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Volume 60, Issue 2

Front Cover by Kate Durbin, Unfriend Me Now!, 2018. STILL FROM 3-CHANNEL VERSION OF UNFRIEND ME NOW! (c) Kate Durbin.
Courtesy of the artist.

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Table of Contents 1980-1989


William Force Stead's Friendship with
Yeats and Eliot, Non-Fiction by George Mills Harper

Etruscan Things: Lucien's Ploughman 1848,
Poetry by Rika Lesser

Poison Pen Letters, Fiction by Christine Conti

New Mexico, Fiction by Norman Russell

Autobiography: Paris in the Twenties,
Non-Fiction by Martha Foley

The Cathedral Chair, Poetry by Jon Silkin

Sculpture and Watercolor 1964 - 1979, Art by
Elizabeth Frink, 19 illustrations with a foreword by
Elizabeth Frink and afterwords by
Sarah Kent and Hilton Kramer

St. Magnus Visited,
Non-Fiction by Elizabeth Huberman

Andrew Malraux: Last Roundup,
Non-Fiction by W.M. Frohock

Knowledge of Trees: University of Pennsylvania 1979,
Poetry by Jeanne Murray Walker

Form and Content in German Expressionist Literature,
Non-Fiction by Wolfgang Paulsen

The Appollonian Impulse, Non-Fiction by Paul Saagpakk

Preen Glands; Town Names for Parts of My Body,
Poetry by Christopher Bursk

Strawberries, Poetry by Dorothy Hughes

Thomas Pynchon and the Novel of Motion,
Non-Fiction by Richard Pearce

Ralph Ellison and the Anxiety of Influence,
Non-Fiction by Joseph T. Skerrett

Tribute Head (detail), Cover Art by Elizabeth Frink



Waterspirits, Non-Fiction by Bill Jacobsen

The Communication of Nature,
Poetry by John Hay

The Moth and the Primrose,
Fiction by Vincent G. Dethier

Getting it Right, Poetry by Carol Frost

The Visionary Art of Annie Dillard,
Non-Fiction by David L. Lavery

A Dream Near Water, Poetry by Sydney Lea

Five Green Thoughts, Non-Fiction by Paul Shepard

The Summer Kitchen; The Return of the Muse,
Poetry by Sandra Gilbert

The Mountains Where Cithaeron Is,
Fiction by Amelia Moseley

John Keats on a Barn-Roof in Maine; Mr. Jefferson's
Horses, Poetry by Sarah Youngblood

Movies, Fiction by Stephen Dixon

New to the Urban Life, Poetry by Robert Louthan

Tristes Tropiques: Framing the Woman Question,
Non-Fiction by Page Dubois

When We Were Rich, Poetry by Susan Anderson

Subtle Fire: Dorothy Wordsworth's Prose and Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Susan M. Levin

Check-Out Counter, Poetry by Helen Bartlett

A Woman's View of Transcendence: The Works
of Sarah Orne Jewett, Non-Fiction by Josephine Donovan

The Maypole of Merry Mount,
Non-Fiction by Richard Drinnon

Vampurella: Darwin and Count Dracula,
Non-Fiction by Charles Blinderman

Drawing, Cover Art by Abigail Rorer

Wood engraving, Back Cover Art by Leonard Baskin




Lost Time Accident, Fiction by Gayle Whittier

Horn, Mouth, Pit, Fire; The Problem of Pain,
Poetry by William Dickey

In Defense of Fallen Comrades: Janis Joplin,
Non-Fiction by Eleanor Hakim

Falling in Love, Poetry by Dorothy Hughes

Hamlet and Daniel (and Freud and Marx),
Non-Fiction by Peggy A. Knapp

Homer, Poetry by David L. Fisher

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Feminist's Struggle
with Womanhood, Non-Fiction by Mary A. Hill

From Success to Experience: Louisa May Alcott's Work,
Non-Fiction by Jean Fagan Yellin

An Interview with Kathleen Spivack,
Non-Fiction by Terry Kennedy

Meditation, Sleeping Next to You in North Dakota,
Poetry by Kathleen Spivack

On Cowboys and Collectives: The Kennedy-Nixon
Generation, Non-Fiction by Robert Keefe

On the American Presidency,
Non-Fiction by Henry Steele Commager

Recidivists, Poetry by Peter Wild

Land Dogs and Sea Wolves: A Jack London Dilemma,
Non-Fiction by Abraham Rothberg

Poem, Poetry by Eugene Dubnov

What the Writing Students of Detroit State Think of
Philip Levine, Poetry by Tom Wayman

The Higher Parody: Ivan Ilych's Metamorphosis and the
Death of Gregor Samsa, Non-Fiction by Robert Wexelblatt

Portrait of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1919; Cover Art by
Tolles Chamberlain,
Photograph courtesy of Sophia Smith
Collection, Smith College




The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: A Nightmare
Vision of American boyhood, Non-Fiction by
Cynthia Griffin Wolff

For My Daughter, Poetry by Sharon Olds

Learning: Ten Twentieth-Century Texts,
Non-Fiction by Greg Audette

Altamira, Poetry by Leonard Nathan

Literary News as Literary History: Chapter for a
Book of Memoirs, Non-Fiction by Laura Riding Jackson

Silo Letter in the Dead of a Warm Winter,
Poetry by Michael McFee

Poem After Seeing a Photograph of the Turin Shroud,
Poetry by Robert Lietz

Trio, Fiction by Susan Engberg

Frame, Poetry by Peter Leight

On an Untitled Photo: Three Pages Held Up to the Sky,
Poetry by Diane Wald

Donald Reichert's Boxes: An Interview with
the Artist  by Francis Murphy, Non-Fiction by
Donald Reichert, six illustrations

How to Read Das Kapital,
Non-Fiction by Robert Paul Wolff

Sucicide, Poetry by Susan Anderson

A Scale of Losses, Poetry by Theodore Morrison

I Don't Eat Potatoes, Fiction by Leslie Lawrence

Blake's Wonderful Car Delivers Us Wonderfully Well;
The Sun and Moon Circus Soothes the Wakeful
Guests, Poetry by Nancy Willard

Two Grandmothers, Poetry by Nina Payne

Lines for the Fisherman, Poetry by Nina Payne

My Brother's Work, Poetry by Stephen Dunn

The Hem of My Garmett: An Interview with
Theodore Rosengarten about the Makings of 'Nate Shaw', 
Non-Fiction by George Abbot White

The Inside of the Outsider: Blacks and Jews in
Contemporary Drama, Non-Fiction by Ellen Schiff

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, first edition 1876,
Cover Art by T.W. Williams

Preface, Back Cover by T.W.Williams,
Courtesy Amherst Library Special Collections.




I Thought of Chatterton, the Marvelous Boy,
Fiction by K.L. Gewertz

The Broader, Poetry by Caroline Rosenstone

The Continental Heart,
Fiction by Lissa McLaughlin

On the River, Poetry by Kate Daniels

On Growth and Form; Instant Replay; Achievement;
Innocence, Poetry by Howard Nemerov

Howard Nemerov: An Interview, Non-Fiction by
Neal Bowers and Charles L.P. Silet

Away, Poetry by Andrew Salkey

El Mio Mar, Poetry by Andrew Salkey

Essays on Psychology and Literature: Lacan and
Literature: Imaginary Objects and Social Order,
Non-Fiction by Neal Bruss

Essays on Psychology and Literature: Edmund Burke
and the Break with Tradition: History versus Psychohistory,
Non-Fiction by Frederick S. Troy

Essays on Psychology and Literature: Freud and the
Twenties, Non-Fiction by Paul Schwaber

Salamander, Severed in Spring Plowing,
Poetry by David Lyon

Mental Cases, Poetry by Lloyd Schwartz

And Die in Dixie: Funerals in the Slave Community,
Non-Fiction by David Roediger

Bethlehem, PA, 1930, Poetry by Gary Zebrun

Critical Condition, Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

Enough, Poetry by Christopher Howell

Unknown Painter, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin




Harold and Linda,
Fiction by Pat Therese Francis

Patience in the Endless Rain; Old Friend,
Poetry by Jacquelyn Bonomo

The Last Boat to America,
Fiction by Mark Mirsky

Marconi Station, South Wellfleet,
Poetry by
Steven Bauer

Between Two Oceans, Poetry by Steven Bauer

In Chekhov, Poetry by Barry Spacks

Minor Characters, Fiction by Joyce Carol Oates

Autographs, 1955, Poetry by Rudy Kikel

A Coversation with Alan Dugan,
Non-Fiction by Donald Heines, interview

On Shields. Against World War III, Fiction by Allan Dugan

Potrait of Alan Dugan, Art by R. Viau

The Intellectual Odyssey of Martin Luther King, Non-Fiction by Stephen Oates

Amaranth and Moly, Poetry by Amy Clampitt

Two Sisters Have I: Emily Dickinson's Vinnie & Susan,
Non-Fiction by Adalaide K. Morris

The Three Sisters, Poetry by Mary Kathryn Stillwell

The Portrait, Poetry by Jane Flanders

The Feminine Bildungsroman: Education Through
Marriage, Non-Fiction by Elaine Hoffman Baruch

Saleswomen in Bakery Shops, Poetry by
Mona Van Duyn

The Vision Test, Poetry by Mona Van Duyn

Witness: An Exorcism: Two Asians in America,
Non-Fiction by C. Lok Chua

Exiles , Non-Fiction by William Brandon

Family Tragedy; Shore, Poetry by Diana O Hehir

John Muir and the Literature of Wilderness,
Non-Fiction by John C Elder

Observer: The 1980 Elections--Postmortem & Prospects,
Non-Fiction by Ellsworth Barnard

How Things Go, Poetry by Vern Rutsala

Invitation, Poetry by Vern Rutsala

Bust of Martin Luther King Jr.,
Cover Art by Charles Wells




The Culture of Manhattan,
Non-Fiction by
Loren Baritz

Lines in Dejection; Paradise of Sweet Chance,
Poetry by M.L. Rosenthal

Going Home, Fiction by Margaret
Morganroth Gullette

The Sister Fish, Poetry by Suzanne E. Berger

Needlepoint in Autumn,
Poetry by Charles Edward Eaton

The Diamond at the Bottom of the Well,
Fiction by Venkatesh Srinivas Kulkarni

The Structures We Love, Poetry by Patricia Goedicke

Blessings in Disguise: Cross Dressing as Re-Dressing
for Female Modernists, Non-Fiction by Susan Gubar

Drunk on Bread, Poetry by Peter Viereck

Window, Poetry by David Marshall

Sane People, Sane Life: The Death of Elizabeth
Wise Benton, Non-Fiction by Mildred Small,
Introduction by Judith Small

Moss; The Balcony by Manet,
Poetry by Martha R. Lifson

For Colored Girls, Suicide or Struggle,
Non-Fiction by Andrea Benton Rushing

Keeping on Going; Together, Poetry by Karl Krolow

Victor Serge and Socialist Thought,
Non-Fiction by Richard Greeman

Airports; Late Words to C.,
Poetry by Alan Williamson

My Father's House, Poetry by Andrew Hudgins

Hoping These Letters Reach You; Anima Poetarum,
Poetry by Cathrael Kazin

Because I Was Flesh: Edward Dahlberg and the Rhetoric of American Identity, Non-Fiction by Carol Shloss

Cartoons, Front and Back Cover Art as appearing in
New York Times portraying Civil War Medic Dr. Mary Walker
being arrested for wearing trousers which are more modest
than the then popular hoopskirt




Introduction: Festivity & Invention in Comedy, Non-Fiction by Fred Miller Robinson

The Tinkerer, Fiction by Robert Coover

An Amorous Bestiary, Fiction by John Hawkes, drawing by Wang Hui-Ming

Frontispiece for "Hawkes' An Amorous Bestiary",
Non-Fiction by Hui Ming Wang

Charity; Elephant Tears; A Dog's Tail; The Restaurant
Explosions; The Park Bench, Poetry by Russell Edson

Autochthonous; The Mink Cemetery, Poetry by James Tate

Slow Men Working in Trees; DaVinci Crashes in Joy
Dawson's Hog Farm, Poetry by Annie Bromley

After the Usual, Fiction by Lawrence Raab

Cubism as a Comic Style, Non-Fiction by
David Summers

An Interview with the Oracle, Poetry by Jack Flavin

Some Principles of Clowning, Non-Fiction by Adriane Despot

Doing the Town in Cleveland, Ohio; Ho-Hum,
Poetry by Mary A. Koncel

Etchings & Drawings 1977-1981, Non-Fiction by
Abigail Rorer
, 10 Reproductions and an Afterword
by the Artist

Rolling Dogs; Emergency Cannibals,
Poetry by Lee Upton

To the Point of Folly: Touchstone's Function in
"As You Like It", Non-Fiction by David Frail

Postcard of Child Peeking Out from Under Its Mother's
Skirt; Supplanting the Beloved; Degrees of Pen/Man/Ship,
Poetry by Cynthia MacDonald

The Jokes at the Wake, Non-Fiction by Hugh Kenner

Poem for a Refrigerator Door, Poetry by Alison Luterman

Late Late Fiction, Fiction by Ladislav Jerga

Instruments of American-Jewish Humor,
Non-Fiction by Sanford Pinsker

Tattoo, Fiction by Clarence Major

Speaking Seriously About Humor,
Non-Fiction by Peter Farb

Light Verse: Drawing, Art by Hui Ming Wang

Light Verse: Some Differences,
Poetry by Richard Wilbur

Light Verse: Conland - Gold Bought Here,
Poetry by X.J. Kennedy

Light Verse: Shirley, Good Mrs. Murphy,
Poetry by Sarah Provost

Light Verse: Hopkins: The Bedspring; Wordsworth:
The Moose Flayer, Poetry by David Lenson

Female Wits, Non-Fiction by Emily Toth

The Coat Song, Fiction by Barbara Reisner

Variations on the Edible Tuber,
Poetry by Madeline DeFrees

Volatile Matter: Humor in Our Poetry,
Non-Fiction by M.L. Rosenthal

Lust; Death, as Described by the Living,
Poetry by Gillian Conoley




The Obliquity of Signs: The Scarlet Letter,
Non-Fiction by Millicent Bell

The Soul in Parenthesis, Poetry by Brian Swann

Still Life with Bath, Fiction by Lynn Luria-Sukenick

I Want; The Sheep; The Body, Poetry by
Sharon Olds

Feasting, Fiction by Elizabeth Benedict

Sexual Politics and the Social Structure in
As You Like It, Non-Fiction by Peter B Erickson

On Being Otomi; Otomi Salesman,
Poetry by Frederic Will

The State of the Art: Ficiton and Its Audience,
Non-Fiction by Annie Dillard

Wibur's Words: The Poetry of Richard Wilbur,
Non-Fiction by Bruce Michelson

Lines Written in a Barbershop,
Poetry by Marc Cohen

The Day After, Poetry by Gray Burr

Berrymean's "Dream Songs": Missing the Poet
Beyond the Poet, Non-Fiction by Robert Hahn

Rule and Energy: The Poetry of Thom Gunn,
Non-Fiction by Jay Parini

An Invitation to My Body,
Poetry by Irene McKinney

Veiled Landscape with Cows,
Poetry by Tenney Nathanson

Casualty Report, Poetry by Mark Halliday

The Maned Wolf, Poetry by Robert G. Tucker

Viginia Woolf and the Art of Madness,
Non-Fiction by Susan M. and Edwin J., Jr. Kenney

The Waiting Room, Poetry by Naomi Rachel

Making Calls to Grade Schools in the Berkshires,
Poetry by Carolyne Wright

All the Subjects on the Threshold,
Poetry by Michael Malinowitz

Hampshire County Sampler,
Cover Art by Monica Vachula




Things Dream of Their Likenesses and Needs, 
Poetry by Colette Inez

Fair Elayne and the Frogman,
Fiction by Kenneth Lash

Seasons and Sceneries,
Poetry by Arnold Kenseth

Interview with Robert Bly,
Non-Fiction by Joseph Shakarchi

Halcyon Days, Poetry by Louis Coxe

A Pilgrim of Culture: Bernard Berenson,
Non-Fiction by Bernard Elevitch

Anti-father; Three Days of Forest, A River, Free,
Poetry by Rita Dove

The Art of Growing Bonsai,
Fiction by Sydney Harth

Interview with Madeline DeFrees,
Non-Fiction by Carol Ann Russell

Scenes from the Great Round; Recessional from
the Cloister, Poetry by Madeline DeFrees

Contours of Greece, Poetry by G. Stanley Koehler

Whispering Saturday, Fiction by Peter La Salle

On a Hill in Crete, Poetry by William Virgil Davis

Paris; A Stone in Hand, Poetry by Renee G. Hartman

For the Sin, Poetry by Shirley Kaufman

Motor Car, Bomb, God: Israeli Poetry in Translation,
Non-Fiction by Ruth Whitman

I Don't Like Hair on a Man's Face,
Poetry by Laurel Speer

Paper White Narcissus, Poetry by Chase Twichell

Wyndham Lewis the Writer: A Preoccupation
with the Real, Non-Fiction by Terence Hegarty

The Piano Scholar, Poetry by John Logan

Alp, Poetry by Tom Sleigh

The Art of Yeats's Lapis Lazuli,
Non-Fiction by William O'Donnell

And Leave the Voice of Commerce ,
Poetry by Tony Connor

Hampshire County Sampler, Cover Art by
Monica Vachula




Immigrant's Letter, Poetry by Baron Wormser

Cabin Class to Pubjanice, Fiction by Bernice Lewis Ravin

Concessions, Poetry by James Martin

A Tribute to Denis Johnston, Non-Fiction by
Doris Abramson

We Are a Young Nation; Uncle and Li Ching,
Heart of Han, Poetry by Marilyn Chin

Ancestors (A Daguerreotype) , Poetry by Jane Flanders

The Making of Musa Maikudi, Fiction by Andrew Horn

For Aleichem, Poetry by M.F. Hershman

Against a Field Sinister, a memoir of Berkley and the
Old Left in the days of Robert Oppenheimer,
Non-Fiction by Edith A. Jenkins

Mount Shiga, Poetry by Paul R. Sheean

The Inheritor, Poetry by Sharon Olds, for Muriel Rukeyser

Double Monologues: Voice in American Women's Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Susan Van Dyne

Ashes, Poetry by William Virgil Davis

Hawthorne Poem; After Supper, Poetry by
Jane Eklund

Domestic Monologue: the Problem of "Voice" in
Contemporary American Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Sally Gall

Gold Beach, Poetry by Jonathan Monroe

I Know, Let's Put on a Show Ourselves,
Poetry by William Dickey

Communique, Fiction by Frances Sherwood

Cowboys Need Not Apply,
Non-Fiction by Peter Decker

Eucalyptus; Talisman, Poetry by Peter Wild

Dove; Of a Night Fed With No Forgetfulness,
Poetry by J.P. White

Truths the Devil Told Me: Poems and Parables,
Non-Fiction by Nancy Willard

Portrait of Denis Johnston, Cover Art by
Jack Coughlin




Barnstorming, Poetry by John Morgan

Keeping the Body Warm, Poetry by
Pattiann Rogers

Unclassified Affections,
Fiction by Margaret Morganroth Gullette

Arches, Poetry by Shirley Kaufman

A World Worth Living In, Non-Fiction by
Robert D. Hoslworth

Syberberg's "Our Hitler": Wagnerianism and Alienation,
Non-Fiction by Hans R. Vaget

In New Delhi; The Places, Poetry by Robin Skelton

Caliban as Poet: Reversing the Maps of Domination,
Non-Fiction by Susan Willis

Annie LoPezzi; Image of Bernieri,
Poetry by Bruce Smith

A Supper in Greenwich Village,
Fiction by Oren McCleary

The New Federalisim: Another Reagan Fantasy,
Non-Fiction by Ellsworth Barnard

Beauty and Wisdom,
Non-Fiction by Henry Steele Commager

In Our Time A Long Time,
Non-Fiction by Joseph Langland

Archibald Macleish & Education,
Non-Fiction by John William Ward

Reaching Out, Poetry by Donald Junkins

The Shine of the World: A Conversation with
Archibald MacLeish, Non-Fiction by William Heyen

The Keeper of the Light,
Poetry by Hyett Barbara Helfgott

Building a Tower, Poetry by Harry Humes

Fatal Metaphors, Non-Fiction by Robert King

Mother's Routine, Poetry by Robert Louthan

Fresh Flowers for the Urn: Reassessing Robert Pack,
Non-Fiction by Paul Mariani

Leviathon; Remains, Poetry by Robert Pack

Radio Comics; Baseball, Poetry by Robert Lord Keyes

Amercian Friendship; Auden at Middlebury;
Frost at Dartmouth, Non-Fiction by Charles H. Miller

The Man Who is Finished, Poetry by Jonathan Holden

A Lesson in Observation, Poetry by Larry Vershel

Portrait of Archibald Macleish,
Cover Art by Leonard Baskin



VOLUME 24, ISSUE 1 2401

Billie Holiday, Art by Lotte Jacobi, photograph

While Chopping Green Cabbage,
Poetry by Robyn Supraner

To El Salvador, Poetry by Lynne T. Hanley

Shopping in Santiago; Fever,
Poetry by Mary Crow

Embroideries of Life and Death,
Non-Fiction by Betty La Duke

Making It, Poetry by Magdalena Gomez-Gomolka

Zulema, Fiction by Roberta Fernandez

Rainy Night; The Woman Hanging from the 13th Floor,
Poetry by Joy Harjo

November; Saint Coyote, Poetry by Linda Hogan

When I Cut My Hair; Mexico City Hand Game,
Poetry by Rayna Green

Barbara Morgan & Sophia Maslow w/photographs,
Art by Lisa Unger Baskin

Playing from Memory, Poetry by Jane O. Wayne

Seventeen: A Theatre Piece,
Non-Fiction by Beatrice Roth

Fleshing In, Poetry by Debra Gorlin

Photographs, Art by Starr Ockenga,
notes by Estelle Jussima

Starr Ockenga's Nudes: Some Notes on the Genre,
Non-Fiction by Estelle Jussim

Northern Elegy, Poetry by Anna Akhmatova,
Translated by Mary Maddock

Didactic Sestina For White Belts,
Poetry by S. Ben-Tov

The Great Miramichi Fire,
Poetry by Joanne Dobson

Shaker Women in New Hampshire, Art by Lotte Jacobi,
10 photographs with commentary by Anne Haley

Women, Music, and Ethel Smyth: A Pathway in the
Politics of Music, Non-Fiction by Elizabeth Wood

Terms, Poetry by Lorrie Goldensohn

Daughters, Drama by Clare Coss

Blue Roses, Poetry by Martha Collins

First Night, Old Vic, Poetry by Catherine Heath

Two Actresses: Betty Chancellor and Claire Neufeld,
Non-Fiction by Betty Chancellor,
Interviewed by Doris Abramson

The Dramas of Caryl Churchill: The Politics of
Possibility, Non-Fiction by Helene Keyssar

Romance and Capitalism in the Movies,
Poetry by Joan Joffe Hall

Interview with Jackie Raynal,
Non-Fiction by Catherine Portuges

Louise Bourgeois: Sculpture as Happening,
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

In Defense of Fallen Comrades: Halicarnassus,
Non-Fiction by Eleanor Hakim

Learning to Ride the Elephant,
Poetry by Mary Koncel

Miss Emily Faithful, Cover Art by D. Downey




Of Holy Writing & Priestly Voices,
Non-Fiction by Nancy Jo Hoy,
An interview with Esther Broner

Following The Dordogne,
Poetry by E. Grosholz

Feminism and Feminist Criticism,
Non-Fiction by Catherine R. Stimpson

Isabel Bishop: Paintings, Drawings,
Prints, Art by Isabel Bishop

Isabel Bishop: Paintings, Drawings,
Prints, Non-Fiction by Helen Yglesias

In the Chair. . .Root Canal, day #2,
Poetry by Carol Potter

Under the Bed, Fiction by Jincy Willet

The Female As Taken From Freshman Essays,
Poetry by Colleen McElroy

Sylvia and Wendy, Fiction by Myra Goldberg

Plank Hill Farm, Poetry by Lee Upton

Rockin' A Man Stone Blind, Poetry by
Carolyn Whitlow

The Strange Impossibility of Feminist Criticism,
Non-Fiction by Susan Hl Leger

The Snakeskin, Poetry by Barbara Unger

Women's Freud, Non-Fiction by Peggy A. Knapp

Portraits by Women: 1972-1982,
Non-Fiction by Oriole Farb Feshback

Eleanor Antin as the King, Art by Eleanor Atin

California and her Father, Art by Dotty Attie

Rina and Sally After Eakins,
Art by Oriole farb Feshbach, offset lithograph

Hannah, Art by Audrey Flack

Sorority, Art by Karen Lewis

Self-Portrait, Art by Jane Lund

Ezra Sesto, Art by Wendy MacNeil

Lawrence Alloway, Art by Sylvia Sleigh

Doris Lessing's Citta Felice,
Non-Fiction by Ellen Cronan Rose

Sacagawea, Poetry by Caroline Knox

Corona, Poetry by Marilyn Hacker

Sylvia Plath's Lady Lazarus,
Non-Fiction by Susan Van Dyne

The Rite, Poetry by Lorrie Goldensohn

Softball Dreams, Poetry by Karen Kavorkian

Why the Bride Kept a Bear, Poetry by Susan Donovan

Sculpture, Art by Penelope Jencks, Note by
Blair Birmelin

Penelope Jencks: Sculpture, Non-Fiction by
Blair Birmelin

Rights of Woman, Poetry by Lady, facsimile broadside
fold-out, read to the tune of "God Save America"

Chosen?, Non-Fiction by Mina Curtiss

Elizabeth Bishop's Library, Non-Fiction by
Mildred Nash

The Women in My Life, Non-Fiction by
Cynthia Griffin Wolff

Rage and Silence in Gwendolyn Brooks' "Maud Martha",
Non-Fiction by Mary Helen Washington

Women's Publications: Some Issues,
Non-Fiction by Gail Pool

Alice James Books: The First Decade,
Non-Fiction by Marjorie Fletcher

Patty's Poem, Poetry by Paula Gocker

Self Portrait, Cover Art by Isabel Bishop




Going Back: A Letter to Myself,
Fiction by John O'Brien

Farmer in Welsh Fog,
Poetry by Peter Sharpe

Jorge Luis Borges: Interview--Some Personal
Memories: The Labyrinth and the Tiger,
Non-Fiction by William Barnstone, Translated by
Nicomedes Suarez Arauz and William Branstone

The Sacred Hearth Fire, Poetry by Amy Clampitt
Blood, Bread, and Poetry: The Location of the Poet,
Non-Fiction by Adrienne Rich

With Horror, Sir, Sincerely, Poetry by Lucile Adler

New England Addresses, Poetry by Jonathan Bishop

Socrates Among the Weeds: Blacks and History in
Carpentier's Explosion in a Cathedral,
Non-Fiction by Roberto Gonzales Echevarria

The Pull of Gravity, Poetry by Sue Owen

Testament, Poetry by Philip Fried

The Axe, the Axe, the Axe, Fiction by Eric Wilson

The Blue Snake, Poetry by Rachel Hadas

Feeding Time at the Tiger House, Poetry by
Tom Wayman

The Rapacity of One Nearly Buried Alive:
The Novels of Philip Roth, Non-Fiction by
Barbara Koenig Quart

The Holyoke, Poetry by Frank Gaspar

Art Lesson, Poetry by John Tagliabue

Quartet, Fiction by Elizabeth Adams

Floorplans, Poetry by Maxine Scates

Open, Poetry by Linda Bierds

On Harvey Swados, Non-Fiction by Irving Howe

Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Universe (or Somewhere Else),
Poetry by Richard Haven

My Father's House, Poetry by Andrew Hudgins

Sterling Brown: Poems to Endure,
Non-Fiction by Samuel Allen

Near Black Mesa, Poetry by Sheila Dietz

Air and Being: The Psychedelics of Pollution,
Non-Fiction by Harold Fromm

The Children of New England: Provincetown,
Early March, Poetry by Ted Benttinen

The Perfect Day, Poetry by James Wood

Socrates Among the Weeds, Cover Art by
Leonard Baskin




My Life on the Snowplow,
Fiction by Castle Freeman

It Seemed a Shame,
Poetry by Marea Gordett

The Separation Agreement,
Poetry by Kathleen Spivack

At Vassar I Taught,
Poetry by Michael Benedikt

Flies, Dancing at Sundown,
Poetry by John Hay

A Cold War Elegy, Non-Fiction by Robert Keefe

With a Distant Lighting; After the Rain,
Poetry by Martin McKinsey, Translated by Martin McKinsey

Surveying the Vast Profound: The Panoramic
Landscpae in American Consciousness,
Non-Fiction by Henry Sayre

Self-Portrait in Pained Glass, Poetry by Frederic Will

The Wolf, Poetry by Bill Tremblay

Elk Hunt, Fiction by Craig Lesley

Goodnight Irene, Poetry by Paul Mariani

For the Boy Reading 'Playboy', Poetry by
Debra Bruce

Molly Bloom and Literary Character,
Non-Fiction by Paul Schwaber

With Kate at the River, Poetry by Alice Mattison

Harrow Street at Linden,
Fiction by Joyce Carol Oates

Climbing, Fiction by John Hay

Awake with Asthma, Poetry by Michael McFee

Ridding Ourselves of Macbeth,
Non-Fiction by Lisa Low

I Thought I Heard a White-Haired Man,
Poetry by Pattiann Rogers

Fur Co. Steamer; Assinaboin Indians & the Domes;
The Brick Kilns, Cover Art by John Banvard Moving Panorama,
Back Cover Art by John Banvard




July, Fiction by Luanne Rice

The Pumpkin Man; Light and Shadow;
Gray Squirrel; The Nuthatch; Old Poet,
Poetry by Robert Francis

Emily Dickinson's War on Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Shira Wolosky

A Taste of Bonaparte, Poetry by Judah Jacobowitz

The Deck, Fiction by John Griesemer

Earning A Living; Catbird, Poetry by Brian Swann

Being Occupied, Fiction by Diane Hopkins

Lula, Poetry by Berry Goldensohn

The Art of Yuan Yunsheng, Non-Fiction by Deirdre
essay on Yuan Yunsheng's paintings
and drawings

Paintings and Drawings, Art by Yuan Yunsheng,
with an essay by Dierdre Chetam

Rediscovering the Indians, Non-Fiction by
Richard Drinnon

Never Quite a Hollywood Star, Fiction by
Carter Revard

Names, Poetry by Hayden Carruth

The Friction of the Mind: The Early Poetry
of Adrienne Rich, Non-Fiction by Mary Slowik

Prospero's Anger, Non-Fiction by Peter Lindenbaum

A Monk on Heimaey, Poetry by Marc Hudson

To Lay Waste, Cover Art by Yuan Yunsheng

Martyr, Back Cover Art by Yuan Yunsheng




The Even Number of Life,
Poetry by Dieter Weslowski

Swimmer, Fiction by Paula Keisler

Anniversary II; Hidden Meanings,
Poetry by Dabney Stuart

DH Lawrence: Psychic Wholeness Through
Rebirth, Non-Fiction by John Clayton

Nightengale; Reading Li Ch'ng-Chao, Poetry
by Willis Barnstone, Translation of Li Chi'ing-Chao

Queen of the Pickpockets, Poetry by
Pauline Uchmanowicz

Stella Benson: Letters to Laura Hutton 1915-19,
Non-Fiction by Stella Benson, Edited with an
introduction by William Brandon

The Frontier; Home Birth; Saturday Night,
Poetry by Driscoll Frances

Night Song, Poetry by Lewis Turco

Days Off, Poetry by Paul Nelson

Door into the Light: John McGahern's Ireland,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

A Plan of a Peace Office for the United States by
Benjamin Rush (and drawings by Leonard Baskin),
Non-Fiction by Sidney Kaplan

America, Poetry by Greg Kuzma

Autumnscape, Fiction by Sharon Sheehe Stark

There is That; Weight, Poetry by Robert Swanson

Dangling, Poetry by Andrew Hudgins

Approaching Home Ground: Galway Kinnel's
"Mortal Acts, Mortal Words", Non-Fiction by
Lorrie Goldensohn

The Natural and Social Sciences, Poetry by
Michael Donaghy

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman: The Stranger in the Mirror,
Non-Fiction by Leah Blatt Glasser

Flat Spring, Poetry by Frances Driscoll

Benjamin Rush, Cover Art by William Rush

Phillis Wheatley, Inside Front Cover, artist unknown

Almanac, 1795, Back Cover by Benjamin Banneker




Volunteers for Liberty: Letters from Joe
and Leo Gordon; American in Spain, 1937-38, Non-Fiction by Joe and Leo Gordon,
Edited and introduced by Daniel Czitrom

Grandfather, Poetry by Howard Levy

Roarias Dos Mutilados, Fiction by Hugh Fox

Obsessed with 'Vertigo', Non-Fiction by
Shaffer Lawrence

Finding Her Brother Lost; The Running Dream;
Dear Heart, Poetry by Pamela Yenser

No Hanukah Bush; Putting Down Roots; Four
Questions About Surviving, Poetry by Joan Joffe Hall

The Photographs of Katherine Elizabeth McClellan,
Non-Fiction by Paula Deitz, with essay by Paula Deitz

Virginia Woolf and the Romance of Oxbridge,
Non-Fiction by Lynne T. Hanley

Sometimes, When It's Slow on the 2 1/2's,
Fiction by George Burns

Nondescript Landscape, Poetry by Marc Hudson

At the Dig, Fiction by John Domini

Waking, Poetry by Frank Gaspar

Solving the Mad Hatter's Riddle, Non-Fiction by
Margaret Boe Birns

The Committee; The Oyster Boats, Poetry by
Alice Mattison

Ruffled Grouse in the Forest; Camels Led by an
Angel; Bullfight; Darius and the Herdsman,
Poetry by John Allman

Requiem for the Outiftter to the Sisterhood,
Non-Fiction by Madeline DeFrees

Julis Ward Howe, Cover Art by Elizabeth McClellan
courtesy of Smith College Archives

Elizabeth McClellelan's Studio Announcement,
Back cover Art courtesy of Smith College Archives




History, Fiction by R.M. Berry

Avenues in Bloom; Celebrating Thinking,
Poetry by Edward Kleinschmidt

Observer: Seeing and Being Seen in China,
Non-Fiction by Terry Caesar

Crowded Shanghai Market; Scattering Dynasties,
Poetry by John Tagliabue

Netsuke, Poetry by Deb Casey

The Case of Missing Abstraction: Eliot, Fraser and
Modernisim, Non-Fiction by Jewel Speers Brooker

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949,
Non-Fiction by Agnes Smedley

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: The Women of China,
Art by Wu Cha

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949, drawing of Agnes Smedley,
Art by Kathe Kollwitz

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Down with Feudalism, 1949,
Art by Shi Lu

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Year of the Ox,
Translations by Frederick C. Ellert

Where to Now?, Poetry by Heinrich Heine,
Edited by Eva Schiffer and Henry A. Lea

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Ploughing,
from Angry Tide series, 1947, Art by Li Hua

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949:
Regional Banknote, Art by Yenpu

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949:
Arise Slave Suffering Hunger and Cold, Art by Li Hua

Translations by Frederick C. Ellert: And What did the
Soldier's Wife Recieve, Poetry by Bertolt Brecht,
Edited by Eva Schiffer and Henry A. Lea

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Conscription of Soldiers,
Art by Li Hua

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Labor Heroes Meeting,
Art by Li Hua

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Burning Up Title
Deeds for Land, 1947, Art by Hu Yuan

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Encouraging
Peasants to Read Newspapers, Art by Hsia Feng

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Interrogation, 1948,
Art by Yen Han

Chineese Woodcuts, 1935-1949: Poverty, 1932,
Art by Liu Xian

Sestina Lente, Poetry by Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick

Translations by Frederick C. Ellert: The Old Nag;
Christ Forlorn, Poetry by Christian Morgenstern,
Edited by Eva Schiffer and Henry A. Lea

Kartini: Letters from a Javanese Feminist, 1899-1902,
Non-Fiction by E.M. Beekman, Introduction

Letters from a Javanese Feminist, 1899-1902,
Non-Fiction by Raden Adjeng Kartini

The Idea of Haiti, Poetry by Peter La Salle

Saudi Women, Non-Fiction by Judith Caesar

Cowboy, Poetry by Gray Burr

In Search of America: American Studies in Transition
On Heidegger's Conception of 'Technology',
Non-Fiction by Leo Marx

In Search of America: Technology, Media, and the
Idea of Progres, Non-Fiction by Susan J. Douglas

In Search of America: Urban Environmental Education,
Non-Fiction by Myrna Margulies Breibert

In Search of America: Myth and Symbol,
Non-Fiction by Alan Trachtenberg

In Search of America: Language and Difference in
American Studies, Non-Fiction by Laura Wexler

Roar China, Cover Art by Li Hua

Back Cover: Regional Bank Note, by Ian Fu;
Woodcut Workshop of Lu Hsun and New Fourth
Army Insignia, artists unknown




They Are Dreaming a Lot in Warsaw
These Days, March 1982,
Poetry by Lou Lipsitz

Communion, Poetry by Melissa Croghan

A Good Deal, Poetry by Rosellen Brown

The Head and Hoof Babershop: "We Sell Shoes,
Too", Poetry by Margaret Szumowski

Of a Feather; Slow Burial, Poetry by Debra Gorlin

Short Story; Death Mars Wedding Party; Prayer,
Poetry by Jon Kelly Yenser

Soundings in Feet and Fathoms,
Fiction by Meredith Steinbach

Dostoyevsky's Whore, Fiction by Robert Cohen

Open Windows XVI; Open Windows XVII,
Poetry by Marilyn Hacker

Five Sonnets, Poetry by Emmon Bach

A Pinhole of Blue: Once, Poetry by Ellen Watson

Cold Storage, Fiction by Jay Neugeboren

The Goodbye Series: A Memoir, Poetry by
Vern Rutsala

Privates; The Demotion, Poetry by D. Nurkse

The President-Reject and the Last Lady,
Poetry by Andrew Salkey

Homes and Gardens, Fiction by Frances Kuffel

Mrs. Sims, Fiction by Steve Barthelme

Extract of Angels, Poetry by Lee Upton

Obie, Poetry by Sarah Provost

Contra Botticelli, Poetry by Berry Goldensohn

Loss the Fatjer, Fiction by Sarah Rossiter

The American Queen, Fiction by Michael Laser

From The Journal of an Unknown Lady-in-Waiting,
Poetry by Regina deCormier-shekerjian

Four Poems for Bronte and Dickinson,
Poetry by Susan Snively

Tree Day, Fiction by Sheila Delany

Mercedes, Poetry by Carolyn Beard Whitlow

Un-Buckling The Lines, Poetry by Carol Potter

Mena Keyfer, Poetry by Carole Waterhouse

Sibyls, Cover Art by Crispin Van de Passe



VOLUME 26, ISSUES 2 & 3 

New England Decorum,
Non-Fiction by Marilyn Robinson

My Elusive Guests; New England
Gardener Gets Personal,
Poetry by Maxine Kumin

The Sorcery of Rhetoric in French and American
Letters, Non-Fiction by Jefferson Humphries

New England as Region and Idea: Looking Over
the Tafferel of Our Craft, Non-Fiction by Donald Junkins

Before He Went Out West, Fiction by
Castle Freeman

untitled, Art by Elisabeth McClellan,
10 photographs of Henry James in Northampton
(with the essay "The View from Prospect House"
by Dean Flower)

The View from Prospect House, Non-Fiction by Dean
Flower, with 10 photographs of Henry James in
Northampton by Elisabeth McClellan

Precocious Incest: First Novels by Louisa May
Alcott and Henry James, Non-Fiction by Alfred Habegger

The Ash Grove in October, Poetry by John Engles

Robert Frost--Two Unpublsihed Plays:
In an Art Factory; The Guardeen, Poetry by Robert Frost

Robert Frost and Susan Hayes Ward,
Non-Fiction by Lesley Lee Francis

Whiteness in Robert Frost's Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Arnold Bartini

Second Nesting; The Farm Animal's Desertion,
Poetry by Peter Davison

The Red Roof on Tuckerman Avenue,
Poetry by Ruth Whitman

Was Mr. Dudley Dear?: Emily Dickinson & John
Langdon Dudley, Non-Fiction by Polly Longsworth

Xmas on Bay State Road, Boston, By B.U. 1978,
Poetry by Michael Benedikt

Boggy Ways: Notes on Irish-American Culture,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

The Whaling Wife Awaits the Captian's Return Home;
Whale Watch, Poetry by Madeline DeFrees

Black, Quadroon, Gypsy: Women in the Art of George
Fuller, with fourteen reproductions,
Non-Fiction by Sarah Burns
14 Reproductions, Art by George Fuller

Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass in Florence,
Massachusetts, Non-Fiction by Terry Esther

Whatever Crept Away, Poetry by Ann Neelon

Lizzie Borden Through Art and Literature,
Poetry by Caroline Knox

The Colonizing of Indian New England,
Art by Neal Salisbury

Self-Made Men: The Development of Middling-Class
Consciousness in New England,
Non-Fiction by Gary J. Kornblith

Black Ice; Stonington Harbor,
Poetry by William Doreski

Basket, Emily Dickinson's Window; Tombstone,
Marblehead, MA, Cover Art by Jerome Liebling




The Ideology of the National Security State,
Non-Fiction by Richard Barnet

Hearing New Year's Eve, Poetry by Colette Inez

Memorial Day, Poetry by A.M. Krich

Observer: In Between States,
Non-Fiction by Rustom Bharucha

Sydney to Brisbane, Fiction by Deirdre Burt

Dartmoor, Poetry by Marge Piercy

How Divine is Forgivng, Poetry by Marge Piercy

Virginia Woolf, Roger Fry and Post-Impressionism,
Non-Fiction by Jonathan Quick

Strawberry Moon, Fiction by Anne Sheffield

The Uncompahgre Range, Poetry by Michael Pettit

Psychic Numbing and Grumberg's 'L'Atelier',
Non-Fiction by Robert King

Angels, Poetry by Caroline Knox

The Unnecessay Overcoat, Fiction by Kenneth Lash

Haply I think on Thee; Mary Queen of Scots,
Poetry by Susan Snively

The Heir, Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates

Conversation with Grace Paley, Non-Fiction by
Earl Ingersoll, Interview edited by Peter Marchant
and Earl Ingersoll

The Renewal of Tradition: Aristotle,
Burke and the Humanists, Non-Fiction by Frederick S. Troy

Nude, Cover Art by Vanessa Bell




Just Turn Like a Gear, Fiction by Tim Gauteaux

Defective Parts of Speech: Technical Manual; Translations; Found; "An Auxillary Used to
Express Necessity, Duty, Obligations, etc.";
Suday, Poetry by Tom Wayman

The Sons Karamazov: Dostoevsky's Characters
as Feudian Transformation, Non-Fiction by Neal Bruss

The Potato Field; The Scientist's Widow,
Poetry by Rita Gabis

A Calling, Poetry by Kay Ryan

Flannery O'Connor and the Fiction of Grace,
Non-Fiction by Arthur Kinney

The Garden Statues, Poetry by Susan Donnelly

The Dark Night of the 747; I; II; III; IV; V,
Poetry by Marilyn Hacker

Joyce Treiman, paintings and drawings,
Art by Joyce Treiman, with a note by Esther Sparks

Some Talk, Fiction by Mark Kamine

Fourth of July, Fiction by Randeane Tetu

Spin the Bottle at Eleanor Hartle's,
Poetry by Jane Flanders

Witness: Creativity in Science,
Non-Fiction by George Greenstein

Galileo and Other Renegades; Through Phases of
Plum, Poetry by Sarah White

Playing at Being Powerless: New England Ladies Fairs,
1830-1930, Non-Fiction by Beverly Gordon

Waiting (Self-Portrait), 1986, Cover Art by Joyce Treiman




The Value of Race in Literature,
Non-Fiction by Victoria Earle Matthews,
afterward by Fred Robinson

Contemporary Israeli Poets: Our Blood is
the World's Petrol, Poetry by Asher Reich,
Translated by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Contemporary Israeli Poets: On Rabbi Kook's Street,
Poetry by Yehuda Amichai, Translated by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Contemporary Israeli Poets: Practical Poems,
Poetry by David Avidan, Translated by
Karen Alkalay-Gut

Contemporary Israeli Poets: Script, Poetry by Natan
Zach, Translated by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Contemporary Israeli Poets:Terminal, Poetry by
Natan Yonatan, Translated by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Contemporary Israeli Poets: Family Vacation at Banias,
Golan Heights, 1982; I'm So Glad, Poetry by Karen Alkalay-Gut,
Translated by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Pockets of Power, Poetry by Fred Will

Grand Hotel Lembang, Fiction by Kester Freriks,
Translated by E.M. Beekman

Things That Look the Same, Poetry by Don Stap

Nostalgia; Surf; Late Fire Late Snow, Poetry by
Robert Francis, with wood cut by Leonard Baskin

Woodcut of Robert Francis with Poems,
Art by Leonard Baskin

Rushdie's Whale, Non-Fiction by Rustom Bharucha

Hosanna in the Highest; Mr World, Poetry by Edward Baratta

Conferring, Poetry by Joseph Cady

Essays on Ethnicity and Literature: Ethnicity and Beyond:
An Introduction, Non-Fiction by Jules Chametzky

Essays on Ethnicity and Literature: The Difficult Miracle
of Black Poetry in America, Non-Fiction by June Jordan

Essays on Ethnicity and Literature: Becoming a Literary
Person out of Context, Non-Fiction by Helen Barolini

Essays on Ethnicity and Literature: American Indian Oral
and Written Narratives,
Non-Fiction by A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff

Essays on Ethnicity and Literature: The Mulatto, an
American Tragedy?, Non-Fiction by Werner Sollors

Mali is very dangerous, Fiction by Reginald McKnight

Alphabet; Before Her Life, Poetry by Charlotte Nekola

Fruit; Banner of Fish, Poetry by Stefanie Marlis

Behind the Swastika, Non-Fiction by Josephine Herbst,
Edited and with introduction by John Nelson

Song Two; Song Twelve; Song Twenty-Nine; Granny
Mary Came Our Way; Under an Aboriginal Tree,
Poetry by Colin Johnson

The Rise and Fall of the Stockbridge Indian Schools,
Non-Fiction by James Axtell

Harriet Jacobs: The incidents in the life of a slave girl,
Non-Fiction by Joanne M. Braxton

Europe Supported by Africa and America,
Cover Art Drawn by John Gabrieal Stedman
and Engraved by William Blake



VOLUME 27, ISSUES 3 & 4 

The Story of the Green Falcon and the
Marvelous Flute, Fiction by Daniel Moyano,
Translated by H.E. Francis

Denouement; Love in the Ether; Concerted
Effort, Poetry by Adelia Prado, Translated
from the Portuguese by Ellen Watson

It Can Happen, Poetry by Vincente Huidobro,
Translated by Sarah Arvio

Dedication to the Statue of Liberty,
Non-Fiction by Jose Marti, Translated by Elinor Randall

Sayings; Agreed: It's True That You Look Like May Britt,
Poetry by Roque Dalton, Translated by Roberto Marquez

The Brain Dead, Non-Fiction by Augusto Monterroso,
Translated by Edith Grossman

Alaindelon de la Patrie, Fiction by Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro,
Translated by the author

'From' Sudden Death, Poetry by Etevina Astrada,
Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Ode to Numbers; Ode to Americas,
Poetry by Pablo Neruda,
Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden

A Little Fairy Tale, Fiction by Elena Poniatowska,
Translated by Magda Bogin

When Republics Go Bananas,
Non-Fiction by Penny Lenoux

Sculpture, Art by Margarita Azurdia,
notes by Ellen Watson and Paul Jenkins

The Two Cultures of El Salvador,
Non-Fiction by Claribel Alegria

Granny and the Golden Bridge,
Fiction by Claribel Alegria,
Translated by author and Darwin J. Flakoll

Visit to the Weimar: The Price of Bras,
Poetry by Ernesto Cardenal, T
ranslated by Ellen Watson and Jonathan Cohen

Taking a Stand, an exchange of letters
between Mario Vargas Llosa and Mario Bendetti,
Non-Fiction by Mario Benedetti,
Translated by Ellen Watson

This Country Is In a Dream; The Man Who Boxes,
Poetry by Ana Istaru, Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Oral History "A Nun's Tale: Practicing
Liberation Theology", Non-Fiction by Daphne Patai

The Seven New Deadly Sins, Art by Leonel Gongora,
with a note by Dario Ruiz Gomez

Little Girl, Fiction by Ivan Angelu, Translated by
Ellen Watson

I Want to Find Desperately I Look,
Poetry by Bertalicia Peralta, Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Kostas Papaioannaou, Poetry by Octavio Paz,
Translated by Eliot Weinberger

A Nicaraguan Journal, Non-Fiction by John Brentlinger

Dressed in Dynamite, Poetry by Gioconda Belli,
Translated by Regina McCarthy

The Man in the Armchair, Fiction by Antonio Benitez-Rojo,
Translated by James Maraniss

We Misfits Don't Forget You, Maryilyn; Film Short,
Poetry by Jotamario, Translated by Ellen Watson

Ebb and Flow in Panama, Non-Fiction by Merrill Collett

It is Certain That We are Constructing a World,
Poetry by Rosario Murillo, Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Uncertainty, Poetry by Bessy Reyna,
Translated by Zoe Anglesey

'The Other Face': Coversations in Latin America,
Non-Fiction by Pat Aufderheide

Evocation of Carmen Miranda,
Poetry by Luz Mendez de la Vega,
Translated by Zoe Anglesey

Ginsberg: Untitled, Art by Tito Alverez

Six Cuban Photographers, a note, Non-Fiction by Johnette Cole

Six Cuban Photographers: Photograph, Art by Paul Corrales

Six Cuban Photographers: En el Liceo, Art by Marucha

Six Cuban Photographers: Rebecca de la Familia Buendia,
Art by Abigail Garcia

Six Cuban Photographers: El Campeon, Zafra, Art by Mayito

Into Another Sort of Jungle: The Lost Voyage of the Matacos,
Non-Fiction by Ariel Dorfman

'From' Amazonas, Land of Water,
Poetry by Thiago de Mello, Translated by Charles Cutler

The Glass Box, Fiction by Rosario Ferre,
Translated by the author and Kathy Taylor

Hopeful Letter to a General: A Fragment,
Non-Fiction by Marcos Aguinas,
Translated by David William Foster

Within and Without Walls, an excerpt from the novel
'Primavera con una Esquina Rota',
Non-Fiction by Mario Benedetti, Translated by Hardie St. Martin

The Fiancee, 1974, Cover Art by Margarita Azurdia,
photograph courtesy of The Center for Cuban Studies,
New York City




Lorenzo and the Pazzi Conspiracy;
Moses Has Troubles with God's Instructions,
Poetry by Mark Nepo

Public Worlds / Private Muses: Criticism,
Professionalism and the Audience for the Arts,
Non-Fiction by Harold Fromm

A Dog in the Lifeboat, Poetry by Joyce Persoff

The Lives of the Saints: Tolstoy, Marya Alexandrovna,
and the Nature of Sanctity,
Non-Fiction by Barbara Courtney

After Dinner She Discusses Marriage with Her Friends,
Poetry by Debra Bruce

Witness: Dish Night, Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Beside the Passaic, Fiction by William Loiseaux

My Father, At the Wheel, Fiction by Jincy Willett
Home Again, Home Again, Fiction by James Gallant

Disarming Big Mad, Fiction by Karen Karbo

War Stories, Fiction by Lynne T. Hanley

The Gioconda Aria, Fiction by Joe Straub

The Lake, Fiction by Philip Simmons

The Wasp in the Study, Poetry by Michael Blumenthal

Desire in America, Poetry by Maxine Scates

The French-Canadian Experience in New England, 
Non-Fiction by Robert Schwartzwald,
with photographs by Ulrich Bourgeois

Factory Discipline in the New Nation; Almy,
Brown & Slater and the First Cotton-Mill Workers,
1790-1808, Non-Fiction by Gary Kulik

from an alphabet, Front and Back Cover Art by Jan Israel de Bry




Le Scarce Du Printemps, Poetry by Marge Piercy

Demagogy in the 'Musee', Poetry by James Scully

Vermeers, Poetry by Lloyd Schwartz

The Visualizers, Fiction by Patricia E. Powers

Courts as Readers, Non-Fiction by John Atherton

The Beyond, Poetry by Michael Pettit

To Deify, Poetry by Susan Wheeler

I Said, Poetry by Donald Berger

Interview with J.O.J. Nwachukwu-Agbada,
Non-Fiction by Chinua Achebe

Interview with Maya Angelou,
Non-Fiction by Carol Neubauer

The Hurt, Poetry by J. Martin

The Re-birth of the Nation,
Non-Fiction by Howard N. Meyer

Rain, Fiction by Dave Shaw

Observer: Louis Sullivan Woke Up Here,
Fiction by Paul Wright

Close to the Vein; Something to Love;
We Who Have Found Wisdom,
Poetry by Christopher Howell

Disciple Pigeons, Fiction by John Smolens

Approaching the Millenium,
Non-Fiction by Richard Adams Carey

Leda, Poetry by Dorie La Rue

Lost in the Shine; October,
Poetry by Laurel Trivelpiece

Unknown, Front and Back Cover Art




The Emigrant Irish; Another Country; The Fire
in Our Neighbourhood; Fond Memory;
Fever; Suburban Woman; A Detail, Lace,
Poetry by Eavan Boland

The Placeless Heaven: Another Look at Kavanagh,
Non-Fiction by Seamus Heaney

The King of the Island; Conversations,
Poetry by Michael Longley

Derek Mahon: The Lute and the Stars,
Non-Fiction by Robert Taylor

A Decade of Seamus Heaney's Poetry,
Non-Fiction by John Hildebidle

Straying, Poetry by Brendan Kennelly

The Rag-tree, Boherard; Carnaross 2; The Meadow;
Dipping Day; Neighbors; An Open Fire; Caesarean;
Madeline; My Care, Poetry by Peter Fallon

An Eye for an Eye: Northern Ireland
, Non-Fiction by Nan Richardson,
photographs by Gilles Peress

Pilgrim's Tale, Fiction by Maeve Kelley

The Persistent Pattern: Molly Keane's Recent
Big House Fiction, Non-Fiction by Vera Kreilkamp

The Silly and the Serious: An Assessment
of Edna O'Brien, Non-Fiction by Peggy O'Brien

Nona, Fiction by Julia O'Faolian

Friel and the Politics of Language Play,
Non-Fiction by Richard Kearney

The Paradox of Ideological Formalism,
Non-Fiction by David Krause

A Gathering From the Dun Emer Press & The Cuala Press,
Art by Lisa Unger Baskin

James Baldwin, 1924-1987: A Dedication,
Non-Fiction by Esther Terry, plus Chinua Achebe,
Michael Thelwell and John Wideman

Same Day, Williams Street, Derry (Catholic),
Cover Art by Gilles Peress




A House of Exile, Poetry by Andrew Salkey

The Mojo and the Sayso, Drama by
Aishah Rahman

Remarks on Black Theater History,
Non-Fiction by Errol Hill

Black Theater and drama in the 1920s:
Years of Growing Pains, Non-Fiction by Nellie McKay

Owen Dodson: Excerpts from a Biography in Progress,
Non-Fiction by James V. Hatch

The Dark Vision of Lorraine Hansberry
: Excerpts form a Literary Biography, Non-Fiction
by Margaret Wilkerson

Legacy; An Unoriginal Poem About Fear,
Poetry by Alexander O'Neill,
Translated by Richard Zenith

The Gods, Poetry by Caroline Finkelstein

An Exemplary Exile, Poetry by Andrew Salkey

Yesterday and Today, Poetry by Andrew Salkey

Arrivals, Fiction by Tamas Aczel

Pregnant Poets Swim Lake Tarleton,
New Hampshire; Letting Go of Land,
Poetry by Barbara Ras

Cost Plus, Poetry by Tom Wayman

Interview with Ntozake Shange,
Non-Fiction by Brenda Lyons

After Lovemaking, Poetry by Patricia Goedicke

Tree, Poetry by Rebecca Kennedy

In the Kitchen My Potatoes are Polemical,
Poetry by Wanda Coleman

Witness: Back in the Old 'Black Mask',
Non-Fiction by William Brandon

Third Person Singular,
Poetry by Christopher Bursk

Used Goods, Fiction by Steven Goldleaf

Buick; The Funny Looking Biscuit,
Poetry by Marianne Boruch

Isaac, Poetry by Suzanne Gardinier

The Windsurfers, Poetry by Naomi Wallace

James Baldwin, Cover Art by Stephen Long




The Boyfriend, Fiction by Joyce Carol Oates

A Dangerous Trade; A Small Thing Love Is;
Glistening, Poetry by Linda Gregg

The Director as Pacifist-Anarchist: An Interview
with Judith Malina, Non-Fiction by Richard Trousdell

The Day the First Grade Voted
for the Death Penalty, Poetry by Denise Duhamel

Fidelity, Poetry by Martha Zweig

Arboretum, Poetry by Bruce Wetteroth

San Luis Pass, Poetry by Bruce Wetteroth

Melville and Marquesan Eroticism,
Non-Fiction by William Heath

The Other; At the University, Poetry by
Honor Johnson

In Green Pastures, Poetry by Walter MCDonald

Arts in Review: American Novels, 1987,
Non-Fiction by Roger Sale

Arts in Review: Recent Drama, 1987,
Non-Fiction by Robert King

Arts in Review: American Poetry, 1987,
Non-Fiction by Paul Jenkins

Mr. Ng at the Great Wall, Fiction by Michael Laser

The Passionate Transitory in the Collected Poems of
Desmond Egan, Non-Fiction by Conor Johnston

from an alphabet, Front and Back Cover Art by Killian




Early September, Poetry by Roger Mitchell

Letter; Letter to Karma, Poetry by Nell Altizer

Revelations: Rosa Bonheur,
Poetry by Geraldine Little

Blackbottom: 1945; The Struggle; At an Artist's
Colony, Non-Fiction by Toi Derricotte, poems and a diary

Literary Wetback,
Non-Fiction by Alicia Gaspar De Alba

The Life and Poetry of Abbie Huston Evans,
Non-Fiction by Carl Little

Bus Ride; War Photograph, Poetry by Kate Daniels

Press Conference, Poetry by Judith E. Johnson

Two Brothers Renovate the Farmhouse;
Stone Wall About to Fall, Poetry by Tony Lintermans

Depth of Field, Fiction by Randeane Tetu

Winter Ballet, Poetry by Robin Mary Boswell

Bringing It All Down: The 1986 World Cup in Brazil,
Non-Fiction by Terry Caesar

Paris and Palo Alto, Poetry by Donna Trussell

Caliban in the 'Third World': Shakespeare's Savage as
Sociopolitical Symbol, Non-Fiction by Alden T. Vaughan

The Great Escape, Poetry by Athina Papadaki

Marriage Bed, Poetry by Athina Papadaki

The Great Escape (From The Sink),
Poetry by Athina Papadaki, Translated by Thalia Pandiri

Desertion; Factions; Civil War,
Poetry by D. Nurkse

Fioretta, Fiction by Arturo Vivante

Amnestuc; Paranerdicks, Poetry by Emmon Bach

Poets in Their Youth, Poetry by Ron Overton

Witness: Catching Up, a Time in Jail,
Non-Fiction by William Hughes

After a Year, Some Words for You;
At My Daughters School, Poetry by Robert McNamara

Michael, Fiction by Steve Barthelme

An Object Falling From Outer Space; All Six of Us
Suspended Above Blue Seats, Poetry by Carol Potter

Henry Adams' Jamesian Education,
Non-Fiction by George Monteiro

Unknown, Cover Art




Appropriating Tet, Non-Fiction by Richard Falk

Starlight Haven; Mean Confession,
Poetry by Shirley Geok-lin Kim

Witness: "We're Not the Good Guys Anymore",
Non-Fiction by Oliver Stone

My Eyes; My Penis; My Soul, Poetry by Rudy Kikel

Symbolic Politics: Perceptions of the Early
Rastafari Movement, Non-Fiction by Michael Hoenisch

Mumbo Jumbo, Poetry by Edward Kleinschmidt

Battling Siki: The Boxer as Natural Man,
Non-Fiction by Gerald Early

As a Young Youth; At Gitcheegoomee; Cake for One,
Poetry by Debra Hines

Photographs of Roy DeCarava, Art by Roy DeCarava
Notes accompanying Roy DeCarava photographs,

Art by Sherry Turner

The Guest, Fiction by Ellen Herman

The Tidings Brough to Sylvie, Fiction by
David Mairowitz

Lost Wax, Poetry by Karl Kirchway

Against the Current: A Conversation with Anita Desai,
Non-Fiction by Corinne Bliss

The Glass House, Poetry by Renate Wood

Brian Moore's Ireland: A World Well Lost,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

Donor Mentality, Poetry by Frances Driscoll

Glenn Gould as a Radio Composer,
Non-Fiction by Richard Kostelanetz

The Weight, Poetry by Stephen Philbrick

Man with Clasped Hands, New York, 1950,
Cover Art by Roy DeCarava




Introduction to Desh-Videsh, South Asian Expatriate
Writing and Art, Non-Fiction by Ketu Katrak
and R. Radhakrishanan

Chiffon Saris: The Plight of South Asian Immigrants
in the New World, Non-Fiction by Feroza Jussawalla,
Translated by Katrak and Rhadakrishnen

India Association, Plans a Newsletter, Country,
Poetry by G.S. Sharat Chandra

Uncle Monkey, Fiction by Padma Hejmadi

The Politics of Post-Colonial Identity in Salman Rushdie,
Non-Fiction by Anuradha Needham

Aunt Chinna; Under the Incense Tree; Passion,
Poetry by Meena Alexander

Elsa, Poetry by Prem. Nagpal

Going to Baltistan, Fiction by Talat Abbasi

A Selection of Paintings, Art by Sutapa Biswas

An Interview with Bharati Mukherjee,
Non-Fiction by Alison B. Carb

Expatriates, Immigrants and Literature:
Three South Asian Women Writers,
Non-Fiction by Roshni Rustomji-Kerns

Pestonjee's Tower of Silence,
Fiction by Darius Cooper

Beyond the Chameleon's Skill,
Poetry by Darius Cooper

Bharata Natyam: Dance and Identity,
Non-Fiction by Medha Yodh

Notes of an Indian Socialist Feminist,
Non-Fiction by Rashmi Luthra

President Sahib's Blue Period, Fiction by Javaid Qazi

Mother, Poetry by Panna Naik

Third World, Our World, Fiction by Bapsi Sidhwa

For a Seventeen-Year-Old Bride,
Poetry by Beheroze F. Shroff

Sculpture, Poetry by Indira Freitas Johnson

Textiles, Poetry by Rani Sarin

I Dream I Retun to Tucson in the Monsoons,
Poetry by Agha Shahid Ali

Through Brown Eyes,
Non-Fiction by Prafulla Mohanti

Free and Equal, Fiction by Lalita Gandbhir

After Konarak Sun Temple, Poetry by S. Shanker

Hiatus, Fiction by Tahira Naqvi

The Act of Translation,
Non-Fiction by Ranjini Obeyesekere

Allergy: Late October, Poetry by Tilottama Rajan

As I Stood Listened and Watched, My Feelings Were,
This Woman Is Not For Burning, 1985,
Cover Art by Sutapa Biswas




In a Chinese Antique Shop; Sifting Through;
It's Obvious, Poetry by Abraham Sutzkever,
Translated from the Yiddish and Hebrew
by Ruth Whitman

Walk-Up Off Sixth Avenue; Cloud Rises Seven Miles
from Observers, Poetry by James Haug

The Climb at Hound Tor, Poetry by Judith Neeld

Street, Poetry by Tam Lin Neville

The Balloon, Poetry by Susan Snively

The Sculptural World of Augustus Saint-Gaudens,
Non-Fiction by Sidney Kaplan,
with illustrations by Augustus Saint-Gaudens

What I Wanted Most of All,
Fiction by Daniel Hayes

America Loves Carney, Poetry by Maureen Seaton

White Bread and Cake; Frog Prince,
Poetry by Cornelia Hoogland

Accident, Fiction by Lino Leitao

Fleur-de-Lys; Virgin Oil, Poetry by Robert Hill Long

Visiting Rights, Poetry by Pauline Uchmanowicz

Spotlight/Searchlight, Poetry by Tilottama Rajan

Arts in Review: The Year in Fiction, 1988,
Non-Fiction by Edith Milton

Arts in Review: Recent Drama, 1988,
Non-Fiction by Robert King

Arts in Review: The Year in Poetry, 1988,
Non-Fiction by Kurt Heinzelman

The Shaw Memorial (detail),
Front and Back Cover Art by Augustus Saint-Gaudens




Crimes Against the Lyric; Anatomy; Mimi;
Certain Nuances, Certain Gestures;
Haunted Aquarium; Consolations After an Affair,
Poetry by James Tate

The Whale, Fiction by Philip Simmons

The Garden of Botanical Delights; Dialogue Partly Platonic, Poetry by Madeline DeFrees

Heat Wave, Fiction by Tom Ruane

Olana, Summer, 1872, Poetry by Herbert Morris

Tabula Rasa, Poetry by Edward Kleinschmidt

Born Again at the Golden Nozzle; The Color
of Jungle Birds, Poetry by Margaret Szumowski

How to Survive Childhood,
Fiction by Castle Freeman

The Rotting of the Playhouse; The Jeweled Christ;
The Virgin General, Poetry by Robin Mary Boswell

Three Illuminations from the Afterlife
of Lytton Swain, Fiction by Stephen O'Connor

Letter to Jonathon From Missoula,
Poetry by Patricia Goedicke

Story of a Prodigal Son, Poetry by Jorge Teillier,
Translated By Carolyne Wright

Violetta, Fiction by Roshni Rustomji-Kerns

Bodywash; News, Poetry by John Hodgen

Hair Cut Like Gabriela Mistral's; El Munco Machimbre,
Poetry by Zoe Anglesey

Beds, Fiction by Tricia Bauer

The Sixties; Betty's Silence; Nothing Beautiful
Except in Things, Poetry by Terese Svoboda

Pieces of Night: Poems from Prison,
Poetry by Paul N. Silas

A Sibyl, from 'A Book of Twelve Sibyls',
Cover Art by Leonard Baskin

Satyr, from 'Capricco', Cover Art by Leonard Baskin




Chowder, Fiction by Frank Gaspar

Resurrecting Phillipe Hodart,
Non-Fiction by Elias Friedensohn

From 'Les Ravages',
Poetry by Henri Michaux, Translated by David Ball

Paradise Outgrown, Non-Fiction by Stanley Sultan

Why I Can't, Poetry by Susan Donnelly

The Ritual, Poetry by Louise Erdich

Thinking Bayonets, Non-Fiction by Lynne T. Hanley

Night Driving, Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates

Pony-Boy, Fiction by Catherine Reid

Sunday Night in the Forest, Poetry by Linda Taylor

Stephen Jay Gould's Vision of History,
Non-Fiction by Louis Masur

Crazy Baby, Poetry by Ingrid Hughes

Dorothy Parker's Letter to Alexander Woolcott,
Non-Fiction by Dorothy Parker, Edited by Arthur F. Kinney

Last Supper, Apostle, Cover Art by Hodart




Slippered Feet, Fiction by Daniel Wallace

Thoreau, Slavery, and Resistance to Civil Government,
Non-Fiction by Barry Kritzberg

The Book of the Deadman; Dark Brow,
Poetry by Marvin Bell

The Tattoo, Poetry by Judith Berke

Dachau '44, Poetry by Judith Berke

Noises Off: Catullus on Stage,
Poetry by Richard Haven

Herodiade, Drama by Stephane Mallarme,
Translated, with an introduction, by David Lenson

Women and Individualism in American History,
Non-Fiction by Linda K. Kerber

What Goes on in the Ladies Room?
Sarah Orne Jewett, Annie Fields, and Their
Community of Women, Non-Fiction by Judith Fryer

Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
and the Task of Discovering a Usable Past,
Non-Fiction by Cynthia Griffin Wolff

Go, Lovely Rose, Drama by Mary Manning,
with a Foreword and Biographical Afterword
by Doris Abramson

An engraving, Cover Art from A Portraiture
of Domestic Slavery with Reflections on the Pracicability
of Restoring the Moral Rights of the Slaves by Jesse Torrey




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