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Limericks for the Beers of Summer

O the brews of this season are here!
They’re refreshing, both hazy and clear.

So pour for your pleasure,
And sip at your leisure.
Let’s toast to the Summer with beer.


Hops 4 Teacher (J. Wakefield Brewing, Miami FL)
Hops 4 Teacher, a bright IPA,
Is a honey-hued Summer vacay.
After COVID sequester
And two Zoom semesters,
It washes your grading away.

It’s a coast-to-coast take on the style—
Neither grapefruit nor pine is defiled.
Subtropically hopped,
It’s the beer to adopt
For unleashing your teacherly smile.

Tasting Notes: This IPA has a bright hop profile and frothy head for its light mouthfeel, fusing West Coast and Florida flavors. The grapefruit adds fragrance to the pour, zesting its amber haze and Citra-heavy hops. Passionfruit notes add just a hint of sweetness without going over to NEIPA-juicy. The hop and grapefruit flavors hit a perfect balance about an inch back on your tongue. Especially delightful in summer, Hops 4 Teacher is available all year.

Juicy Gossip Juicy Pale Ale (Bell’s, Comstock MI)
Juicy Gossip, a session pale ale,
Is a quaffable brew for regal-
ing your mates with the scoop
from your friend who’s a snoop.
It’s a session—no need to curtail!

Unfiltered (unpasteurized, too),
It’s a pleasantly fermented brew.
The ephemeral head
Laces glasses with threads.
Gently bitter with fruit through and through.

Tasting Notes: This refreshing Pale Ale can make juicy beer skeptics warm to its hazy clarity. The fruit-forwardness deftly eschews anything resembling fruit punch. Juicy Gossip pours golden, flowing easily over your tongue with a slight hop tickle in the finish. Its seasonal availability and six-month shelf life take you through most of August.

Marsha Bryant writes about modernism, poetry, women's writing, popular culture, and pedagogy. Her recent essays have appeared in Feminist Modernist Studies, The Classics in Modernist Translation, and The Conversation. Bryant is Associate Editor of Contemporary Women's Writing, and Professor of English & Distinguished Teaching Scholar at the University of Florida.

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