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Working Title 1.7: Ambrosia

A young woman living alone sees a mysterious older woman roaming the woods outside her house. As they strike up an unlikely friendship, the narrator finds herself questioning what she knows about love, friendship, and family. Read an excerpt or purchase on WeightlessAmazon, or Kobo.

[Her] language seems an exact reflection of Upton’s startling, invigorating vision… She’s a true original… David Walker

[W]hile she writes in the lyric tradition of Ophelia’s songs, her work is delicacy grounded in strength… For Upton ‘curiosity is the mark // of our relentless experiment,’ and she uses language to test the reality of art. Virginia Quarterly Review

Lee Upton is the author of thirteen books, including The Tao of Humiliation (BOA 2014), winner of the BOA Short Fiction Prize. Upton’s short stories and poems appear widely in such places as The Best American Poetry, the New Republic, American Poetry Review, and the Atlantic. Her awards include the 2014 Cleveland State University Poetry Center Open Book Award; the Lyric Poetry Award and the Writer/Emily Dickinson Award from the Poetry Society of America; the Pushcart Prize; the National Poetry Series Award; and the Miami University Novella Award. She is the Writer-in-Residence and a professor of English at Lafayette College.

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Working Title 1.7: Ambrosia

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