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Table of Contents 1990-1999


Introduction to an/other Canada, another Canada?
other Canadas, Non-Fiction by Robert Schwartzwald

L'homme des sept jours, Poetry by Anre Roy,
Translated by David Lenson

Crossing the Border, Fiction by Ian Angus

Independence is for 1993,
Non-Fiction by Paul Chamberland,
Translated by David Lenson

The Palm Tree, Fiction by Michele Mailhot,
Translated by Richard Tedeschi

True North, Non-Fiction by Bruce Russell

La Matiere Harmonieuse manoeuvre encore,
Poetry by Nicole Brossard, Translated by Lise Weil

Rites of Passage: Translation and Its Intents,
Non-Fiction by Sherry Simon

Anaximander; Imprint #1; #3; #4;"Self-City",
Poetry by Phyllis Webb

Recent Paintings, Art by Attila Richard Lukacs

'The Kiss' by Edvard Munch, Revisited,
Fiction by Gail Scott

The U'mista Cultural Centre,
Non-Fiction by Gloria Cranmer Webster

Water, Fiction by Kristjana Gunnars

The Discourse of the Other:
Canadian Literature and the Question of Ethnicity,
Non-Fiction by Barbara Godard

The Adam Suite, Art by Stephen Andrews, drawings

Seven Photographs, Art by Angela Grauerholz

The Garden for the Canadian Center for Architecture,
Non-Fiction by Melvin Charney

Canadian Film: An Unexpected Emergence,
Non-Fiction by Pierre Veronneau, Translated
by Jane Critchlow

Artknot 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26,
Poetry by Fred Wah

Cosmologie de l'Est, Fiction by David McGimpsey

Art, Geography and Resistance,
Non-Fiction by Alexander Wilson

Three Installations, Art by Genevieve Cadieux

Arts in Review: The Year in Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Valerie Martin

Arts in Review: Recent Drama,
Non-Fiction by Robert King

Arts in Review: American Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Sharon Dunn




Survival Kit, Poetry by Shirley Kaufman

A Funeral in Prague, Non-Fiction by Ivana Edwards

The Happiest Day, Fiction by Victoria Tokareva,
Translated by Carol Lynn Ecale

Street of Gold, Poetry by Galway Kinnell

A Vistor, Poetry by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Mahler's Extraterritoriality,
Non-Fiction by Henry A. Lea

Some Enchanted Evening; Misty,
Poetry by James Cushing

Milan Kundera and the Limits of Skepticism,
Non-Fiction by Igor Webb

Trying to Talk about Sex--I,
Poetry by Sandra Kohler

Bones, Fiction by Lucy Ferriss

Preserves, Poetry by Joan Seliger Sidney

Alexander Crummell and the Invention of Africa,
Non-Fiction by Anthony Appiah

Infantry Assault; The Wall,
Poetry by Doug Anderson

W.E.B. Du Bois: A Personal Memoir,
Non-Fiction by John Hope Franklin

Mind-Readers, Drama by Louis Phillips

Lullaby, Poetry by Edward Baratta

Alexander Crummell, Art by Leonard Baskin

Bronze Medallion Portrait of Edward Wilmot Blyden,
Photography by Scheer, Art and Signing sculptor
not identified at time of publication




1845, Parnelly Pierce Drawa the Night-Blooming
Cereus; 1832; Kona Wind; Honolulu,
Poetry by Nell Altizer

Their Dan, Fiction by Edith Pearlman

Mata Hari in Saint-Lazare Prison, 1917,
Poetry by Judith Berke

Sirens, Poetry by Indran Amirthanayagam

Bisphere II, Non-Fiction by Sharman Apt Russell

Dart, Poetry by Ricardo Pau-Llosa

All that Jazz, Poetry by Raul Barrientos,
Translated by Ben A. Heller

Abeyance, Fiction by Anne Whitney Pierce

Plots and Plans: Molly Bloom's Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Gail Hall

The Argument, Poetry by Carol Frost

Observer: Yiddish in the Soviet Union:
A First-Person Report, Non-Fiction by Aaron Lansky,
Translated by Dale Peterson

Russian Nationalism, Non-Fiction by Andrey Sinyavsky,
Translated by Dale Peterson

Pen and ink drawing from 'The Collected Poems
and Songs of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotskii, 1938-1980',
Cover Art by Mihail Chemiakin




The Mirror Triptych, Fiction by Yahya Gharagozlou

News from Czechoslovakia, Poetry by Tracy Philpot

Work, Poetry by Frank Gaspar

Two Reconstructions, Two Nations,
Non-Fiction by William McFeely

Fear of Simultation: Life, Death, and Democracy
in Postwar America, Non-Fiction by Frederick M. Dolan

Ending Equaling, the Second Son's escape,
Poetry by Glyn Maxwell

Phases of the Moon, Fiction by Deirdre Shanahan

Fairies; Song Pet, Poetry by Terese Svoboda

The Goat Rattle, Poetry by Naomi Wallace

The Divided Garden, Poetry by Naomi Wallace

The Hunger Madrigal, Poetry by Naomi Wallace

Rondo On the Rio Negro, Poetry by Turner Cassity

Witness: Of Willie Mays & Joe McCarthy
& Bobby Thompson, Non-Fiction by Cecil Powell

Observer: Monks at Play,
Non-Fiction by Kathleen Norris

Arts in Review: The Year in Fiction: 1990,
Non-Fiction by Rosellen Brown

Arts in Review: Recent Drama,
Non-Fiction by Robert King

Palestinian Boy in East Jerusalem,
Cover Art by Jerome Liebling




Ft. Despair, Fiction by Antonya Nelson

Life in the Orphanage,
Poetry by Elizabeth Kirschner

The Berlin Wall, 1966; The Luxor Baths,
Poetry by Marianne Boruch

I Have a Philosophoy, You Have and Ideology:
Is Social Criticism Possible?,
Non-Fiction by Philip Green

In the Town of Endless Reduction,
Poetry by James Haug

The Guardian Angel; Fragments From Lost Days,
Poetry by R.M. Rilke, Translated by Edward Snow

The Coat, Poetry by Betsy Sholl

Deep Are the Roots: Memoirs of a Black Expatriate,
Non-Fiction by Gordon Heath, with a Foreward by
Doris Abramson and a Note by Richard Trousdell

After the Blues; Jealousy and The Things You Are Not,
Poetry by Debra Gregerman

Into the World, Poetry by Gene Zeiger

Postmodernism, Native American Literature and the Real:
The Silko-Erdrich Controversy,
Non-Fiction by Susan Perez Castillo

Life of a Girl, Poetry by Nancy White

Worlds Not Our Own: Centrifugal and Centripital Forces
in the Humanities, Non-Fiction by Douglas Greenberg

Poem at Forty-Five, Poetry by Ingrid Wendt

Film School, Poetry by Michael Atkinson

Slow Runner, Poetry by Marjorie Keyishian

Witness: Hometown,
Non-Fiction by Sharon O'Connell




Never at the Horse at Two: Spoiled Poem,
Poetry by Milan Richter

The Evenki; Running Mates, Fiction by Eugene Dubnov,
Translated by the author and John Heath-Stubbs

Tolstoy on the Train to Astapovo,
Poetry by Steve Kronen

Alicia (Poland, 1942), Poetry by Judith Berke

Germann Lukianov, of Moscow,
Non-Fiction by William Minor

My Mother Catalogues the Wrongs,
Poetry by Len Roberts

Memory and Creation: Reflections at Fifty,
Non-Fiction by Paul Theroux

Ten-Pound Bible, Poetry by DC Berry

I'm Going Where The Women Point,
Poetry by DC Berry

What I Do, Fiction by Edward Hardy

Chameleons Never Lie, Poetry by Dara Wier

Margaret Garner: A Cincinatti Story,
Non-Fiction by Cynthia Griffin Wolff

How Chicky Went Mad and Killed Monk at
Her Father's Funeral,  Poetry by Laurel Speer

A Day at the Beach, Poetry by Peter Schmitt

Conversation in Camden County,
Poetry by Peter Schmitt

A Black New York Newspaperman's Impressions
of Boston, 1883, Non-Fiction by John H. Hewitt

Family Tree, Poetry by Douglas Woodsum

Emerson's Jacuzzi, Poetry by Lee Patton

A Black American in Paris, Poetry by Lee Patton

Multiculturalism vs. Hegemony: Ethnic Studies,
Asian Americans, and U.S. Racial Politics,
Non-Fiction by E. San Juan, Jr.

At Dawn, Poetry by Enid Shomer

Lev Nikolavich Tolstoi (Barefoot), detial,
Cover Art by Ilya Efimovich Repin




Contemporary Hungarian Poets,
Poetry by Nicholas Kolumban, Introduction

Fall Cleaning, Poetry by Bela Marko,
Translated by Nicholas Kolumban

Contemporary Hungarian Poets: The Huge,
Dead Eye, Poetry by Otto Tolani

Contemporary Hungarian Poets: An Old Workshop,
Poetry by Janos Olah, Translated by Nicholas Kolumban

Contemporary Hungarian Poets:
A Vague Feeling Grips Me,
Poetry by Takacs Zsuzsa

Confession, Poetry by Rich Lyon

Writing Across the Color Bar:
Apartheid and Desire,
Non-Fiction by Lynne T. Hanley

Stubborn Weed, Poetry by Sandra Kohler

Alternative Interpretations; If Two Slovenly Herky-Jerky,
Poetry by Tom Rockwell

Evading Narrative Myth, Evading Prophetic Pragmatism:
Cornel West's "The American Evasion of Philosophy",
Non-Fiction by Robert Gooding-Williams

Dorothy Day, Poetry by Judith Berke

Freedom, Poetry by Judith Berke

The Alphabet is an Abolisionist: Literacy and
African Americans in the Emancipation Era,
Non-Fiction by Karen C. Chambers Dalton, with 29 illustrations

Misto, Fiction by L. K. Gornick

Changing Lenses on American Realities,
Non-Fiction by Giles Gunn

American Scholars Today,
Non-Fiction by Alan Trachtenberg

Sheet of Glass; Let Night Fall,
Poetry by Stefanie Marlis

Walt Whitman, photograph (#1),
Cover Art by Thomas Eakins




Eligible to Burst Forth: Whitman and the Art of Reticence,
Non-Fiction by Nancy Sherman

Eligible to Burst Forth: If Everything Is a Subject,
Poetry by Nancy Sherman

Eligible to Burst Forth: The Art of Penmanship,
Poetry by Nancy Sherman

Autobiographical Deaths,
Non-Fiction by Nancy K. Miller

Women's Labors, Poetry by Lee Upton

Orchids on a Rope,
Fiction by Marcia Maher Conta

A Celebration of Whitman,
Non-Fiction by Michael Pettit, edited by Michael Pettit

A Celebration of Whitman: Whitman Commentary,
Non-Fiction by A.R. Ammons

A Celebration of Whitman: Whitman's Grass,
Poetry by Marvin Bell

A Celebration of Whitman: Whitman:
Finer Than Prayer, Non-Fiction by Kurt Brown

A Celebration of Whitman: Whitman:
Six Fat Paragraphs, Non-Fiction by Gary Gildner

A Celebration of Whitman: I Love Old Whitman So,
Poetry by Allen Ginsberg

A Celebration of Whitman: Whitman:
Leaves of Asphalt, Non-Fiction by Debora Greger

Whitman Commentary, Poetry by Donald Hall

A Celebration of Whitman: Commentary on
Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass,
Non-Fiction by Garrett Hongo

Whitman Commentary, Non-Fiction by Paul Jenkins

A Celebration of Whitman: Kosmos,
Poetry by Yusef Komunyakaa

A Celebration of Whitman: Whitman Commentary,
Non-Fiction by Maxine Kumin

A Celebration of Whitman: Walt Whitman's Brain
Dropped on Laboratory Floor, Poetry by Thomas Lux

A Celebration of Whitman: Stout as a Horse,
Non-Fiction by William Matthews

A Celebration of Whitman: Whitman's New Worlds,
Poetry by Christopher Merrill

A Celebration of Whitman: My Friend Walt Whitman,
Non-Fiction by Mary Oliver

A Celebration of Whitman: How I Came to Walt and
Found Myself, Poetry by Marge Piercy

Whitman Commentary: Vigil Strange,
Non-Fiction by Stanley Plumly

A Celebration of Whitman: Sleepers Naked
Under Moonlight,  Poetry by David St. John

A Celebration of Whitman: Leaves of Zimmer,
Poetry by Paul Zimmer

The Golden World: Report from Siberia,
Non-Fiction by George Gessert

Low Planes, Poetry by Barbara Ras

Double Exposures, Poetry by Dabney Sturat

Allegiances, Poetry by Christopher Bursk

Accidents Will Happen, Poetry by Rima King

Witness: A Memory of Two Fathers,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

Syllable; Vice Versa,
Poetry by Edward Kleinschmidt




Passage, Non-Fiction by A.V. Christie

From the Memoirs of Rabbi Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus,
Poetry by David Cooper

Letter to Wang Wei, Envoy to the Barbarian Pass,
Poetry by Dennis Finnell

The Soul of Oliver Sacks,
Non-Fiction by Ella Kuznetz

The Air They Breathe: To My Sins,
Poetry by Nancy White

Spitting Image, Fiction by Joshua Henkin

Wilma's House Burns Down,
Poetry by John Allman

Itinerary, Poetry by Doug Anderson

In My Own Sweet Time, from an autobiography,
Non-Fiction by Blanche Cooney

The Speed of the Drift, VI, VIII, IX,
Poetry by Susan Snively

Object of Uncommon Interest: Reflections on Japan
and "The Japanese", Non-Fiction by Scott L. Montgomery

My Dreams are So Many Sheep,
Poetry by Robin Mary Boswell

Witness: Shoah's Children: Seeing Through Anger,
Non-Fiction by Herbert Marder, a memoir

Edinburgh and the Idea of a Festival,
Non-Fiction by Robert King

How She Matters Now,
Non-Fiction by Mary Ann Caws

Going Home, Fiction by Henry H. Roth

Red Twilight, Poetry by Kenneth Rosen

Jose Cumba. "Pulling' the bleached boilers at
Parsons Paper Company", 1990,
Art by Michael Jacobson-Hardy, detail

West Whately farm kitchen,
Cover Art by Gabriel Amadeus Cooney




A Revelation, Poetry by Joyce Peseroff

In The Blind Eye of Love's Shiny Moon; Drawing
in the Dark--A Jazz Monochrome--,
Poetry by Colleen J. McElroy

1938, Poetry by Tom Rockwell

Faces, Machines, and Voices: The Fading Landscape
of Papermaking in Holyoke, Massachusetts,
Non-Fiction by Michael Jacobsen-Hardy, with ten photographs

Faces, Machines, and Voices: The Fading Landscape of
Papermaking in Holyoke, Massachusetts:
Historian's Afterword,  Non-Fiction by Robert E. Weir

Man with Van, Fiction by Ian Woollen

Exodus, Poetry by Kurt Brown

Critique of the Upright Self: Everett, Webster,
Calhoun and the Logic of Oratory,
Non-Fiction by Steven A. Wartofsky

Epistemology; Menstruation,
Poetry by Beth Houston

Recovery; I Saw the Face,
Poetry by Eachan Holloway

Octo in Amber, Fiction by Roger Yepsen

Table for Four, Poetry by Enid Shomer

Witness: Ruminations of a Vegetarian,
Fiction by Alexander George

The Persistence of Fatherhood,
Poetry by Paul Zimmer

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (in Galway),
Fiction by Philip Brady

The Green; (untitled),
Poetry by Katayoon Zandvakili




Witness: Suburban Stories,
Fiction by D.J. Waldie, reflections and eight photographs

Knowing the Way,
Poetry by Ioanna-Veronika Warwick

The Word and Wondering Violent,
Poetry by Naton Leslie

Promise, Fiction by Jim Janko

The Explosion, Poetry by Jane Bennett Bridgers

Master Mechanics and Evil Wizards: Science and
the American Imagination from Frankenstein to Sputnik,
Non-Fiction by Glen Scott Allen

Two (Untitled) Poems, Poetry by Simon Perchik

The Pilgrimage, Fiction by Robbie Clipper Sethi

The Names, Poetry by Judith Berke

Lessons In The Blues,
Non-Fiction by Douglas Whynott

Sister Life, Poetry by Deirdre Shanahan

Polo, Poetry by Mark Nepo

Lament for the Death of Parsifal Hoolig;
Lament for the Nape of Tom Steward's Neck; Errata,
Poetry by Juan Gelman, Translated by Otis Bilodean




Recovered Land, Non-Fiction by Alicia Nitecki

The Kite, Poetry by Shannon Hamann

I Follow My Wife, Fiction by Edith Pearlman

Staying out Late, Poetry by Gail Reiger

Where English Speaks More Than One Language:
Accents in Gertrude Stein's "Accents in Alsace",
Non-Fiction by Michaela Giesenkirchen

When the Lord God Gathered Up the Spirit of
Virginia Woolf,  Poetry by Beth Houston

Love in the Time of AIDS, Poetry by Susan Rich

One of the Professors, Poetry by E.J. Miller Laino

Catching the Last Publico,
Fiction by Barbara Selfridge

At the Synchrotron Lab, Poetry by Wendy Battin

Ideology and Ambiguity in Cinema,
Non-Fiction by Philip Green

The Management of Dolls,
Poetry by Regina McBride

Until She Returns,
Poetry by Reginald Shepherd

Pick-Up, Fiction by Elin Hilderbrand

Pain Killers, Poetry by Sheryl St. Germain

Witness: Shrapnel in the Liver: The Third Balkan War,
Non-Fiction by Josip Novakovich

Photograph of Ludwig Szyman, ca. 1918,
Cover Art by




Poetry and its Rubble,
Non-Fiction by Marianne Boruch

Eight poems from Cesar Valejo's 'Trilce',
Poetry by Cesar Vallejo, Translated by Magda Bogin

Raya in Ramapo, Fiction by L.K. Gornick

The Rain, Poetry by Greg Kuzma

Middle Passages: Representations of the Slave Trade
in Caribbean and African-American Literature,
Non-Fiction by Carl Pedersen

Parallels: Artists/Poets,
Non-Fiction by Anne Halley, Introduction

Parallels: Artists/Poets: This Place in the Ways,
Poetry by Muriel Rukeyser

Parallels: Artists/Poets: This Place in the Ways,
collage, Art by Lucy D. Rosenfeld

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Sadie and Maud,
Poetry by Gwendolyn Brooks

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Sadie and Maud, collage,
Art by Oriole Farb Feshbach

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Gertrude Stein,
Poetry by Mina Loy

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Gertrude Stein, collage,
Art by Oriole Farb Feshbach

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Brancusi's Golden Bird,
Poetry by Mina Loy

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Brancusi's Golden Bird, collage,
Art by Oriole Farb Feshbach

Parallels: Artists/Poets: What Are Years?,
Poetry by Marianne Moore

Parallels: Artists/Poets: What Are Years?, collage,
Art by Claire Heimarck

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Trees at Night, collage,
Poetry by Helene Johnson

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Trees at Night,
Poetry by Lucy D. Rosenfeld

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Kwan Yin,
Poetry by Dilys Laing

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Kwan Yin,
Art by Oriole Farb Feshbach

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Sheltered Garden, collage,
Art by Claire Heimarck

Parallels: Artists/Poets: Sheltered Garden,
Poetry by Hilda ( H. D.) Doolittle

Witness: Konza, Non-Fiction by Elizabeth Dodd

The Cinnamon Bay Sonnets,
Poetry by Andrew Kaufman

W.E.B. Du Bois's "The Conversation of Races" and
its Context: Idealism, Conservatism and Hero Worship,
Non-Fiction by Wilson J. Moses

A Town Lit by the Sea; From the Hye Hilles,
As When a Spryng Doth Fall,
Poetry by James Woodbrown

The Revolt of Everyday Things,
Fiction by Karen Heuler

Beauty and the Beast of L.A.,
Non-Fiction by Kirby Farrell




The Book of the Deadman, #15, #16, #17,
Poetry by Marvin Bell

Do-It-Yourself, Poetry by Edward Kleinschmidt

Mama, Non-Fiction by Mab Segrest

Mercy, Poetry by Kelleen Zubick

Ruthless as a Tibetan Monk,
Poetry by Margaret Szumowski

A Good Chowder, Fiction by Peter La Salle

Out of the Air, Poetry by Matthew Lippman

Children of Manzanar, Non-Fiction by Erica Harth

Survivors, Poetry by Richard Chess

What Will Peace Among the Whites Bring?: Reunion and
Race in the Struggle of the Memory of the Civil War in
American Culture, Non-Fiction by David W. Blight

A Black Aesthete at Oxford,
Non-Fiction by Jeffrey C. Stewart

The Voice; The Taboo, Poetry by Alice Jones

Far from the Coast, Fiction by Castle Freeman

The Fair, Fiction by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Pillow, Poetry by Sara Hong

Talking Dirty; Memories of War and the
Vietnam War Novel, Non-Fiction by Renee Epstein

The Children of Manzanar, detail of photograph on p. 361,
Cover Art by Erica Harth




Lost in Translation, Non-Fiction by Ilan Stavans

Black Spruce, Poetry by Astrid Hjertenaes Anderson,
Translated by Aina Gerner-Mathisen and Suzanne Bachner

With the Tongues of Angels,
Poetry by Liz Waldner

O Nosso Amor, Fiction by Michael Laser

My Tragic Opera, Poetry by Evelyn Lau

Critical Revisionism and the Return to Agency,
Non-Fiction by Joanne Jacobson

The Tree, Poetry by J.P. White Christmas 1989,
Non-Fiction by Blanche Cooney

Acmeist, Poetry by Dennis Finnell

The Evergreeens: The Other Dickinson House,
Non-Fiction by Masako Takeda and Gregory Farmer;
four photographs by Jerome Leibling

Rise, Fiction by Jennifer C. Cornell

From Bakersfield, Poetry by Carlen Arnett

Poem; Survivors, Poetry by Timothy Liu

Witness: Mother and Child Re-Union,
Non-Fiction by Robert Kelsey

Prose #2, Poetry by Elisabeth A. Frost

Hook, Poetry by Judith Berke

Quetzalcoatl, Poetry by Judith Berke

Me, Poetry by Edward Baratta

On Names in James Aloysius Augustine Joyce and
Samuel Barclay Beckett, Non-Fiction by  Sidney Feshbach

All Wild Animals Were Once Called Deer,
Poetry by Brigit Pegeen Kelly

Teaching Composition, Poetry by L.L. Harper

Nobody's Wife, Fiction by Portia Bohn

The Spiral, Poetry by Laura Glenn

Towards the End of November; Befana (January 6),
Poetry by Melinda Kennedy




Last Bus From Auschwitz,
Non-Fiction by Lawrence Douglas

Imagine the Angels of Bread: 1994,
Poetry by Martin Espada

The Dry Spell, Poetry by Joanna Goodman

Beauty, Fiction by G.K. Wuori

Hunter, Poetry by Linda Bierds

The Master Surgeon, Poetry by D. Nurkse

An American and Two Africans: In the Mist of Lost Villages,
Poetry by Valerie Hurley

Hard Woods; Skimming the Turtle,
Poetry by E.J. Miller Laino

Lionel Trilling and the "Being" of Culture,
Non-Fiction by Emily Miller Budick

Shopping: The Lipstick Channel,
Poetry by Nancy Johnson

Bless This Night; Love Poem,
Poetry by Mary A. Koncel

Snoop; The Mystery of My Father's Cleanliness,
Poetry by Enid Shomer

Paris, May 1st; Genesis,
Poetry by Herman de Conick

#47; #49, Poetry by Fiama Hasse Pais Brandao

In Xanadu, Fiction by Michael Yetman

Coach, Poetry by Leonard Kress

Moby Dick and American Slave Narrative,
Non-Fiction by Michael C. Berthold

Blues, Poetry by Doug Anderson

Witness: Railroad Cars,
Non-Fiction by Amy Storrow

Playing Until Forgetfulness Comes,
Poetry by Herbert Woodward Martin




W.E.B. Du Bois: Of Cultural and Racial Identiy,
introduction,  Non-Fiction by Robert Gooding-Williams

Negotiating Claims of Race and Rights: Du Bois,
Emerson, and the Critique of Liberal Nationalism,
Non-Fiction by Anita Haya Goldman

Du Bois's Counter-Sublime,
Non-Fiction by Robert Gooding-Williams

Notes from the Underworld: Dostoevsky, Du Bois,
and the Discovery of Ethnic Soul,
Non-Fiction by Dale Peterson

The New Black Aesthetic and W.E.B. Du Bois,
or Hephaestus, Limping, Non-Fiction by Ronald Judy

W.E.B. Dubois's Dusk of Dawn and James Yates's
'Mississippi to Madrid' Or "What Goes Around
Comes Around and Around and Around",
Non-Fiction by Katheryne V. Lindberg

Schlesinger and DuBois on the Old New World Order:
A Prehistory of the Canon Wars,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Brook

Lewis's Du Bois: The Race Man As All Too Human Genius,
Non-Fiction by David W. Blight

Photograph of Du Bois, Cover Art by



VOLUME 35, ISSUE 3 & 4

Non-Fiction by Rhonda Cobham-Sanders

Eating the Raccoon, Fiction by Nicolette Bethel

At Sea, Poetry by Fred D'Aguiar

Blackout, Poetry by Grace Nichols

Port-of-Spain by Night, Poetry by Cynthia James

Soothe Me, Music, Soothe Me; Let the Tourist Play,
Fiction by Cynthia James

Domesticity; Jealousy, Poetry by Jane King

Jackie Hinkson, introduction,
Non-Fiction by Derek Walcott

Searching For a Way Out,
Non-Fiction by Christopher Cozier, six reproductions

Searching For a Way Out: Conflict of Interest,
Art by Francisco Cabral

Searching For a Way Out: Mancrab,
Art by Peter Minshall,  with an essay by Christopher Cozier

Searching For a Way Out: Sculpture Caribbean Basin,
Art by John Stollmeyer

Searching For a Way Out: Outhouse,
Art by Francisco Cabral

Searching For a Way Out: Installation Once a Man,
Art by Guy Beckles

Lyrical Gun: Metaphor and Role Play in Jamaican
Dancehall Culture, Non-Fiction by Carolyn Cooper

Baychester: A Memory,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Glave

Three Sonnets for Mister Kent; Castires,
Poetry by Kendel Hippolyte

Face of the Nation: Race, Nationalisims and Identities in
Jamaican Beauty Pageants, Non-Fiction by Natasha Barnes

West Indian Drama and the Rockefller Foundation,
1957-70:  Derek Walcott, The Little Carib and the
University of the West Indies,
Non-Fiction by Bruce King

Interior, Mt. Irvine Sunset and The Selectors,
Art by Jackie Hinkson, paintings with essay by Derek Walcott

Seven Photographs Guyana-Rupununi, 1994,
Non-Fiction by Abigail Hadeed, with commentary

Where the Remote Bermudas Ride, Fiction by Angela Barry

Liberation Theology, Non-Fiction by Lasana Sekou

Born Again, Poetry by Ras Changa

Prospero Caliban Cricket, Poetry by John Agard

A Place of Learning,
Fiction by Kelvin Christopher James

Taino Rebirth, Poetry by Marion Bethel

Indian Cuisine, Fiction by Ramabai Espinet

Way to Wendell Wedding,
Poetry by Everton Sylvester

Louisiana, Fiction by Erna Brodber

My Mother's Last Dance,
Fiction by Honor Ford-Smith

Why Does He Always Whistle That Tune While
Washing The Car,  Cover Art by Christopher Cozier,
mixed media




The Dream of Spaceflight: Nostalgia
for a Bygone Future, Non-Fiction by Wyn Wachhorst

Sympathizer, Fiction by Edith Pearlman

Caniche Found Smothered by Juifs;
Horses at the Front, Poetry by Laurel Speer

The Cellar; Loving You in Flemish,
Poetry by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Mystery Drug One,
Non-Fiction by David Lenson

Circled Square Drawn to Scale,
Poetry by Peter Richards

Gypsy, Poetry by Susan Johnson

Little Orphan Annie Meets Oedipus Rex,
Non-Fiction by Ernest Gallo

Swimming lesson, Poetry by Kirsten Smith

On Earth as It Is in Heaven,
Fiction by V. Diane Woodbrown

Sojourners, Settlers, Castaways & Creators: A Recollection
of Puerto Rico Past and Puerto Ricans Present,
Non-Fiction by Roberto Marquez

This is Practice Planet; The Woman Who Tries to Believe,
Poetry by Barbara Daniels

Singlewide, Poetry by E.M. Schorb

Interview with Ama Ata Aidoo,
Non-Fiction by Anuradha Dingwaney Needham

Admission, Children's Unit,
Poetry by Theodore Deppe

Twelve Sunflowers in a Vase,
Poetry by Judith Berke

Courtyard of the Hospital at Arles,
Poetry by Judith Berke

In Memorian-Sidney Kaplan. American Studies Association
Annual Meeting, Boston Park Plaza, November 1993,
Non-Fiction by Jules Chametzky

The Meaning or the Fight: Frederick Douglass and
the Memory of the Fifty Fourth Massachusetts,
Non-Fiction by David W. Blight

Frederick Douglass: The Absent Presence in 'Glory',
Non-Fiction by Thomas Cripps

In the Presence of Art,
Non-Fiction by William McFeely

The Conquest of Space,
Cover Art by Chesley Bonestell




Tamas Aczel, 1921-1994,
Fiction by Jay Neugeboren

The Cougar, Fiction by Peter Gordon

The Virgin and the Child with St. Anne and St. John
the Baptist; Milk Glass Lamp in a Girl's Shape,
Poetry by Lee Upton

Pleasant Street: The Republic of Particulars,
Poetry by Christopher Gilbert

Telling the Truth, Poetry by E.J. Miller Laino

Mangoes; Elephant Tea At the Metropole,
Fiction by Beth Simon

Encounter at the Jardins Botaniques,
Poetry by Colette Inez

Inside; Form; Will, Poetry by Alice Jones

Smoke, Fiction by William Herman

A Celebration of Community Writing Workshops,
Non-Fiction by Ellen Watson, Introduction

Community Writing Workshops: In the Pretty
Bluebird Kitchen. . .,  Poetry by Susan Sanborn Barker

Community Writing Workshops: The Priest,
Poetry by Anne Woodhull

Community Writing Workshops: At Times,
Poetry by Janice Sorensen

Community Writing Workshops: Upon His Death,
Poetry by Rachel Ferris Jenkins

Community Writing Workshops: A Bone Could
Never Be a Verb, Poetry by Andrea Lynes

Community Writing Workshops:
January the Something, Poetry by Earl Chapin

Community Writing Workshops: Luminaria,
Poetry by Patricia Hill

Community Writing Workshops: I Fell in Love with a
Woman of the Opposite Sex, Poetry by Jack Haley

Community Writing Workshops: Years Ahead,
Poetry by Ann Quinn

Community Writing Workshops:
The Bird in 39 Main Street, Poetry by Bill Newman

Community Writing Workshops: Handing the River Over,
Poetry by Janet Longe Sadler

Community Writing Workshops: Care,
Poetry by Harriet Brickman

Community Writing Workshops: Acupuncture Love,
Poetry by Laura Rodley

Community Writing Workshops: Pas de Deux,
Poetry by Deborah Golub

Community Writing Workshops: To Our Bodies,
Poetry by Betty Lockwood

Community Writing Workshops: On The Bus,
Poetry by Rochelle Wildfong

Community Writing Workshops: Small Errands,
Poetry by Kerry O'Keefe

Community Writing Workshops: Sculpture,
Poetry by Roz Driscoll

Community Writing Workshops: Things I Have Learned,
Poetry by Elizabeth Brown

The Voice of the Grackle, Poetry by Marge Piercy

Boy For Sale, Poetry by Peter Richards

House Repossessed, Fiction by Ilan Stavans

Wish Slipper, Fiction by Leslie Kimel

Library Stereopticon; Car Covered with Snow,
Poetry by Marianne Boruch

Charity Suffers Long, Fiction by Castle Freeman

Things Are Looking Up,
Poetry by Melvin Mordecai Wilk

Arrival, Poetry by Linda Bamber

Jarring Light, Fiction by Ann Nietzke

In Morning, Poetry by Beverly Ball

You Are Always Somewhere, Poetry by D.J. Waldie

In Memory: Andrew Salkey (1928-1995),
Non-Fiction by Paul Jenkins and Martin Espada

Jesus with Braids and Mint Mask,
Cover Art by Nancy Goodpastor




A House of Exile; Like Karlena, Like Us,
Poetry by Andrew Salkey

Borrowed Time, Poetry by Ingeborg Bachman,
Translated by Peter Filkins

Border Country,
Non-Fiction by Alicia Nitecki

The Flaw in the Flue,
Poetry by Sue Owen

Nonessential People, Non-Fiction by Paula Horowitz

Black Ice, Poetry by Nancy Sherman

Rolf Zimmerman's Poland Painting,
Non-Fiction by Peter Chametzky

Tel Aviv, Poetry by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Turn of the Century; As in a Rear-View Mirror,
Poetry by Zabuzhko Oksana,Translated by
Lisa Sapinkopf and the author

Exorcising Vichy: The Trial of Paul Touvier for
Crimes Against Humanity, Non-Fiction
by Sarah Chayes

A Girl with a Knife, Poetry by Martha Stainsby

Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear,
Fiction by Janet Tashjian

Interview with Toni Morrison,
Non-Fiction by Cecil Brown

The Lull Between Spokes,
Poetry by Amy Dryansky

Postcolonialism in North America: Imaginative Colonization
in Henry David Thoreau's 'A Yankee in Canada'
and Jacques Poulin's 'Volkswagen Blues',
Non-Fiction by Adam Paul Weisman




Witness: The Gangster We Are All Looking For,
Non-Fiction by Le Thi Diem Thuy

How Should I Say This?, Poetry by Robert Dow

Stopping the Jesus, Poetry by John Hodgen

Notes From When the War Was Over:
Remembering the Embargo,
Non-Fiction by Kevin Bowen

Vietnam and the "Voice Within": Public and Private
History in Yusef Komunyakaa's 'Dien Cai Dau',
Non-Fiction by Kevin Stein

My Father, Dressed Like Trees,
Poetry by Carol Potter

On Palm Sunday; Widow Sleep,
Poetry by Robyn Heisey-Clark

Judith, Fiction by Henry H. Roth

El Coro: A Chorus of Latino/Latina Poets,
Non-Fiction by Martin Espada

El Coro: Liquid Matter; Talking to the Waves,
Poetry by Pedro Lopez Adorno

El Coro: Los desaparecidos (The Disappeared),
Poetry by Marjorie Agosin, Translated by
Celeste Kostopulos-Cooperman

El Coro: Psalm for Bacalao; Sonnets for the Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse; Long Time Among Us,
Poetry by Jack Agueros

El Coro: Nuyorican One Wing Olive-Skin Angel,
Poetry by Miguel Algarin

El Coro: The Way it Sounds; The Dashboard Virgencita;
The Lost and Found Senoritas, Poetry by Julia Alvarez

El Coro: Papo, Who'd Wanted To Be An Artist; Reform,
Poetry by Naomi Ayala

El Coro: Traicion; Occupaciones de la critica
(Betrayal; The Critics' Trade),
Poetry by Alicia Borinsky, Translated by Cola Franzen

El Coro: El Chicle, Poetry by Ana Castillo

El Coro: Tango for the Broom; It Occurs to Me I am the Creative/Destructive Goddess Coatlicue,
Poetry by Sandra Cisneros

El Coro: The Tip, Poetry by Judith Ortiz Cofer

El Coro: Islandis; The Lower East Side of Manhattan,
Poetry by Victor Hernandez Cruz

El Coro: Do Not Put Dead Monkeys in the Freezer,
Poetry by Martin Espada

El Coro: Puerto Rican Discovery #12: Token Vows,
Poetry by Sandra Maria Esteves

El Coro: La sombra de la culpa; Requiem
(The Shadow of Guilt; Requiem),
Poetry by Rosario Ferre

El Coro: La Terraza,
Poetry by Magdalena Gomez-gomolka

El Coro: Ese; The Cost of Family; These Days,
Poetry by Ray Gonzalez

El Coro: Aphrodisiacal Dinner Jacket;
The Anthropomorphic Cabinet,
Poetry by Juan Felipe Herrera

El Coro: Aurelio's Vengeance, Puerto Rico, 1901; Jibaros,
Poetry by Rick Kearns

El Coro: Imperialism; We Talk About Spanish; Milagros,
Poetry by Demetria Martinez

El Coro: The Prodigal Son Loses His Wife;
The Prodigal Son Buys a New Car; Starfish,
Poetry by Dionisio Martinez

El Coro: The Translator at the Reception for
Latin  American Writers; Foreign Heart,
Poetry by Julio Marzan

El Coro: Honduran Ghosts,
Poetry by Pat Mora

El Coro: Zen--Where I'm From; Hubcaps and Hi-Fi;
What It Was Like, Poetry by Leroy Quintana

El Coro: Pompeii and the Uses of the Imagination;
The Essay Examination for What You Have Read
in the Course World Religions; Moving Our Misery,
Poetry by Gary Soto

El Coro: The Wood Sculptor; Xagua Castle, Cienfuiegos,
Poetry by Virginia Suarez

Estos arboles (These Trees),
Poetry by Clemente Soto Velez,
Translated by Camilo Perez-Bustillo and Martin Espada

El Coro: En el claraoscuro de los anos; Solo se que ahora (In the Chiaroscuro of the Years; I Only Know That Now),
Poetry by Tino Villanueva, Translated by James Hogard

El Coro: Service Economy Fantastique,
Poetry by Michael Veve

El Coro: Well-Fare With No Address,
Poetry by Enid Santiago Welch

The Grim Enchantment of 'It's a Wonderful Life',
Non-Fiction by Lorraine Mortimer

My Father's Gift, Poetry by Edwina Trentham

Dona Isobel, Cover Art by Frank Espada




A Villanelle, Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali

Blessed, Poetry by Joyce Persoff

Charcoal Sketches for Writing You Nude,
Poetry by Crystal Bacon

*; *, Poetry by Simon Perchik

Collapse: A Love Story,
Poetry by Corrinne Hales

Ghazal on a Winter Afternoon,
Poetry by Reetika Vazirani

Joaquina, Danae, and the Spanish Civil War,
Fiction by James Maraniss

Two Sonnets of a Woman Working in a Morgue,
Poetry by Naomi Wallace

Passing Beyond the Middle Passage: Henry "Box" Brown's
Translations of Slavery,
Non-Fiction by Cynthia Griffin Wolff

History's Posse, Fiction by Honor Ford-Smith

Quarters, Poetry by Paja Faudree

Terrible Liberty, Poetry by Leonard Kress

Witness: Julio, Non-Fiction by Robert Kelsey

Behind the Razor Wire in Massachusetts Jails and Prisons,
Non-Fiction by Michael Jacobson-Hardy,
an essay with fourteen photographs

Marionizing Massachusetts,
Non-Fiction by Bill Newman

Collection Day, Poetry by Natasha Trethewey

33 1/3, Fiction by Kenneth R. Harvey

An Explanation of Six-thirty; An Explanation of Nine-thirty,
Poetry by Michael Chitwood

The Man Who Killed Himself to Avoid August,
Poetry by Maureen Seaton

The Rings of Our Grandmothers,
Non-Fiction by Marietta Pritchard

Shanghai '87, Poetry by Adrienne Su

Letters to the Dead: Carol Baum,
Poetry by Dick Lourie

Eye of a Condor, Poetry by Cyrus Cassells

Model Minorities, Non-Fiction by Phillip Richards

Dodr, Poetry by E.J. Miller Laino

Behind the Razor Wire in Massachusetts Jails and Prisons,
Cover Art by Michael Jacobson-Hardy




What They Did, Poetry by Vern Rutsala

Sounding, Poetry by Dabney Stuart

Teen Angels, Poetry by Deborah Gorlin

A Lakh of Ears, Non-Fiction by Jeffrey Heiman, witness account

The Monastery Orchard in Early Spring; Children of Divorce,
Poetry by Kathleen Norris

Picnic on the Grass, Fiction by Rosa Shand

For Women Who Do Not Fear Death,
Fiction by Sharon Pomerantz

The Sadness of Failure; The Sadness of Memory;
The Sadness of Kids, Poetry by Barbara Ras Spine,
Art by Nina Payne

Commentary on works by Nina Payne,
Non-Fiction by Nancy Sherman

Thinking Through Others: Prosthetic Fantasy and the
Cultural Moment, Non-Fiction by Kirby Farrell

New Hampsire; Mendel's Lesson,
Poetry by Ellen Dudley

What Does She Read, Poetry by Doris Abramson

In the Missing Town, Poetry by James Haug

The Punishment for Felonies in Belize,
Fiction by Willard J. Rusch

All the Dead Fathers Fall out of Heaven,
Poetry by Teresa Pfeifer

'from' Broken Land, Poetry by Coral Hull

At the A&W, Poetry by Cheryl Savageau

Glissandos, Poetry by Cheryl Savageau

National Security and the Citizens' Crusade for a Safe
Environment in the United States, Israel, and Czechoslovakia,
Non-Fiction by Myron P. and Penina M. Glazer

Sewing in January, Poetry by Suzanne Cleary

Ghazal, Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali

Spine # 6, Cover Art by Nina Payne, Photograph by Douglas Salin




Introduction to the Hispanic Diaspora,
Non-Fiction by Ilan Stavans

A Message from God in the Atomic Age: A Memoir,
Non-Fiction by Irene Vilar, Translated by Gregory Rabassa

Pigeons, Fiction by Vivian Leal

Race and Mercy: A Conversation With Piri Thomas,
Non-Fiction by Ilan Stavans

Pathos, Bathos, and Mexiphobia,
Non-Fiction by Jack Lopez Estavillo

The Worst of It, Fiction by Rodrigo Rey Rosa,
Translated by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert

Stable Manners; Or, How The Publication
of 'Family Installments' was Stalled for Three Years
and $3,000.00, Non-Fiction by Edward Rivera

Emilio's Revenge-1960, Fiction by Jose Antonio Burciaga

The Skeleton, Fiction by Enrique Anderson-Imbert,
Translated by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert

On Brevity: A Conversation with Agusto Monterroso,
Non-Fiction by Ilan Stavans

Cousin Myth; or, 'Beside the Tracks,
Fiction by James Lopez

Between the Trumpet and the Bongo: A Puerto Rican Hybrid,
Non-Fiction by Jose Matosantos

A Little Affair, Fiction by Calvert Casey,
Translated by John H.R. Polt

A Good Mother, Fiction by Ana Maria Shua,
Translated by Dick Gerdes

Come Like a Dog to Mama,
Fiction by Veronica Gonzalez

Moses and Wonder Woman, photograph,
Cover Art by Pedro Meyer




Repetition, Poetry by Ruth Stone

Boom, Poetry by Ruth Stone

No Longer and Not Yet, Fiction by Joanna Herman

The Messiah, Poetry by Kenneth Rosen

The Language of Cells,
Non-Fiction by Spencer Nadler

The Exchange, Poetry by Maxine Kumin

An Interview with Maxine Kumin,
Non-Fiction by Enid Shomer

Apothecaries Weight: Twenty Brains Make One Scruple,
Poetry by Liz Waldner

The Waiting to Dying House,
Non-Fiction by Jeffrey Heiman

Softly my Soul, Poetry by Meena Alexander

A Golem in Prague, Fiction by John Shepley

'He Coulda Bin a Contendah': The Curious, Unprecedented,
Enigmatic Political Career of General Colin L. Powell, U.S.A., Ret., Non-Fiction by Michael (Ekwueme) Thelwell

A Mining Incident; Food, Poetry by Rich Ives

Malere Sou Late: Paupers of the Earth,
Poetry by Patrick Sylvain

Three Estates, Poetry by James Vink

Coming of Age with the Blues,
Non-Fiction by Robert Fox

More Black Panoramas: An Addendum,
Non-Fiction by Allan Austin

Orbital Pleasures, Cover Art by James Hendricks,
Photograph by Stephen Petergorsky




Instant Combat Kit; Field Service Postcard,
Poetry by Jane Satterfield

Melville's Literary Cartographies of the South Seas,
Non-Fiction by Juniper Ellis

Empty Windows, Poetry by Chase Twichell

Ten Lunar Months, Fiction by Tamara Grogan

The Reply of the Sheperdess to the Shepherd; The Road,
Poetry by Jean-Pierre Rosney, Translated by J. Kates

Fits and Starts: Notes on (Yet) Another Writer's Beginnings,
Non-Fiction by Leslie Lawrence Wigilja,
Fiction by Mary Slowik

Inventory; The Worlds in this World,
Poetry by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Historical Memory and a New National Consciousness:
The Amistad Revolt Revisited in Sierra Leone,
Non-Fiction by Iyunolu Osagie

Missing You #1, #2, #3, Poetry by Emily Wheeler

Astral Navigation Through An Open Shuttered Lens,
Fiction by George Clark

March 23; Ceci N'est Pas Un Ange,
Poetry by Lisa Beskin

Relapse, Fiction by Martha Conway

Drive-By; The Bracelet, Poetry by Sharon Preiss

Luck, Fiction by Sheila Kohler

No Secrets Were Safe From Me: Situating Hanif Kureishi,
Non-Fiction by Donald Weber

Instead; Getting, Poetry by Stefanie Marlis




Investment of Vicksburg, Fiction by Neal Durando

Deluge, Poetry by John Witte

The Paper Knife, Fiction by Robyn Sarah

An Ordinary Crown , Poetry by Paula Tatarunis

Grace, Fiction by Wendy M. Gavin

Ben Franklin, My Homeplate,
Poetry by Maureen Seaton

Deathbed, Poetry by Maxine Scates

Self-Portrait of the Poet as Hyena,
Poetry by Bill Knott

Flaws in the Latex, Fiction by Stephen Dobyns

Beggar's Opera, Poetry by Margaret Szumowski

Late Harvest, Poetry by Linda Roth

Slugging Away, Fiction by Gail R. Henningsen

The Yellow Light, Poetry by Marge Piercy

An Imp, Poetry by James Wood

The Line Tender, Poetry by Anne Reynolds Voegtlen

Beach, Fiction by Andy Mozina

Sheremetrevo 2 (Moscow Int'l Airport),
Poetry by Val. Vinokurov

In the Pink, Poetry by Val. Vinokurov

Snow Struck, Fiction by Joanna Herman

What Winter Does, Poetry by Daniel Villasenor

Snapshots, Fiction by Kim Bridgford

The Falls, Poetry by Anne Moore Odell

Astrophage at 40, the Calm Before I Squander My Inheritance,
Poetry by Gerald Yelle

Body, Fiction by Chris Haven

To Hell in a Handbasket, Poetry by Sue Owen

As Good As I Can Be, Fiction by G.K. Wuori

Photographs from the King Tut Exhibit,
Poetry by Eve Wood

Toward the Blue Peninsula, (For Emily Dickinson),
Cover Art by Joseph Cornell




Radio; Running for a Train, Poetry by Jean Valentine

Animals, Fiction by Mandeliene Smith

A Winter's Story, Poetry by Jan Freeman

The Barn, Non-Fiction by Suzanne Whedon

Margin of Error; Top Dog, Poetry by Barbara Ras

Arts of the Possible, Non-Fiction by Adrienne Rich

Jules Chametzky's Memo (October 23, 1958)
From Which Sprang 'The Massachusetts Review',
with a note by David R. Clark

A Song in the Manner of Hildegard Von Bingen; Vigils,
Poetry by Erika Baxter

Braiding Bread, Fiction by Leslie Pietrzyk

Are You Experienced?; Ecology,
Poetry by Tony Hoagland

The Story of S., or of the green dress,
Fiction by Anna-Maria Carpi, Translated by Alide Cagidemetrio

The Volcano Lover, Fiction by David Borofka

The Hudson River School, Poetry by David Starkey

Oriental Peaceful Penetration: Gertrude Stein
and the end of Europe, Non-Fiction by Shawn Alfrey

Summer, Fiction by Mary Luvisi

Responding to "Mother Tongue",
Non-Fiction by Steve Ruhl, with twenty-five panels




An Education in the Eighties; In the Arboretum;
Bottled Water, Poetry by Ruth Stone

The Ring, Fiction by Aimee Bender

To the Moon, Alice, Poetry by Bob Hicok

Ideograph; This Is Our World,
Poetry by Pauline Uchmanowicz

Jakub's World,
Non-Fiction by Alicia Nitecki and Jack Terry

The Precipice, Poetry by Adrian Blevins
Witnessing Tragedy, Looking at Risk:
Rolf Zimmerman Revisited, 
Non-Fiction by Peter Chametzky

35024, Poetry by Gerard Malanga

Seven Telegrams to Miss Olive M. Richards,
Poetry by Sandra McPherson

First Wives, Fiction by Franklin Fisher

Bread and Wine; Recess; Lucky's Corvette,
Poetry by D. Nurkse

Inheritance, Poetry by Lisa Sewell

American's Pastime: How Ty Cobb Taught Me to Live
with the Dead, Non-Fiction by Jeff Hammond

George Sale, Poetry by Brian Henry

When We Are Low We Go to the Pyramids ,
Poetry by Susan Conley

Angels in the Water, Fiction by Jan Meissner

Hurricane, Poetry by John Balaban

Wuthering Heights; Wuthering Heights 2,
Poetry by Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton

Voices in the Dark, Non-Fiction by Alfred Goodale

Rising Up Together, Poetry by Robert King

My Mother in her Retirement,
Fiction by Amy Bordiuk

A Reading List (bibliography),
Non-Fiction by Adrienne Rich




An Old Soldier, Non-Fiction by Spencer Nadler

Mortal, Poetry by Joyce Persoff

Unspeakable Hunger, Fiction by Kamila Shamsie

Ode to the Air Traffic Controller; Peony,
Poetry by Joshua Beckman

Oblivion, Nebraska, Fiction by Peter Love

Snakes; Cortege, Poetry by Eileen Myles

Witness: Hanging On,
Non-Fiction by Nancy McCabe

Great Moments in the History of Bagels,
Fiction by Geoff Schmidt

Handling Fruit at a Calcutta Market,
Poetry by George Kalamaras

Introduction toFred Becker's WPA Graphics,
Non-Fiction by Jules Chametzky

The WPA Federal Art Project, New York City:
A Remeniniscence, Non-Fiction by Fred Becker, with prints
from NYC series, John Henry series, and jazz series

Affirming Critical Conceptualism: Harlem Renaissance
Aesthetics and the Formation of Alain Locke's Social
Philosophy, Non-Fiction by Winston Napier

One Way the Herons Return, Poetry by David Williams

Ursa Major, Fiction by Andrew Lopenzina

Of Isreal and the Language, Poetry by Karen Alkalay-Gut

The Bus That Flew Along Fifth Av.,
Cover Art by Fred Becker

1937 rubber stamp and ink on paper,
Inside Front Cover Art by Fred Becker

We are the Dead, Back Cover Art by Fred Becker




Indian April (in memory of Allen Ginsberg),
Poetry by Meena Alexander

Ginsberg: The King of May: An Update,
Non-Fiction by Andrew Lass

Ginsberg: The King of May: A Conversation Between
Allen Ginsberg and Andrew Lass,
Non-Fiction by Andrew Lass

Ginsberg: Kral Majales, Poetry by Allen Ginsberg

Ginsberg: Document: Final Report on the activities of
the American poet Allen Ginsberg and his deportation
from Czechoslovakia,
Non-Fiction by Allen Ginsberg

Ginsberg: Photographs of Allen Ginsberg: Prague 1965
and Amherst 1986; Stills from "King of May," a
documentary film, Prague 1965,
Art by Allen Ginsberg

Ginsberg: A Memory, A Thought,
Non-Fiction by Fanny Howe

Untitled, Poetry by Naomi Shihab Nye,
tribute to A. Ginsberg

Ginsberg: Allen Ginsberg Dying,
Poetry by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Ginsberg: Untitled , Non-Fiction by Geoff Rips

Ginsberg: Space Dream, Poetry by Bill Berkson

Ginsberg: A Tribute, untitled,
Poetry by Dara Wier

Ginsberg: Bridal Song, A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg,
Poetry by Louis Ginsberg

Talking About Poems with Robert Frost,
Non-Fiction by William O'Donnell

The Next-To-Last Supper,
Poetry by Edward Kleinschmidt

Giselle; Giving Head, Poetry by Dzvinia Orlowsky

Referred Pain, Poetry by Robin Morgan

The New Age, Poetry by Janet Kaplan

Morning Walk Meditation, Poetry by Marion Bethel

Goethe in Kentucky; Melancholy Baby,
Poetry by Baron Wormser

Democracy and the Poet: Walt Whitman and E.A. Robinson,
Non-Fiction by Alan Trachtenberg

Alfalfa, Poetry by Kinereth Gensler

Grief, Poetry by Shreerekha Pillai

Subjunctive Monologue; Upside Down,
Poetry by Holly Iglesias

Hollywood Goes to Mexico City,
Poetry by Bill Tremblay

Revery: A Syllabus of Errors, Poetry by Steve Orlen

Fiesole Night-Piece; Intermediate Trail: Maine,
Poetry by Edward Pols

Untitled; Love Letter; County,
Poetry by Katayoon Zandvakili

James Baldwin and Allen Ginsberg at the Albion Bookshop,
Amherst, 1986, Cover Art by Patrick Warner




The Woman in the Pub, Fiction by Vern Rutsala

Robinson Crusoe's Hair, Poetry by Carol Frost

Autumn, No Answer, Poetry by Herman Fong

The Black Horse, Fiction by Ly Lan,
Translated by the author with Kevin Bowen

Imperial Cities and One More: Casablanca,
Poetry by John Frazier

Thoreau's Radical Consistency,
Non-Fiction by Shawn St. Jean

Nights in the Constellation of the Twin-Hearted
Prisoner; Dialogue; Memory and Forgetting,
Poetry by Beckian Fritz Goldberg

India, Poetry by Tony Hoagland

Say Something, Fiction by Castle Freeman

Jameleh, Fiction by Emily Cerf

Kas Buvo-Tai Nebus,  Poetry by David Avidan,
Translated from the Hebrew  by Michael Taub and Dror Abend

Sunday Still Life--With Table, With Knife,
Poetry by Sandor Csoori, Translated from the
Hungarian by Len Roberts and Maria Szende

Waiting for the Carillon, Non-Fiction by David Masello

Feminist Poem Number One,
Poetry by Elizabeth Alexander

Four Corners, Fiction by David Yoo

Partial Detachment, Poetry by Cortney Davis

Where Stoned Men Talk God in the Early Sun,
Non-Fiction by Robert Fredrickson

Au Pair A Green, Poetry by Liz Waldner

The Impressment of Billy Budd,
Non-Fiction by Jeff Westover

Desert Crossing, Cover Art by Scottie Parsons




George Herbert, Poetry by Frank Gaspar

The Burden of Sickle Cells,
Non-Fiction by Spencer Nadler

Music, She Insists; The Housepainter Before Me;
Between a Poem and a Sentence,
Poetry by Carol Potter

Terminal Oriente: Beginning with a Line by Cesar Vallejo,
Poetry by Jasper Bernes

My Tie Has Been Loosened by Someone,
Fiction by Neal Durando

Insect Study; The Horse In the Linoleum,
Poetry by Lia Purpura

With Jane and Without: An Interview with Donald Hall,
Non-Fiction by Jeffery S. Cramer

Hair, Poetry by Kelley Le Fave

Drohobycz, Drohobycz, Non-Fiction by Henry Grynberg,
Translated from the Polish by Alicia Niteck

Five Funerals, Poetry by Nathaniel Bellows

Falling Off Whispering Rock,
Fiction by Brennen Wysong

Boy In a Ball; Israeli Conflict,
Poetry by Terese Svoboda

Where Two Rivers Meet,
Fiction by Craig Danner

Pedagogy, Poetry by Kurt Heinzelman

In the Heyday of the Studio Musician, Thad Jones and
Mel Lewis Stuart a Big Band at the Village Vanguard,
Non-Fiction by Leslie Gourse

A digitized drawing executed by ink plotter, based on a
blood smear image of sickle cells at 800 magnification
and converted to a vector format at 1000 magnification,
Cover Art by Dale Schlappi




Under Us; The Law, Poetry by Molly McQuade

Cash Crop: 1897, Fiction by Ann Pancake

Saint-Lieux:The Teacher's Daughter; Saint-Lieux: Before
the War: What Remains, Poetry by Andre Malroux,
Translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker

Introduction: "Documenting Fin de Siecle Thought",
Non-Fiction by Winston Napier

The Death of Culture, Non-Fiction by Karla Holloway

Personal Retrospective on Theory: Changing Paradigms
from the 1960s to 1990s, Non-Fiction by Vincent Leitch

Death of a Wobbly in Montana, 1917; The Trestle at
Pope Lick Creek, Poetry by Naomi Wallace

Dundee, Fiction by Joshua Harmon Ralph Ellison,
Sharpies, Rinehart, and Politics in Invisible Man,
Non-Fiction by Lawrence Jackson

The Changing Face of AIDS: A Modern Fairy Tale,
Poetry by Rafael Campo

Rough Music, Fiction by Claire Tristram

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Totem and Taboo,
Poetry by Lisa Beskin

Scarcity and Compensation in 'Moby Dick',
Non-Fiction by Jamey Hecht

Interstate Dreams, Poetry by Lola Haskins

Canzone Told to the Time of a Falling Leaf,
Poetry by Sean Thomas Dougherty

Traffic of our Stage: Shakespeare in Stratford,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

The Mouth, Poetry by Mark Irwin

The Good Old Boys, the Fortifications,
Poetry by Nance Van Winckel

Jump Shift, Poetry by Nance Van Winckel




Oak, Poetry by Jennifer Barber

Translation of the Self: Ruskin and Wharton,
Non-Fiction by Mary Ann Caws

Charlene-N-Booker 4Ever,
Poetry by Forrest Hamer

In the Reeds, Fiction by David Shrayer-Petrov,
Translated from the Russian by Maxim D. Shrayer
and Victor Terras

Absences; Imperfections, Fiction by Aida Bahr,
Translated from the Spanish by Dick Cluster

Yellow Sweater; The Messenger, Poetry by Sharon Kraus

Among Sorrows and Songs, Poetry by Judith Nacca

Rachel Flies Alone, Non-Fiction by Jane Bernstein

Changes, Poetry by Ruth Stone

Three Keys, Poetry by Lidia Torres

The Omelet King, Fiction by Paul Mandelbaum

Virtue; The Invasion of Canada,
Poetry by Cynthia Huntington

Trying Not to Drown Out One's Own Voice,
Poetry by Christopher Davis

Another Country, Non-Fiction by Jane Satterfield
Big Bus, Fiction by Julia Hanna

Half the Music, Poetry by Betsy Sholl

Reading, Translating; Flying: Reflections at 33,000 Feet,
Poetry by Leslie Morris

Return to Mumbai, Poetry by Ravi Shankar

The Naked Ape, Fiction by Sabina Murray

Study of a Flowering Vine, Cover Art by John Ruskin




Three Portraits, in color,
Art by Jerome Liebling

Africa is People, a speech,
Non-Fiction by Chinua Achebe

James Baldwin; Praise-Song for James Baldwin,
Poetry by Andrew Salkey

Stokely Carmichael to Kwame Ture (1941-1998):
"Infinitely political, infinitely human",
Non-Fiction by Michael (Ekwueme) Thelwell, an interview

Mosaic Memory: Auto/biographical Context(s) in
John Edgar Wideman's 'Brothers and Keepers',
Non-Fiction by Heather Andrade

Chain, Poetry by Susan Donnelly

Barley, Fiction by John Salter

The Unimportant Lila Parr,
Fiction by Manuel Munoz

Ghazal for Josey,
Poetry by Jill McDonough

Practice, a memoir,
Non-Fiction by James Morrison

About the Man Who Jumped from the Bridge,
Fiction by Nancy Carol Moody

Crybaby Butch, Fiction by Judith Frank

Traffic of our Stage: Why 'Waiting for Godot?',
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

My Wife's Therapist, Poetry by Angelo Verga

Life is a Caravanserai Has Two Doors I Came in
One I Went Out the Other,
Fiction by Emine Sevgi Ozdamar,
Translated from the German by Luise von Flotow

The Impression of Elsewhere, Poetry by Michael Teig

Dedication to Leonard Baskin,
Preface to the 40th Anniversary Issue,
Non-Fiction by Jules Chametzky

John Edgar Wideman, portrait, Cover Art by Jerome Liebling




Here, Poetry by Grace Paley

Portraits of Artists by Leonard Baskin,
Art by Leonard Baskin,
with an introduction by Sidney Kaplan

Afterword: The Machine in the Garden,
Non-Fiction by Leo Marx

Rue Des Ecouffes; Les Scandaleuses;
Les Scandaleuses II; Nulle Part,
Poetry by Marilyn Hacker

A Song of Another Tribe; In Our Time,
Poetry by Muriel Rukeyser

Angels, Saints and Their Friends,
Fiction by E.M. Broner

In Time Nothing, Poetry by Stuart Dabney

Before the Deportation--A German Jewish Fate:
Edith Marcuse, 1898-1945, Non-Fiction by Anne Halley

Cup, Poetry by Tom Wayman

The Blond Actress Rehearses Chekhov,
Drama by Joyce Carol Oates

I Eat Paul Newman Daily,
Poetry by Doris Abramson

Last Call: How to Make a Chile Verde Smuggler,
Poetry by Juan Felipe Herrera

Thinking Ahead to Possible Options and a
Worst-Case Scenario, Poetry by James Tate

Coma Versus Comma: John Donne's
Holy Sonnets in Edson's 'WIT',
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

Break-Up on the Hudson, Poetry by Nancy Willard

City and Country, Art by Jerome Liebling

Into Many a Green Valley,
Fiction by Haymond A. Kennedy

Happy Valley, Poetry by Timothy Liu

Song of the Luddite, Poetry by A.B. Spellman

Robert Hayden (1913-1980): An Appreciation,
Non-Fiction by Phillip Richards

For Ralph Ellison: Then and Now,
Poetry by Joseph T. Langland

The Professor and the Activists:
A Memoir of Sterling Brown,
Non-Fiction by Michael (Ekwueme) Thelwell

School; A Death, Poetry by Jean Valentine

Srinigar Airport, Poetry by Shahid Alo Agha

Why Mark Twain Murdered Injun Joe--
And Will Never Be Indicted,
Non-Fiction by Carter Revard

The Torturer's Apprentice; Town Meeting,
Poetry by Doug Anderson

Fire, Poetry by Barbara Ras

Pablo Neruda's Dilemma,
Non-Fiction by Julio Marzan

The Electric Fan and the Dead Man,
Poetry by Ruth Stone

Stucco'd with Quadrupeds and Birds All Over,
Poetry by Dara Wier

Memoir September 19, 1985,
Non-Fiction by Ilan Stavans

Open; Sudden Masters,
Poetry by Beckian Fritz Goldberg

Cuchulain at 2000: Yeats' Plays in the Forthcoming
Collected Edition, Non-Fiction by Rosalind Clark

Brightness from the North, Poetry by Brigit Kelly

The Limited Family Kitty, Poetry by Carol Potter

Between Fragmentation and Globalism:
Are We Still a Nation?, Non-Fiction by Paul Gagnon

My Country 'Tis of Thee, Poetry by Jan Freeman

At Joe's (manger), Poetry by Liz Waldner

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