetry by Diane Wald
Winner of  2005 Anne Halley Poetry Prize

Robert Frost and the Child: 'Mother Goose' and
"The Imagination Thing", Non-Fiction by Lesley Lee Francis

Missing, Believed Wiped,
Fiction by Gregory Blake Smith

Windscape, Poetry by Kristin Bock

Valentine's Day, Poetry by Hadara Bar-Nadav

The Critic of Progress, Non-Fiction by Robert Erwin

Leslie Fiedler -- An Appreciation,
Non-Fiction by Jerome Richard

The Rage of Caesars by Arthur Rimbaud,
Poetry by Arthure Rimbaud,
Translated by Laure-Anne Bosselaar and Kurt Brown

From A Childhood; I Love You Darkness,
Poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke, Translated by Annie Boutelle

Boom-Boom Whoop, Fiction by David Rutschman

Ghetto Proclivities, Non-Fiction by A. Sandosharaj

Refusal, Poetry by Catherine Barnett

A State of Grace, Fiction by Kerrie Mitchell

Done in by a Bad Leg, Fiction by Erika Williams

Cameta, Poetry by Jan Conn

Nat, Poetry by Darryl Phelps

Last Rites, Fiction by Linda McCullough Moore

Taking the Chinese Ferry, Poetry by K.E. Duffin

Salt, Poetry by Fred Yannantuono

This Might be Real, Fiction by Malena Watrous

Some Villain, Poetry by Erika Mikkalo

Living Together, a Letter, Fiction by Eula Biss

Old Neck, Cover Art by Anne Harris




Introduction, Food Matters,
Non-Fiction by Anita Mannur, guest editor

Kinship, Cousins, & Khichidi,
Non-Fiction by Sejal Shah

All the Necessary Things,
Fiction by Shymala B. Dason

Looking for Doubles in the Caribbean,
Non-Fiction by Sharmila Sen

Poetry by Jane C. H. Park

Bran Affection,
Non-Fiction by Tiare Rose Bent

Looking for Shahbazi,
Fiction by Malak Roya Hamadani

Chamoe, Non-Fiction by Rachael Miyung Joo

Pomegranate, Poetry by Johnson Cheu

Identifying Foods, Identifying Selves,
Non-Fiction by Shirley Geok-lin Lim

The Country Inside Myself; On being a vegetarian
in Puerto Rico; As you try to clean a near-empty
Indian can of patra leaves, Poetry by Purvi Shah

American Dhansak and the Holy Man of Oaxaca,
Fiction by Roshni Rustomji

Cambodia: Memory and Desire,
Fiction by Bunkong Tuon

Aunt Adelaide's Recipe Cards,
Non-Fiction by Kim Cohen

Farmers Set Foot in Our Town,
Poetry by Bryan Tomasovich

On Leftovers,
Non-Fiction by Sharon Mizota

Los Chicharrones,
Drama by Daniel Jernigan

Prairiescapes: Mapping Food, Loss and Longing,
Non-Fiction by Martin F. Manalansan, IV

canola queasy, Poetry by Rita Wong

A Sow of Violence, Fiction by Merilyn Oniszczuk Jackson

By Way of Tongue, Non-Fiction by Tonya Becerra

The Story of 'Gimchi Chigae',
Non-Fiction by Sharon Heijin Lee

Psalm 23, Poetry by Brooke Nelson

The little orange way to know my mother,
Non-Fiction by Amy J. Wan

First Night in Athens,
Poetry by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Kitchen With Olive, Cover Art by Katy Schneider




Sporting Adam's Rib: The Culture of Women
Bodybuilders in America,
Non-Fiction by Cynthia Lewis

Casting the Wrong Shadows,
Poetry by Nance Van Winckel

Caught in the Act: Looking at Tintoretto's Susanna,
Non-Fiction by Robert Hahn

Elegy For a Girl Singer,
Poetry by Anne Marie Macari

I Am Listening, Fiction by Priscilla Turner

Jean Morrison Becker, Art by Jean Morrison Becker Color
art insert, with introduction by Grace Glueck

Windy Today, Poetry by Lisa Olstein

Morality and Orality in Isaak Babel's 'Red Cavalry',
Non-Fiction by Val Vinokur

A Hundred Miles, Non-Fiction by Tama Baldwin

Wounded, Poetry by Maxine Scates

Dying to Live, Non-Fiction by James Myers

Father is Heavy, What Do I Do?; A Dream the
Moon Is Dreaming, Poetry by Kim Hye Sun
Translated by Don Mee Choi

Walking Circles, Fiction by Andi Diehn

Interview with Cory Doctorow,
Non-Fiction by Doug Pond

Nebraska, Poetry by Kelly Madigan Erlandson

At the Concert of Alternative Music,
Fiction by Richard Spilman

Traffic of our Stage: Albee's 'Peter and Jerry',
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Chanting Indoors, Poetry by Jen Currin

Ask for a Convertible, Fiction by Danit Brown

Mode, Edom, Poetry by Kevin McFadden

Suburban Buildings, Cover Art by Jean Morrison Becker




Arif's Refusal to Bargain, Fiction by Vince Czyz

Artwork, Art by George Wardlaw,
Drawings and essay by George Wardlaw

Aubade, Poetry by Billy Collins

Cure For A Hangover,
Non-Fiction by Denise Shekerjian

Her Renaissance, Poetry by Christopher Davis

Seminar, Fiction by Jennifer Wortman

The John Brown Way: Frederick Douglass and
Henry David Thoureau on the Use of Violence,
Non-Fiction by Jason P. Matzke

Early December, Vermont,
Poetry by Stacie Cassarino

Keep Looking: Mary Oliver's Emersonian Project,
Non-Fiction by Mark Johnson

1978 (Ladies & Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones),
Art by Luke Jaeger

The Death of Satan, Non-Fiction by Erik Campbell

Crivelli's Madonna col Bambino,
Poetry by Douglas Sanders

A Recipe Card Is Far Too Small,
Non-Fiction by Joanna Kadi

Retreat, Poetry by Dana Curtis

St. Petersburg Portraits,
Non-Fiction by Emma Lieber

Turning of the Dead, Fiction by Kira Salak

Gurdian of the Light, Art by George Wardlaw

The Gospel Truth About Japan,
Non-Fiction by Kevin Simmonds




The Gospel Truth About Japan,
Non-fiction by Kevin Simmonds

What I Learned, Continued; Bridge Street Cemetery,
Poetry by Annie Boutelle

Getting Hitched v. theTrashing of Marriage,
Non-Fiction by Catherine Reid

So On, Fiction by David Wright

A Stick, a Cup, a Bowl, a Comb,
Poetry by Dara Wier

Inside Out, Art by Katy Schneider and David Gloman

The Struggles of Shrimp and Squirrel,
Poetry by Sunshine Glenstone

Near Prodigy, Poetry by Leo Hwang

Ted's Dead, Hushing the Fuss,
Non-Fiction by Gerald Williams

Much Affliction and Anguish of Heart: 'Story of O'
and Spirituality, Non-Fiction by Bonnie Shullenberger

With and Without, Poetry by Robert Gregory

Passing through Paris,
Non-Fiction by Dino Enrique Piacentini

My Only Golem, Poetry by Rebecca Black

Space Dwellers, Fiction by L. E. Kimball

All My Hair on the Floor,
Poetry by Anne Love Woodhull

Pinnacle of No Explanation: Jack Spicer's Exercise
of the Novel, Non-Fiction by John Emil Vincent




The Brain Tells Us What Is Real,
Poetry by Kathleen Halme III

Time to Mow, Fiction by Zdravka Evtimova

You Got a Song, Man, Poetry by Martin Espada

Atufal, Aranda's Skeleton, and 'Moby Dick',
Non-Fiction by Sterling Stuckey

Who Is Ishmael?, Non-Fiction by Thomas L.. Dumm

Dreams from the Malaria Pills (Bosch); In the
Leupold Scope,  Poetry by Brian Turner

*, Poetry by Simon Perchik

Powers and Principalities,
Fiction by Stephen O'Connor

The Mortician: On the Art of Coming to Rest,
Poetry by Morgan Lucas Schuldt

The Re-vision of Rage: Flannery O'Conner and Me,
Non-Fiction by Claire Kahane

Exile's Song, Poetry by Bruce Bond

Bulletin Board, Poetry by Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Presence, Absence, Fiction by Emmanuel Boulukos

Here We Are, Poetry by Xochiquetzal Candelaria

Find Your High School Classmates!!!!,
Fiction by Heather Sellers

Voluptuary Instruction, Poetry by Myrna Stone

Cities Beneath Them, Fiction by Christine Lanoie

Education by Windows, Poetry by Johnny Lorenz

Conceal/Reveal: Passion and Restraint in the Work
of Elizabeth Bishop, Non-Fiction by Kathleen Spivack

Penultimate Opus, Poetry by Jon Kelly Yenser

Directions to Warsaw, 1984,
Poetry by Georgia Scott

Cherubs, Fiction by Justine Dymond

The Book of Love, Cover Art by Amy Johnquest
Created Exclusively for 'The Massachusetts Review'




Sick Play, Fiction by Elizabeth Searle

Birds in the Woods, Poetry by Brian Swann,
Winner of the 2006 Anne Halley Poetry Prize

Not Well and Not Sick of the Chickahominy Fever:
Hollis Wrisley's Civil War,
Non-Fiction by Richard H. Brown

Noisy Bird, Poetry by Lesle Lewis

Tinderbox, Fiction by Robert Wexelblatt

The Godchild and the Doll,
Non-Fiction by Nance Van Winckel

Paintings by 'Christin Couture', Art by Christin Couture
color insert of artwork with commentary by Faye Wolfe

Wild Blue Yonder, Poetry by Barbara Ras

Shame, Fiction by Lori O'Dea

Dear Farrah, Poetry by Farrah Field

Toxoplasmosis; Or the Beginning of Things You
Can't Take Back, Fiction by Michael A. FitzGerald

Bony Mares, Poetry by James Doyle

Anniversary, Non-Fiction by John Hicks

Ghost Hymn, Poetry by G.C. Waldrep

The Manifesto of the Short Man,
Non-Fiction by Sameer Yerawadekar

Fourteener 279,
Poetry by Douglas Woody Woodsum

For Good, Poetry by Tara Bray

Orifice in the Undieworld, Non-Fiction by John Allen

Seated Baby with Whip, Art by Christin Couture




Towards a Language of Desire,
Fiction by Carolyn Megan

The History of Writing,
Poetry by Katherine Sanchez Espano

On Poetics, Poetry by Steve Mueske

Traffic of Our Stage: Boxing as Theater,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

First Do No Harm; Angels of Mercy,
Poetry by Bob Hicok,
Winner of the 2007 Anne Halley Poetry Prize

Snapper, Fiction by Erica Funkhouser

Redeem/The unread vision in the higher dream,
Poetry by Mary Buchinger

She with a Flower in Her Hair,
Poetry by Jesse Lichtenstein

Waterloo, Non-Fiction by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Room, Poetry by Geoffrey Detrani

I Step Outside Myself, Poetry by Ingeborg Bachmann,
Translated from the German by Peter Filkins

The Shiva, Fiction by Stephen Schottenfeld

Welcome to Dementia: Twelve Questions and
Two Stipulations (Found Poem), Poetry by Todd Smith

The Cables, Poetry by T. Zachary Cotler

Set Piece, Drama by Dennis Porter

In Praise of Complaint,
Non-Fiction by Rebecca Roberts

Nude Reclining, Poetry by Brad Crenshaw

Ganges Ophelia, Poetry by Carolyn Creedon

The Arch, Fiction by Andy Mozina

The Casualties: Thrombosis,
Poetry by Martha Rhodes

Walt Whitman's Attic,
Non-Fiction by Thomas David Lisk

November 11, 1831: Nat Turner,
Poetry by Jill McDonough

Variation 18: Baker, Poetry by Alice B Fogel

I Am Thinking of My First Deer,
Poetry by Teresa Ballard

The Body of a Cow, Non-Fiction by Sara Levine




The Messy Self: An Introduction,
Non-Fiction by Jennifer Rosner, guest editor

A Strange Disorder,
Poetry by Diane Ackerman

My Tourette's,
Non-Fiction by Gayle Pemberton

Conservation, Fiction by Debra Spark

The Mommy at the Zoo,
Poetry by Beth Ann Fennelly

Prologue to Psyche,
Non-Fiction by Jane Crosthwaite

Psyche in Love, Drama by Wendy Wasserstein

Since You Came, Poetry by John O'Donohue

The Clause, Poetry by C.K. Williams

The Last Place on Earth,
Non-Fiction by Patricia Foster

Facing North,
Poetry by Mary Kinzie

The Fiction of Self and the Self of Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Rebecca Goldstein

The Real Story, Non-Fiction by Liv Pertzoff

The Superficial Unity of the Mind,
Non-Fiction by Sarah Buss

Kidding Ourselves,
Non-Fiction by Steven Pinker

The Disappearance, Fiction by Ilan Stavans

With Solomon Ibn Gabirol,
Poetry by Richard Chess

Gifts, Fiction by Faith Adiele

Self-Portraits, Art by Lee Gordon

Song of the Red Earth,
Poetry by Meena Alexander

We 're All Colored, Fiction by Huston Diehl

Winnicott on the Surprises of the Self,
Non-Fiction by Martha Nussbaum

Buried, Poetry by Carol Edelstein

(You, There, listening . . . ),
Poetry by Donald Morrill

The Chocolate Eater, Cover Art by Lee Gordon




Sex, Poetry by Galway Kinnell

Dolphins Dancing Somewhere off the Coast of Cuba,
Fiction by Nate Haken

Imaginary Island, Poetry by Holly Iglesias

Soundtrack, Fiction by Audrey Petty

Jacob Wrestling All through the Night,
Poetry by Ellen Wehle

Algerian Funeral, Poetry by Abe Louise Young

Translation: Ethics, Ideology, Action,
Non-Fiction by Maria Tymoczko

Translation and Activism: Emerging Patterns of
Narative Community, Non-Fiction by Mona Baker

Biarritz, Poetry by Oliverio Girondo,
Translated from the Spanish by Daniel Coudriet

The Resistant Political Translations of Monteiro
Lobato,  Non-Fiction by John Milton

Kitchen of Paradise, Poetry by David Huerta,
Translated by Mark Schafer

Suppression of the Erotic:
Puritan Translations in Israel 1930-1980,
Non-Fiction by Nitsa Ben-Ari

Poetry by Inge Pedersen, Translated by Marilyn Nelson

Literary Translation and the Construction of
a Soviet Intelligentsia, Non-Fiction by Brian Baer

Studies for the Woman--Condi & The Search for
a Newer World Order, Art by Gordon Thorne

The World Is but a Place of Language,
Poetry by Marlys West

Cheer Me Up, Pony-Dog, Poetry by George Shelton

Nice Guys, Fiction by Siobhan Adcock

Ago, Poetry by Allan Peterson

Cut Flowers, Poetry by Cynthia Huntington

Winter Break, Fiction by Rusty Dolleman

Condi Nader, Cover Art by Gordon Thorne




Introduction, by David Lenson

Killing the Messenger,
Non-Fiction by Sean Thomas Dougherty

Plauge Time, Poetry by Lee Upton

There'll Be a Full Recovery, Poetry by Paul Gibbons

Rahoo, Fiction by Faye Wolfe

A Necromancer's Guide to Child Rearing,
Fiction by Rachel Marston

Hang Up Please and Try Dialing Again,
Poetry by Kurt Heinzelman

Barbour Street, Poetry by Samuel Amadon

Production, Churches, the Concrete of Chaos,Flames,
Poetry by Tomaz Salamun,
Translated by Ana Jelnikar and Joshua Beckman

From Mexico to Miramar or, Across the Lake of Oblivion,
Non-Fiction by C.M. Mayo

Untitled (white days, a passion for the
winter-birds), Poetry by Kevin Goodan

My Heart, Fiction by Dan Ward

Night Lessons: A Writing Assignment, Poetry by Brad Richard

Seeing Things, Poetry by Marianne Boruch

Anniversary, Poetry by Travis Venters

campaign speech, Poetry by Rob Cook

Traffic of Our Stage: A Touch of the Poet,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Clay, Poetry by Stanley Koehler

39145, Poetry by Noah Blaustein

Momentary, Fiction by Ted Sanders

A Covenant and a Busted Tooth,
Poetry by Joshua Michael Stewart

Elegy for Francoise Vatel,
Poetry by Amy Scattergood

Lolita, Who's Your Daddy?,
Non-Fiction by Gerald Williams

Camp in the Pines, West of Alexandria, LA,
Summer 1863,  Poetry by Rawdon Tomlinson

In Trouble with the Dutchman,
Fiction by Alix Ohlin

Decaying Hallway 2004, Cover Art by John Gray




Introduction, by David Lenson

The Queer Zoo, Fiction by Shannon Cain

The Body, Hiding, Poetry by Paula Bohince

Unstrung: Some Notes on Depression
and Literature, Non-Fiction by William Giraldi

In June, Poetry by Marianne Boruch

The Astronauts, Fiction by Boomer Pinches
Intimacy, Poetry by Elizabeth Knapp

Speak, Walking Stick,
Non-Fiction by Robert Long Foreman

This Morning, Poetry by Sarah Sawyer

Phoning Home, Non-Fiction by Jacob Appel

Portal, Poetry by Maxine Scates

Everything I Have Made or Bought or Become,
Fiction by Lindsay Carleton

Delivery, Fiction by Janset Berkok Shami

The Crying Woman, Poetry by Alexandria Peary

Traffic of Our Stage: DruidSynge,
Drama by Normand Berlin

The Genius of Bees, Poetry by David Dodd Lee

Man Bites Dog, Fiction by Phong Nguyen

Barge Men's Beds Smell of Lavender Elixer
and Red China Silk,  Poetry by Carol Levin

Fear and Torment in El Salvador,
Non-Fiction by Noel Valis

His People, My People,
Poetry by Theresa Vincent

How to Feel, Poetry by Wyn Cooper

The Problem with Bright Fires, Fiction by Stuart Ste. Croix

Prepositions toward a Definition of God,
Poetry by Patricia Fargnoli

Chasm, Poetry by Kazim Ali

Aria Amid the Ruins of Language,
Non-Fiction by Darrel Mansell

Nora's Bathing Suit,
Cover Art by Polly Cassel




An Introduction, by David Lenson

Out of the Blue, Fiction by Elizabeth Denton

Perpetual Youth Lost by Humankind,
Poetry by Daisy Fried

Genesis, Poetry by Michal Lando

Chord Changes, Non-Fiction by Carl Vigeland

My Coeval Archtop,
Non-Fiction by Thomas O’Grady

Cahoon Hollow, Wellfleet,
Poetry by Robert Dow

The Stars Threw Down Their Spears,
Fiction by Aaron Parrett

The Father of the Bride,
Fiction by Doris Dörrie,
Translated by Gustav A. Richar

Apologue (1); Apologue (2),
Poetry by Maggie Smith

This Charming Man,
Fiction by Jacob Wegman

On Looking,
Non-Fiction by Randon Billings Noble

Apples, Poetry by Jessie Julian

Space for Name: Printing a 1920s Little Magazine,
Non-Fiction by Walker Rumble

Flowers for Benny Black,
Fiction by Ari Lieberman

Violence, the Word,
Poetry by Alessandra Lynch

The Secret Climate the Year I Stopped Writing,
Non-Fiction by Phyllis Koestenbaum

The Dead of Winter,
Fiction by Elinor Teele

The twin,
Poetry by Michael Klein

Fiction by William Williams




Introduction, by David Lenson

The Bone Spa, Fiction by Lisa Vogel

On the Death of a Next Door Neighbor,
Poetry by Billy Collins

Kar'oush: What Grows in Hard Places,
Non-Fiction by Margaret MacInnis

Ballistic, Poetry by Elyse Fenton

The Survivor, Fiction by Jessica Lang

On Being Asked If I'm Related to Alice Munro,
Non-Fiction by Jennifer D. Munro

Skitter, Fiction by Anca Szilagyi

The Gods Are Waiting For You,
Fiction by Richard Harvell

Winter Prarie,
Poetry by Kate Northrop

Pints & Quarts,
Fiction by Brian Baldi

[Statue of Liberty],
Poetry by Ann Killough

Paper Route,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

Centralia, PA,
Poetry by Dawn Lonsinger

The White Bird of Siauliai,
Fiction by Daniel Menasche

Action, Poetry by William Delman

Love in the Time of the Serial Dater,
Poetry by Andrea Werblin

Martin Hellinger,
Fiction by Ashley Clifton

21st Century Lecture,
Poetry by Ralph Black

Suzan-Lori Parks' Hester Plays,
Non-Fiction by Rena Fraden

Bathing, Poetry by Christina Clark

Getting By, Fiction by Robert J. Nelson

Letters to the Husband, #23, Poetry by
Mary Koncel

Mussels, Muskrats, and Juncos: Instability in
Sylvia Plath and Robert Frost,
Non-Fiction by Mike Freeman

On a Sonnet by Leah Goldberg,
Poetry by Anna Kamienska, Translated from the
Polish by Grazyna Drabik and David Curzon

The Story, Fiction by Ian Miller

Hello Earth, Poetry by Stephanie Johnson

Brynteg Lights/Calennig,
Front Cover Art by Hanlyn Davies

Brynteg Lights/The Chorus, Back Cover Art by Hanlyn Davies




Introduction, by David Lenson

Terra incognita; The forecast; and Troubled times,
Poetry by Bob Hicok

The Insurance Adjuster, Fiction by T.L. Toma

The evening, Poetry by John Emil Vincent

Sergeant Pepper's Meter Maid: Letters on Parenthood
in Present-Day Berkeley, Non-Fiction by Ramsey Scott

For the Sightsingers, Poetry by Muriel Nelson

The Skeleton, Fiction by Wendy Rawlings

Incantation to Raise the Dead,
Poetry by Brian Hayter

Language, Non-Fiction by Kathleen Spivack

Window Sill, Poetry by Nina Payne

King of the Gypsies, Fiction by Lenore Myka

Word Vitrines, Art by Bethan Hews

Immigrant Song, Poetry by Fady Joudah

Burning at Nooksak, Non-Fiction by Janet Yoder

Lady Macbeth in the Caucasus,
Poetry by Katherine Young

Infestation, Fiction by Amy Bordiuk

Inspiration, Poetry by Nancy Sherman

Traffic of Our Stage: A Moon for the Misbegotten,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Not Quite Like a Raisin, Poetry by Maya May

The Artist Wears Rough Clothing and
Carries Jade Inside, Fiction by Robert Wexelblatt

You Get to Hold, Poetry by Donald Morrill

Something Special In The Air,
Non-Fiction by Cassandra McGovern

Untitled, Front Cover Art by Bethan Hews




Introduction, by John Emil Vincent

For All the Freaks of the World,
a poem by Rafael Campo

Yankee Doodle Dandy, essay by Henry Abelove
from The Vermont Notebook, a collaboration
between John Ashbery and Joe Brainard

Eddying, essay by Michael Moon

Transitions; No Rain; Girlfriend,
poems by Eileen Myles

My Friend Goo, a story by Shelley Jackson

Studies for My Lincoln, art by Lee Gordon

Every Queer Thing We Know, 
essay by Lisa Henderson

Breeding Culture: Barebacking, Bugchasing,
Giftgiving, essay by Tim Dean

Giving Away, Giving Over: A Conversation with 
Judith Butler, by Judith Butler and Thomas Dumm

Lettera amorosa; GHAZAL: min al-hobbi ma khatal;
GHAZAL: dar al-harb, poems by Marilyn Hacker

AGAPE, essay by Michael D. Snediker

Kouros; The Wall, poems by Robin Becker

Moments of Shared Glamour: A Conversation,
by Gregg Bordowitz and Liza Johnson

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Landscape; “The city
of Boston...”; Homosexuality, poems by Jack Spicer

Here Comes the Kiss: A Conversation between
Laylah Ali and Allan Isaac, art by Laylah Ali

My So-Called Crime, essay by Kevin Kopelson

Recovered Blue; Taken, poems by Elaine Sexton

Conversions: Around Tintoretto, essay
by Jonathan Goldberg

*For color reproductions of paintings used in the article, click on the appropriate link below:
Caravaggio; Tintoretto; Castelfranco; Tintoretto.

Play/Replay, a poem by Frank Bidart

Queer Little Gods: A Conversation, by
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick & Michael D. Snediker,

October 6, 2007.




Introduction, by David Lenson

Mr. Vesey Comes to Work,
Fiction by J. Weintraub

Revolutionaries, Poetry by Doug Anderson

(People Almost Always Smell Good
in the Art Museum), a play by Julian Olf

Crowded Rooms, Poetry by Karen Kevorkian

The Way the Vase Got Broken,
Fiction by Francine Witte

Every Shot, Every Episode, 2001,
Poetry by Melissa Shook

A Woman in the News, Fiction by Jo Neace Krause

Blessed Be Creation and Words to the Bereaved,
Poetry by Sarah Gemmill

Invasion: Evening: Two, Fiction by Thomas Glave

Stairs, Poetry by Brandon Krieg

The Contents of this Shoe Box Are of Greater
Worth Than Your Life, Fiction by Sean Casey

Peer Into, Poetry by Nick Courtright

Portraits, Art by Barry Moser

Breaking Point, Nonfiction by Michael Carolan

Snowdrop, Poetry by Louise Mathias

The Last King of China, Fiction by Mike Antosia

Case study: rain, Poetry by Ron Winkler,
translated by J. D. Schneider

The Sorry Line, Poetry by Alexandra Budny

The Bicycle Lesson, Fiction by Ellen Prentiss Campbell

Tsuchiyama, Poetry by Kathy Dull

Zócalo, Fiction by Katherine Longstreet

The Sound Barrier, Poetry by John Witte

They Keep Falling, Fiction by Ingrid Satelmajer

Traffic of Our Stage: Pinter’s The Homecoming,
Nonfiction by Normand Berlin

Crave, Poetry by Patricia Colleen Murphy

Letter to Send, Poetry by Taije Silverman

Africa under Her Skin, Fiction by Jeffrey Drayer





Justice—A Beginning, by Grace Paley

Letter to a Young Teacher, by Chris Bachelder

Courage, by Eva Kollisch

Poem (For Grace Paley), by Matthew Zapruder

O Stone! O Steel!, by Mark Doty

Mothers, by Rosanne Wasserman

Grace Paley, by Gillian Conoley

Introduction to “Wants,” by Janet Kauffman

Wants, by Grace Paley

Interview with Grace Paley, by Terry Gross

What a Place in Democratic Time, by John J. Clayton

Not Knowing Grace Paley Well, by Padgett Powell

Nocturnal with Ghostly Landscape on Lucy’s Day, by Meena Alexander

Repast, by Dawn Raffel

Grace Paley, by Jules Chametzky

Women’s Pentagon Action Unity Statement,
by Grace Paley

A Selection of Grace Paley’s Manuscript Pages

The Shortest Distance, by Noy Holland

Wants, by Kate Bernheimer

A Conversation with Grace, by David Vann

In the Classroom, by Christine Schutt

In the Bus, by Vera B. Williams

Prologue, from the play Middletown, by Will Eno

Grace Paley’s Stories, by Faye S. Wolfe

He Was a Chartist, by Caroline Knox

And Grace, Friday, by Victoria Redel

Interview with Grace Paley, by Juniper Institute Participants

11th Street, by Nora Paley

A Selection of Photographs

The Thing She Liked Best, by Nora Paley

Interview with Grace Paley, by Chris Bachelder
and Juniper Institute Participants

Grace Came to My Door, by Naomi Shihab Nye

My Favorite Sentence in the Great Household
of Grace Paley Sentences, by Ron Carlson

Found Scribbled on a Napkin at Luzzo’s, by Gordon Lish

Stalking Grace, by Bárbara Selfridge

Grace, by William O’Rourke

The VIP Lounge, by Marion Winik

Paddle High, by Evelyn C. White

Moving Bodies, by Karen Volkman

Interview with Grace, by Harriet Korim

Joyful Participation in the Sorrows (and Happiness)
of the Living, by Lisa Olstein

Old News, by Grace Paley





I . Ends and Beginnings

The Americans, a story by lê thi diem thúy

The Birth of the Poem, a poem by Adélia Prado,
translated by Ellen Doré Watson

Eighteen Apocalypses, fiction by Lucy Corin

Climbing Toward the Peaks, a poem by Robert Bly

Notes on the Mono-Culture,
an essay by Mark Edmundson

Pomegranate, a poem by Marilyn Hacker

You Can’t Tell a Book by Its Cover?,
an essay by Grace Glueck

July 12, 2006, a poem by Vénus Khoury-Ghata,
translated by Marilyn Hacker

II. Harmony

A Conversation with Cornel West,
by Cornel West, Thomas Dumm, and David Lenson

Foghorns, a poem by Tony Hoagland

Music Is Force, an essay by Arun Saldanha

Tutti Frutti, a poem by Charles Wright

People’s Politics: Amiri Baraka, Hip-hop,
and the Dialectical Struggle for a Popular
Revolutionary Poetics, an essay by Casey Hayman

Rain, a poem by Rita Dove

III. Utopia in Ruins

Ask ZZ if You Don’t Believe Me, a story by Elizabeth Denton

I Like Aluminum Foil for It Has No Emotions,
a poem by Dara Wier

No Name Commune, a memoir by Marianne Boruch

Sayonara Marijuana Mon Amour,
a poem by Chase Twichell

IV. Hand-Picked Poets

On Being Asked What Result of Racism Would You
Have Difficulty Giving Up?, a poem by Aracelis Girmay

Stolen, a poem by Shira Erlichman

My Love is Like Oh, a poem by Christopher Kang

God, a poem by Amy Leach

Helwa’s Stories, a poem by Deema Shehabi

V . Ghost Memory

The Ghost of Stephen Foster,
a story by Aaron Hellem

The Years between Wars,
a poem by Steve Orlen

Global Art, National Values, Monumental Compromises:
“German” 9/11 Commemoration in America,
“American” Holocaust Commemoration in Germany,
an essay by Peter Chametzky

Palm Reading, a poem by Barbara Ras

The Door Man, a story by Lisa Vogel

Yakov, a poem by Philip Levine

The Day We Buried You in the Park,
a poem by Martín Espada

VI. I Carried the Things I Loved in a Red Sack

Golden Birds, a story by Robert H. Abel

At the Pitch, a poem by Maxine Kumin

Richard Dawkins: My Encounter with a Heartthrob,
an essay by William Giraldi

Where Are You Now?, a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye

Pure Love, a story by Amy Bordiuk

The Wisdom of Solomon, a poem by Brigit Pegeen Kelly

This Morning I Pray for My Enemies, a poem by Joy Harjo

Apples and Angels, a story by Elizabeth Collins

Value, a poem by Christopher Howell

Love Is the Crooked Thing, a story by Stephen O’Connor

Poem, a poem by e. e. cummings




The New American Renaissance,
an essay by Eric Lorberer

Love Poem: hurt,
a poem by Joanne Dominique Dwyer

Enemy Infant, a poem by Donald Morrill

The Sky Is Overcast as My Head,
a poem by Lesle Lewis

The Devil and the Rose,
a story by Semezdin Mehmedinovic´,
translated by Jim Hicks

The Book Thief, a story by Wendy Brandmark

Little Miss Might-Have-Been,
a story by Stacia Saint Owens

Heart Hunted, Was Caught,
a poem by Frances Justine Post

Visiting the Temple Again,
a poem by George Singer

The day I got the news, a poem by Cynthia Snow

The Rift, a story by Johnny Townsend

The Future of Delmar Güner,
a story by Tess Wheelwright

President Barack Obama, the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah
Wright, and the African American Jeremiadic Tradition,
an essay by Bernard W. Bell

Of Their Hideous Change, a poem by Colin Cheney

From Marco Polo’s Footnotes on the Middle East,
a poem by Jenny Browne

Collision, a story by Timothy Maher

Hunger, a story by Paola Masino, translated by Louise Rozier

Photographs, by Manuel Álvarez Bravo

Hammond Castle, a story by Elizabeth Searle

Raptus, a poem by Joanna Klink

Merchants of Spice, a story by Adam Stumacher

Fortunes, a story by Sandip Mukherji

Douglass in London 1854 (ten minutes before addressing
Female Anti-Slavery Society), a poem by Reginald Flood

Wild Desire, a poem by Chris Forhan

Traffic of Our Stage: Beckett’s Endgame,
an essay by Normand Berlin

Ten Ways to Put Together an Airplane,
a poem by Noah Eli Gordon

Noon, a poem by Teddy Macker

Woman Looking Up into a Plum Tree,
a poem by Melanie McCabe

Strauss the Butcher, a story by Dennis McFadden

Office Supplies, a story by Laura Prah

Crossing, a poem by Joseph Capista

Like a Bavarian Café in a Mall in Jakarta,
a poem by Erik Campbell

Glitter Gulch, a story by David Philip Mullins






Introduction by The Editors

What Is Mine and O Mother, O Father,
poems by Hayan Charara

Of Phantom Nations, an essay by Jim Hicks

The Strange Genius of American Men,
a story by Jung H. Yun

A Better Life, a story by Michael Maschio

Person from a War-Ravaged Land,
a story by Coralie del Roble Duchesne

On the Diffculty of Distinguishing between
the Buildings Used to Keep the Foodstuffs and Those
Associated with the Dead, an essay by Scott Henkle

The Duplications, a poem by Nicolas Hundley

Jocelyn, a story by Andrew Coburn

Karst, a story by Lucinda Harrison Coffman

The White Heart Bar, a story by Sara Majka

Before, a poem by Khaled Mattawa

Will Barnet, “My Father’s House,”
paintings by Will Barnet

Will Barnet’s Series of Paintings “My Father’s House,”
an essay by Thomas Dumm

Don Giovanni, a poem by Olivia Clare

The Oxbow, a story by Brion Dulac

Stream-Entering, a poem by Alicia Ostriker

The Kid with the Ponytail,
a story by Paul Kaidy Barrows

Plots, a story by Frances Greathead

Write My Father from Ukraine,
a poem by Jeffrey Perkins

Carpet Ride, a story by J.R. Hanson

Crow, a poem by Joy Manesiotis

This One Isn’t Going to Be Afraid,
a story by Melinda Moustakis

Traffic of Our Stage: Godot Returns to Broadway,
an essay by Normand Berlin

To Market and Back, a poem by F. Daniel Rzicznek

The Book of Tobin, a story by Eric Thomas

My Ophelia, a poem by Miguel Murphy

victory, a poem by Sonia Greenfield

[Morning Book: February 25, 2009],
a poem by Yerra Sugarman

Escape Velocity, a story by D.M. Gordon

Alphabet of Snow, a poem by Norman Lock


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