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Volume 60, Issue 2

Front Cover by Kate Durbin, Unfriend Me Now!, 2018. STILL FROM 3-CHANNEL VERSION OF UNFRIEND ME NOW! (c) Kate Durbin.
Courtesy of the artist.

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Table of Contents 1970-1979


A Stone for a Maker, Poetry by Joseph Langland

St. Pragma, Non-Fiction by Edward Dahlberg

Waiting, Poetry by Joseph Cady

From Songs for an Open Door,
Poetry by Jacob Glatstein,
Translated by Ruth Whitman

Flaubert: The Politics of Mystical Realism,
Non-Fiction by Leo Bersani

Going Blind, Fiction by Nancy Willard

You Are Never Happy; The Land of the Dead;
With King in Memphis; Charlie Chaplin Has the
Last Laugh, Poetry by George Keithley

The Monogram, Fiction by D.H. Steingass

Cancer, Poetry by Alfredo de Palchi, Translated by I.L. Salomon

The Apprentice Grave-Digger, Poetry by Herbert Scott

Aesopic: Couplets, Poetry by Anthony Hecht,
with Wood-engravings by Thomas Bewick
and with notes by Philip Hofer

Reactionary Notes on the Theatre,
Non-Fiction by Oscar Mandel

Theatre Chronicle, Fall 1969, Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

Child Builds Chair; The Rate at Which Things Happen;
Philoctetes; Meditation, Poetry by Paul Hannigan

Styron and His Sources, Non-Fiction by Henry Irving Tragle

Sisters, Poetry by Philip Levine

Nightwalking, Poetry by Richard Schramm

W.B. Yeats to John Masefield: Two Letters,
Non-Fiction by W.B. Yeats, edited by P. Delany

The Supreme Court and Civil Disobedience: a
commentary on Marshall Cohen's "Civil Disobedience",
Non-Fiction by Michael Katz, with Reply by Marshall Cohen

In Memory of Robt. Minard, Poetry by Eugene R. Minard

Witness: Theme in Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Gerald Warner Brace

In Review: Good Times, Non-Fiction by Roberts W. French

In Review: Casing In on Blackness,
Non-Fiction by Bernard Bell

In Review: The Roman Catholic Church,
Non-Fiction by Robert Hanlon

In Review: The Making of a Counter Culture,
Non-Fiction by Norman Brinbaum

In Review: Nelson Goodman's "Languages of Art",
Non-Fiction by Ann Ferguson Brentlinger

In Review: Theodore Roethke, Non-Fiction by Jerald Bullis

two wood-engravings, Cover Art by Thomas Bewick,
couplets by Anthony Hecht


Making Scenes in a Liberal Society,
Non-Fiction by Henry S. Kariel

The Young Man, Poetry by Thomas Hoffman

Confessions, Non-Fiction by Edward Dahlberg

Operation; For Irving Layton,
Poetry by Steven Osterlund

Breaking the Ice, Poetry by Melvin Wilk

The Life and White Horse of Ind. Joe,
Fiction by William Brandon

Grandma, Poetry by Richard Dankleff

Dog-Burial, Fiction by Peter Corodimas

Austin Clarke: The Arch Poet of Dublin,
Non-Fiction by Richard Weber

A Sermon on Swift, Poetry by Austin Clarke

Recent American Poetry, Non-Fiction by Christopher Ricks

Conversation with Berryman, Non-Fiction
by Richard Kostelanetz

Exile, Fiction by Rose Moss

Books and Bodies at San Francisco State,
Non-Fiction by Irving Halperin

Folk Tradition, Individual Talent,
Non-Fiction by Gene Bluestein

Jim Crow, Zip Coon, Non-Fiction by Alan W.C. Green

In Review: Lemmings and Moles, Non-Fiction by Joseph Frank

In Review: The Uses of Classical Myth in Modern
Drama, Non-Fiction by Jarka M. Burian

drawing of Austin Clarke, Cover Art by Jack Coughlin


Driving Through New England; Being Property
Once Myself, Poetry by Lucille Cifton

Decentralization, Community Control, and
Revolutions, Non-Fiction by Philip Green

Witness: Jack Kerouac's Funeral,
Poetry by Bill Tremblay

Casco Bay; Portnoy; The Atlantic,
Poetry by Kenneth Rosen

The Candidate, Fiction by Anonymous

Paul Robeson and Black Identiy in American Movies,
Non-Fiction by Thomas Cripps

Poems from the New Cuba, Poetry by Nicolas Guillen,
Translated from the Spanish by Robert Marquez

Closing Nature, Fiction by Norman Rush

(Staff Notes from the Mental Hospital), Poetry by V.H. Adair

Reform College, Non-Fiction by Jerome King

1970: Photographs, Art by Liebling Madeline

New Approaches to Conrad, Non-Fiction by Ivo Vidan

Theatre Chronicle: Winter-Spring 1970,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

Letter to the Editor: Commentary on Mandel's
"Reactionary Notes on the Experimental Theatre",
Non-Fiction by Richard Schechner

Racing Fragments, Poetry by Jean Russell Larson

A Fat Kid, Poetry by James Sunwall

Comment: Restraining the Police,
Non-Fiction by Isadore Silver

The Madman says Goodbye to His Mistrress,
Poetry by Herbert Scott

In Review: The Poetry of Robert Frost,
Non-Fiction by Lewis H. Miller, Jr.

In Review: Changing Our Imaginations,
Non-Fiction by Lee R. Edwards

In Review: Beyond Behaviorlism,
Non-Fiction by Willam C. Harvard

In Review: Parentheses, Non-Fiction by Charles Moran

Cover, Poetry by Lucille Clifton


Culture Without Criticism, Non-Fiction
by Louis Kampf

Silent Poem; Going to the Funeral; On a Theme
by Frost; Cats, Poetry by Robert Francis

From a Fragment of the Ruins Found at Katabah,
Poetry by Robert Stern

American Poetry 1969: From b to Z,
Non-Fiction by Daniel Hughes

Negerinde!, Drama by Walter S.J. Swanson

Autograph Book/Prophecy, Poetry by Anne Halley

Facing Land's End: Facing the Lavish Weather;
the Man Who Loved Parties, Poetry by Peter Straub

MR Poetry Signature #6: Communications,
Poetry by Grandin Conover and James Scully

Murillo's Eyes, But Blue, Fiction by Myron Levoy

The Return; Sun Bear; The Chameleon: Nesting,
Poetry by Dennis Saleh

Horseman of the Apocalypse, Non-Fiction
by William W. Ballard

Lady Luck, Poetry by Ann Gottlieb

A Critique of Jensenism, Non-Fiction by Alvin E. Winder

I Have Come Home, Poetry by Helen Sorrells

In Review: The Ugly American Revisited,
Non-Fiction by Henry Steck

In Review: A Modern Meditaion: Wiesel and Memory,
Non-Fiction by James Freeman

In Review: Patterns of Consciousness in Coleridge,
Non-Fiction by David Ferry

In Review: Lost Names, Non-Fiction
by Roberts W. French

Negerinde, Cover Art by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux


Doom, Poetry by Theodore Holmes

A Gathering in Honor of Charles Olson:
Dancer and Clerk, Non-Fiction by John Finch

A Gathering in Honor of Charles Olson:
Photo of Charles Olson, Art by Charles Lowe

A Gathering in Honor of Charles Olson:
A Teacher's View, Non-Fiction by Wilbert Snow

A Gathering in Honor of Charles Olson: Pacific
Lament, Poetry by Charles Olson

A Gathering in Honor of Charles Olson: His Poetry,
Non-Fiction by M.L. Rosenthal

A Gathering in Honor of Charles Olson: A Preface,
Non-Fiction by William Duncan

The Morse Recount: History as Bridge, a
Convention, Poetry by Michael Harper

Time for Tyner: Folksong, Poetry by Michael Harper

Mission: 1 January '70, Poetry by Michael Harper

The Man who Married My Sister,
Fiction by Ronald Massa

Pox: A Prognosis,
Poetry by William Pitt Root

The Emperor's Daughter Refuses to Marry,
Poetry by Graham Petrie

Mickey, the Failed Comedian,
Poetry by Graham Petrie

Observer: New Haven--The Outsiders,
Non-Fiction by Rence Watkins

The Way it Was; The Lost Baby Poem;
Richard Penniman, Poetry by Lucille Clifton

Mark Ten Sleeping, Poetry by Warren Thomas

Effective Mussorgsky, Non-Fiction by Greg Audette

Rock and the Politics of Frivolity,
Non-Fiction by Frank D. McConnell

Observor: The System of Economics,
Non-Fiction by Richard Grossinger

Weight, Poetry by Henry Braun

Afternoon, Poetry by Nina Alonso

Theatre Cronicle: Fall 1970,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

In Review: The Critic as friend in Pascagoula,
Non-Fiction by Paul Mariani

In Review: Woodstock: De Ja Vu,
Non-Fiction by Roger Sale

In Review: The Changing Society of Japan,
Non-Fiction by John Maki

In Review: The New Novel in America,
Non-Fiction by Donald M. Kartiganer

Tragi-Comedy: A Study in Rossini,
Non-Fiction by Greg Audette

The Last Day of October, Poetry by Brendan Galvin

After the Game is Over, Poetry by Daniel Curley

Process and Product: A Study of Modern Literary
Form, Non-Fiction by Donald M. Kartiganer

Instructions from the Dean of Menopause,
Poetry by Peter Klappert

In Review: The Greening of America,
Non-Fiction by Charles Derber

In Review: On Dramatic Character,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

In Review: Four Books on Rock,
Non-Fiction by Leonard Berkman

In Review: Principles and Persons,
Non-Fiction by Gerald Barnes

Charles Olson, Glouster, Mass.,
Cover Art by Elsa Dorfman


The Death of Harry Wells, Fiction by John Meander

The Parade, Poetry by Burton Welcher

Letter to Be Disguised as a Gas Bill,
Poetry by Marge Piercy

Sand Creek, Non-Fiction by Amy Storrow

Parkman's Indians and American Violence,
Non-Fiction by Robert Shulman

George Armstrong Custer,
Poetry by Steven Osterlund

Count Leo Tolstoy and Violence in the Philippines,
Non-Fiction by Count Leo Tolstoy, Correspondence

Anne Whitney: Sculptures, Art by Anne Whitney

Anne Whitney: Art and Social Justice,
Non-Fiction by Elizabeth Rogers Payne

Observer: Walking to Fatima,
Non-Fiction by H.R. Weber

A New Letter by Ezra Pound about T.S. Eliot,
Non-Fiction by Ezra Pound

Seven Ways of Accounting, Poetry by Daniel Curley

Sylvia and Co.: An Episode Goes Awry,
Poetry by Barry Wallenstein

A Young White Man Steps Out of His Shower,
Poetry by John Taggart

His Grandmother, Hospitalized,
Poetry by Eugene R. Minard

In Review: Dissent in Russia,
Non-Fiction by Laszlo Tikos

Charles Sumner (detail), Cover Art by by Anne Whitney


Anne WhitneyRevolution and Reaction:
The Paris Commune of 1871: Forward,
Non-Fiction by John Hicks

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: The Commune--A Century After,
Non-Fiction by Henrietta Peyre

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: The Permanence of the Commune,
Non-Fiction by Richard Greeman

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: The Failure of Revolution, Non-Fiction
by Frederick Busi

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: The Women of the Commune,
Non-Fiction by Edith Thomas

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Feminism and Anti-Clericalism Under the
Commune, Non-Fiction by Persis Hunt

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: The Commune in 1971, Non-Fiction by C.L.R. James

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: The Impact of the Paris Commune in the
US, Non-Fiction by Samuel Bernstein

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Facsimilie of 'The Curtain Raised' - An
Interview with Karl Marx, Non-Fiction by Karl
Marx, interview with Karl Marx by R. Landor,
July 18, 1871, note by Philip S. Foner

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: The Paris commune and Marx's Conception
of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat,
Non-Fiction by Monty Johnstone

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Marx, Engels, and the British Response
to the Commune, Non-Fiction by Royden Harrison

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: From a Letter of 1871, Non-Fiction by W.J. Linton

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Images of the Paris Commune in Contemporary
Chinese Marxist Thought, Non-Fiction by Maurice Meisner

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Castagnary's A Plea for A Dead Friend
(1882), Poetry by Gustave Courbet, Edited and
tranlated by Alda Cannon and Frank Anderson Trapp

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Notes on Bresdon to Redon: Two letters
(1870, 1871) with an engraving by Leonard Baskin,
Non-Fiction by Seymour S. Weiner

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Rimbaud and the Commune,
Non-Fiction by Wallace Fowlie

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Edmund De Goncourt and the Paris
Commune, Non-Fiction by Richard B. Grant

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: Trauma and Recoil: the Intellectuals,
Non-Fiction by W. M. Frohock

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: French Writers and the Commune,
Non-Fiction by Henrietta Psichari

Revolution and Reaction: The Paris Commune
of 1871: The Days of the Commune, Drama by
Bertolt Brecht, Translated by Leonard Lehrman

Revolution Delayed: Political and Cultural
Revolutionaries in America, Non-Fiction by Peter Clecak

The Problem of a Knowledge Elite,
Non-Fiction by Norman Birnbaum

Nicaraguan Poems: Epigram, Poetry by Anonymous,
Translated by Robert Marquez

Nicaraguan Poems: The Curtain of the Native Land,
Poetry by Anonymous, Translated by Robert Marquez

Nicaraguan Poems: Eprigram, Poetry by Cardenal Ernesto,
Translated by Robert Marquez

A Letter to the Berrigans, Non-Fiction by
William Stringfellow and Anthony Towne

Person, Event, & Caricature, Art by Multiple Reproductions

Allegorie sur la liberation du Proletariat par la Fraternite
Universelle and Allegory of the Commune,
Cover Art by Gustave Dore


Greece: An American Problem,
Non-Fiction by Andreas Papandreou

Seven Poems, Poetry by Iosip Brodsky,
Translated by James Scully

The Son of God and His Sorrow,
Fiction by Fernandes, Translated
by Joyce Carol Oates

MR Annual Review of Poetry: "The Home Book
of Modern Verse 1970", Non-Fiction by Josephine Miles

The Donner Party, Poetry by George Keithley

Process and Product: A Study of Modern Literary
Form, Non-Fiction by Donald M. Kartiganer

Fuck the Astronauts, Poetry by James Tate

Acres; Adultery, Poetry by Ray Amorosi

Theatre Chronicle: Winter-Spring 1971,
Drama by Seymour Rudin

In Review: The Seamless Web,
Non-Fiction by Helen Hennessy Vendler

In Review: Thinkers and Writers, Writers and
Thinkers, Non-Fiction by George Cumo

In Review: John Hawkes: Paradise Gaining,
Non-Fiction by Charles Moran

Drawings, Cover Art by Armand Balboni


Women and Politics: The Struggle for
Representation, Non-Fiction by Bella Abzug
and Cynthia Edgar

Notes on Feminism, Non-Fiction by Anias Nin

Organizing for Freedom,
Non-Fiction by Penina Migdal Glazer

Sex-Roles and Sexual Attitudes in Sweden:
The New Phase, Non-Fiction by Sondra R. Herman

Am I Not a Woman, And A Sister,
Art by Lisa Unger Baskin, eight drawings

Reflections on the Black Woman's Role in the
Community of Slaves, Non-Fiction by Angela Davis

Affirmation of Resistance: A Response to Angela
Davis, Non-Fiction by Johnetta Cole

Turning; Walking Through Walls,
Poetry by Lucille Clifton

Three x Three, Poetry by Sonia Sanchez

The Role of Women in Liberation Struggles,
Non-Fiction by Amy Jacques Garvey

Ten Photographs by Tina Madotti, Art by Tina Madotti

A Portrait photograph of Tina Madotti,
Art by Edward Weston

Mary Beard's 'Woman as Force in History':
A Critique, Non-Fiction by Berenice Carrell

Life's Work, Poetry by Maxine Kumin

My Mother and Politics, Fiction by
Mary Doyle Curran

The Passion of Lizzie Borden, Poetry by Ruth Whitman

Frayings, Poetry by Priscilla Gibson Hicks

Confessions of Mother Goose, Fiction by
Anne Halley

Miss America, Poetry by Lillian S. Robinson

Heroines, Non-Fiction by Elizabeth T. Pochoda

Lana Would, Poetry by Nancy Raine

Female Liberation; Birth, Poetry by Sue Mullins

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Marietta Tintoretta, Art by Marietta Tintoretta

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Sofonsiba Anguisciola,
Art by Sofonsiba Anguisciola

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Catharina Van Hemessen,
Art by Catharina Van Hemessen

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Levina Fontana, Art by Levina Fontana

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Clara Peters, Art by Clara Peters

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Rosalba Carriera, Art by Rosalba Carriera

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Anna Dorothea Therbusch-Liszewska,
Art by Anna Dorothea Therbusch-Liszewska

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Adelaide Labille-Guiard,
Art by Adelaide Labille-Guiard

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Angelica Kauffmann, Art by Angelica Kauffmann

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Rolinda Sharples, Art by Rolinda Sharples

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Sarah Peale, Art by Sarah Peale

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Ann Hall, Art by Ann Hall

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Suzanne Valadon, Art by Suzanne Valadon

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Gwen John, Art by Gwen John

Art's Looking Glass, Fifteen Self-Portraits by
Women: Paula Modersohn-Becker, Art
by Paula Modersohn-Becker

A Mirror for Men: Stereotypes of Women in
Literature, Non-Fiction by Cynthia Griffin Wolff

Complaint, Poetry by Margaret Shook

Black Mother Woman, Poetry by Audre Lorde

Women, Energy, Middlemarch,
Non-Fiction by Lee R. Edwards

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps: A Study in Female
Rebellion, Non-Fiction by Christine Stansell

Women and the Avant-Garde Theater: Interviews
with Rochelle Owens, Crystal Field, Rosalyn Drexler,
Non-Fiction by Joan Goulianos

Blood Signs, Poetry by Guilian Mutti

Norman Mailer: A Prisoner of Sex, Non-Fiction
by Annette Barnes

A Prisoner of Sex, Non-Fiction by Norman Mailer

Elizabeth Janeway and Germaine Greer,
Non-Fiction by Arlyn Diamond

Deprivation, Poetry by Nancy Rice

Marriages: Zelda and Scott, Eleanor and Franklin,
Non-Fiction by Sara Mayfield, Review of book by Mary Heath

Note from Bellevue, Poetry by Carol Hebald

Depression; Calling the Babysitter, Poetry by Ellen Dibble

So You Mayn't Ever Call Me Anything but Carrington,
Fiction by J.J. Wilson

Sojourner Truth Calls Upon the President: an 1864
Letter, Non-Fiction by Sojourner Truth

Woman in Purdah, Cover Art by Dorothea Lange


Modes of Political Drama,
Non-Fiction by Darko Suvin

Retour Des Martinets, Poetry by Andre Spire,
Translated by Stanley Burnshaw

The White Flock, Poetry by Anna Akhmatova,
Translated by Stanley Burnshaw

Me Destierro, Poetry by Miguel de Unamuno,
Translated by Stanley Burnshaw

Ballade of the Surfers, Poetry by Barry Spacks

The Ram's Horn, Fiction by Julius Lester

Langley Porter Neuro Psychiatric Institute
3 A.M., Poetry by Jane Lunin

Bubble Gum, Poetry by Richard McMullen

Selections from Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles,
Poetry by Kurt Tucholsky, Translated by Anne Halley

Riots, Racism, and Hysteria,
Non-Fiction by William Cohen

Avenue of the Americas; Walking with Deirdre;
Splendid-Throned, Deathless Aphrodite,
Poetry by James Scully

Relevance and Deauthorization in America's Polity,
Non-Fiction by Peter J Euben

Political Portraits, Art by Jerome Liebling

The Whirlpools of Sickness and Health,
Poetry by Mario Luzi, Translated by I.L. Salomon

A Bias Seeking Sight: The Music Criticism of W.J. Turner,
Non-Fiction by Greg Audette

The Midnight Tennis Match; If You See This Man;
The 5 Room Apartment, Poetry by Thomas Lux

What's all the Cryin' About? The Films of Frederick
Wiseman, Non-Fiction by Sullivan Patrick

Firing a Field, Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates

Observer: The Wearing of the Green,
Non-Fiction by Robert G. Tucker

The Death of Kenneth Patchen, Poetry by Steven Osterlund

In Review: Ballet Chronicle, Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

Going Steady, Poetry by Jack Shadoian

In Review: The Annotated Lolita, Non-Fiction by Dean Flower

In Review: Triumph or Disaster?,
Non-Fiction by Ellsworth Barnard

In Review: Katherine Anne Porter,
Non-Fiction by Jan Pinkerton

In Review: Dionysus' Coming to New York,
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

To the Editor: Response to Critics, Non-Fiction
by Laura Riding, Reply by M.L. Rosenthal

State Senator, Cover Art by Jerome Liebling


Not Europe Only,
Non-Fiction by Conor Cruise O'Brien

The Axis, Poetry by Tom Wayman

Holocaust at U.S. Steel,
Poetry by Anne Fessenden

Film and Writing: The Political Dimension,
Non-Fiction by Frank D. McConnell

Jefferson County Jail, Poetry by John Filiatreau

Harold Johnson's Comeback, Poetry by Jay Meek

Marshall McLuhan and the Politics of Modernism,
Non-Fiction by Richard Wasson

'Just a Prisoner of Your Love' Ode; Spring Song,
Poetry by J.D. Reed

Tapsticks, Poetry by Frank Stanford

FICTION: Going Home, Fiction by James S. Kenary

FICTION: Shame, Fiction by Tamas Aczel

FICTION: Bakti's Hand, Fiction by Blair Fuller

FICTION: Cambridge is Sinking, Fiction
by John J. Clayton

Lining Up; Return; The Expedition to the Edge of
the World, Poetry by Albert Goldbarth

The Hostile Sun: the Poetry of D.H. Lawrence,
Non-Fiction by Joyce Carol Oates

Disaster Chants, Poetry by Thomas Johnson

Towards the Canonization of William Carlos Williams,
Non-Fiction by Paul Mariani

The Ox Poems, Poetry by Robert Bohm

Sorrow, Sorrow; Signs, Poetry by Shirley Kaufman

Observer: The Cartridge Belt,
Non-Fiction by David Madden

Religious Poem 2: For Robert Bly,
Poetry by Faye Kicknosway

Documentation: In Nomination for the Presidency
the Name of Shirley Chisholm, Non-Fiction by Percy Sutton

Driving Alone in Winter, Poetry
by William Virgil Davis

In Review: Physics, Politics and the Limits of
Language, Non-Fiction by Richard Pearce

In Review: The Quest for a Black Aesthetic,
Non-Fiction by Bernard W. Bell

In Review: The Luck of William Blake,
Non-Fiction by Daniel Hughes

In Review: On Ghandi and Nonviolence,
Non-Fiction by Richard Noland

Arab Woman Singer, Cover Art by Vita Giorgi


The Impossible life of Franz Fanon,
Non-Fiction by Albert Memmi, Translation
& notes by T. Cassirer & G. M. Twomey

Counterpoint, Poetry by Anne Hussey

The Castellan, Fiction by James Corpora

Waking Up as a Child on a Summer Morning;
Hitting Against Cutler, Poetry by Jonathan Holden

The Snowbird, Fiction by William Wiser

The Blue Moon Tavern Songs,
Poetry by Sydney Campbell

A Williams Garland: Sketch, Art by Ben Shahn

A Williams Garland: Williams' Black Novel,
Non-Fiction by Paul Mariani, A collabrorative effort
at writing a novel never completed involving William
Carlos Williams, Fred Miller, Lydia Carlin,
Edited by Paul Mariana

Man Orchid, Fiction by William Carlos Williams,
Edited by Paul Mariani

A Williams Garland: Two Essays on Ezra Pound,
Non-Fiction by William Carlos Williams, Edited by Paul Mariani

A Williams Garland: Interview with Williams in 1950,
Non-Fiction by Emily Wallace

Raymond Chandler and an American Genre,
Non-Fiction by EM Beekman

Epithanlamium; It's a Woman's World; George Eliot,
Poetry by Daniel Curley

Marcel Ophuls and the Sorrow and the Pity,
Non-Fiction by Frederick Busi

Porno Love; the Obscene Caller,
Poetry by Philip Dacey

Arts in Review: American Fiction, 1972,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

Arts in Review: Performing Arts, 1971-1972,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

To the Editor: Reply to Helen Vendler,
Non-Fiction by Stanley Burnshaw

Remembering Harvey Swados,
Non-Fiction by Hilton Kramer

William Carlos Williams,
Cover Art by Charles or Musya Sheeler


Hearth and Horizon: Changing Concepts
of the 'Domestic' Life of the Heroine,
Non-Fiction by Jean Sudrann

A History of the Afgan,
Poetry by Donna Brook

The Pre-Revolutionary Writings of Imamu
Amiri Baraka, Non-Fiction by William C. Fischer

Custer's Last Stand, Poetry by Paul Jenkins

The Lesson, Poetry by Doris Radin

Phantoms, My Companions, Fiction by Charlotte
Delbo, Translated by Rosette Lamont

FICTION: Benson Watts is Dead and in Virginia,
Fiction by Doris Betts

FICTION: What Rough Beast, Fiction by Daniel Curley

FICTION: Out, Fiction by Ronald Sukenick

Documentation: Dubois' 'Crisis' and Women's
Suffrage, Non-Fiction by Jean Fagan Yellin

In Early Spring, Poetry by George Keithley

The Creative Vision of 'Native Son',
Non-Fiction by Richard Baldwin

Henry James: The Man Who Lived,
Non-Fiction by Millicent Bell

No Ideas But in Things; Anodyne Love Poem;
First Love, Poetry by Paul Hannigan

Heritage: John Reed's Urban Comedy of Revolution,
Non-Fiction by Henry Henderson, III

W.E.B. DuBois, Cover Art by Nelson Stevens


Monograph: Superville: New York--Aspects
of Very High Bulk, Non-Fiction by Stephen Zoll

A Century's Histroy of the Tall Building,
Photographs and drawing,. Sixteen pages

Lecturing my Daughters,
Poetry by Gibbons Ruark

In the Flowering Nightshade; My Father's Oldest
Sister; Grandmother, Poetry by Siv Cedering Fox

Last Mornings in California,
Poetry by James Merrill

The Continuities of W.S. Merwin: What Has Escaped
Us, We Bring With Us, Non-Fiction by Jarold Ramsey

Africa and Her Writers, Non-Fiction by Chinua Achebe

Cutting Greens, Poetry by Lucille Clifton

Heritage: Edmund Wilson's Russian Legacy,
Non-Fiction by Lewis M. Dabney

Review: The New Marxist Criticism,
Non-Fiction by David Peck

The Tower of Babel (detail), Cover Art
by Pieter Breughel, The Elder


Virginia Woolf Now,
Non-Fiction by Millicent Bell

Bread is Born, Poetry by Anne Hebert,
Translated by Maxine Kumin

How to Win, Poetry by Rosellen Brown

Sylvia Plath is Alive in Argentina,
Poetry by Erica Jong

Noble Shit: The Uncivil Response of American
Writers to Civil Religion in America,
Non-Fiction by Leo Marx

The Wasp Room, Poetry by Helen Sorrells

The Noise in the Manger; Fears of Chosen;
Wood Edge Animal; After the Operation; To
Bury a Bird; It is Morning, Poetry by Henry Braun

Poems in Translation, Poetry by Robert Bly

The Cold Literal Moments, Non-Fiction by Dorothy
Pitkin, Edited by R.C. Townsend

After Dreaming of Turtles, Poetry
by William Doreski

Iphigenie and Tauride--The Reform of Opera and
the Classic Vision, Non-Fiction by Greg Audette

Women in Three Sinclair Lewis Novels,
Non-Fiction by Nan Bauer Maglin

Heritage: Alcuin, Non-Fiction by Nancy Rice

Do You Remember; Work, Poetry by Gyula Illyes

Arts in Review: Movies 1973,
Non-Fiction by Molly Haskell

Arts in Review: American Fiction in 1973,
Non-Fiction by Roger Sale

Arts in Review: Struggling In Poetry,
Non-Fiction by Anne Halley

Arts in Review: Performing Arts: 1972-1973,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

Virginia Woolf, Cover Art by Stephen Tomlin


Caliban: Notes Towards a Discussion of
Culture in Our America, Non-Fiction
by Roberto Fernandez Retamar

Third World Poems: Citade; The Visibility
Trigger; Shango, Poetry
by Edward Kamau Braithwaite

Latinoamerica, Solidarity with Cuban
Revolution, Bread Market, Posada,
Art  by A. Mexiac, A. Quinteros,
A. Garcia bustos, L. Mendez

Morning of the 2nd of May; Prose Poem for a
Conference, Poetry by John La Rose

Three Men by the River,
Fiction by Rene Marques

Toward Independent Economic Development for
the Betterment of Caribbean Peoples,
Non-Fiction by George Beckford

The Heartache and Thousand Natural Shocks,
Poetry by Juan Gelman, Translated
by Robert Marquez

Delicate Silence, Poetry by Leon La Leau

The Irregular Armies, Fiction by Carlos Maria Gutierrez

Mouth of Lights, Poetry by Rene Depestre

Juan Angel's Birthday, Poetry by Mario Benedetti,
Translated by David A McMurray

Carmen Serdan, Vietnam, Crown of Steel,
graphics by S. Jimenez, X. Iniguez, A. Chavex Morado

The Political Situation in Puerto Rico,
Non-Fiction by Manuel Maldonado Denis,
Translated by Seymour Pollack

A Fable, Fiction by Igor Calvo,
Translated by R. Marquez

A Different Story; Progress Report,
Poetry by Andrew Salkey

Four Portraits, Art by Pedro Alcantara

A Taste of Paradise, Fiction by Luis Rafael Sanchez

The American Occupation of Haiti (1915-34) and
the Dominican Republic, Non-Fiction by Suzy Castor

No, I Wasn't Always so Ugly,
Poetry by Roque Dalton

The Bourgeoisie, Poetry by Nicolas Guillen

Cocktail, Poetry by R. Flores

LXXI, Fiction by Fernando Lamberg

Cuauhtemoc, The Fall of Tenochititlan,
The Peasant's Situation, graphics
by A. Bracho, L. Mendez

The Sun Trampled Beneath the Horses' Hooves,
Drama by Jorge Enrique Adoum

Wind-Change; The Victors; Straight Seeking,
Poetry by Anthony McNeill

Brainteaser for Kissinger; Demerara Dream,
Poetry by Cecil Rajendra

Proclamations Issued by the Chilean Military Junta,
Non-Fiction by Anonymous Chilean

Latinoamérica, Front Cover by Adolfo Mexiac

Calaveras, Inside Front and Back Covers
by Taller De Gráfica Popular

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse,
Back Cover by José Luis Posada


A Puritan Boyhood, Non-Fiction
by Brooks Atkinson, memoir

Angels, Poetry by Frederick Morgan

Watching the Telly,
Non-Fiction by Hayden Carruth

Field Near MacLeish's, Poetry by Peter Sharpe

Robert Frost: An Equilibrist's Field of Vision,
Non-Fiction by Reginald .L Cooke

Anonymous; A Weak Friend, Poetry
by Margaret Lockwood

Harvey Swados, Poetry by Arthur Winfield Knight

Thoughts on the Dominant American,
Non-Fiction by Mildred Dickeman

Recollection, Poetry by Frances Howard Rapport

Smokejumper; The Day After; Up the Alcan,
Poetry by David McElroy

In Northcumberland Once,
Fiction by Daniel Curley

Portfolio: Photographs by Elain Mayes, Linda Connor,
Wendy Snyder MacNeil, and Judith Linn.
32 Reproductions followed by artists' notes.
Edited with a foreword by Oriole Farb and Jerome
Liebling, Art by Linda Connor, Edited with Foreward
by Oriole Farb and Jerome Liebling

Father and Son: John Butler and William Butler
Yeats, Non-Fiction by Douglas Archibald

This Child is the Mother, Poetry by Gloria C. Oden

Africa, Non-Fiction by David Diop,
Translated by Lucille Clifton

Black Woman, Poetry by Leopold Sedar Senghor,
Translated by Lucille Clifton

Congo, Poetry by Leopold Sedar Senghor,
Translated by George Keithley

Rabbits Remembered, Non-Fiction
by Shaun O'Connell

The Writer, Poetry by Arthur Winfield Knight

D.H. Lawrence and Kate Millett, Non-Fiction
by Janice Harris

Clos Camardon, Poetry by Stephen Yenser

The Beat in the Jungle vs. A Sense of the Comic,
Fiction by Alvin Greenberg

Williamsville, Vermont 1972, Cover Art
by Wendy Snyder MacNeil


Joseph Brodsky: A Poet's Classroom,
Non-Fiction by Rosette Lamont

Lagoon, Poetry by Joseph Brodsky,
Translated by Daniel Weissbort

Norman Mailer: The Artist as Fantasy,
Non-Fiction by Robert Lucid

Violence; Black Ore, Poetry by Rene Despestre,
Translated by Suzanne Lacy and James Scully

The American Sickness, Fiction by Jose Yglesias

Allende in Socialist America, Poetry by George H. Szanto

Brazilian Rain Forest, Poetry by Gyula Illyes,
Translated by William Jay Smith

Polonaise, Fiction by Abraham Rothberg

My Sister Was a Seamstress, Poetry by BM Bennani

A Week Like Any Oher Week, Fiction by Natalia
Baranskaia, Translated by Emily Lehrman

Phoenix; The Solace of Stevens, Poetry by Robert Gibb

Homescape, Poetry by Benjamin Saltman

A Child's Election, Non-Fiction by Thomas J. Cottle

November Funerals, Lawrence, Mass,
Poetry by George Bower

Beck-Junior and the Good Shepherd,
Fiction by Ellease Southerland

Nineteen Thirty-Two; Honeymoon: St. Thomas,
Poetry by Lawrence Spingarn

Samuel Beckett: Dramatic Possibilities,
Non-Fiction by George H. Szanto

Easy on the Gas, Poetry by Paul Jenkins

Invocation, Poetry by William Walden

Joseph Brodsky, Cover Art by Jerome Liebling


Natives, Women & Claude Levi-Strauss,
Non-Fiction by Cleo McNelly

Ein Geliebtes: The Body of the Work,
Poetry by Rika Lesser

The Interpreter, Fiction by Eric Wilson

Oxbow, Poetry by Paul Jenkins

Dry Winter, Poetry by Millicent Bell

Whitman in Vietnam: Poetry and History in
Contemporary America, Non-Fiction by Cary Nelson

The Unfulfilled, Poetry by Betty Lowry

Mexican Elections, Poetry by Ameen Alwan

By the River, Poetry by T. Hunter Wilson

Washrags, Poetry by Vern Rutsala

Language in Black and Irish Nationalist Literature,
Non-Fiction by C.L. Innes

Rapture of the Deep, Poetry by Diane Ackerman

European Thought in the Twentieth Century,
Non-Fiction by Eugene Lunn

Golden Prince/ Black Nothing,
Fiction by Sondra Shulman

Labuntur Anni, Poetry by Charles Gullans

Chronicles and Chroniclers: Some Contemporary
Fictions, Non-Fiction by Blanche Gelfant

The First Movement, Poetry by Debora Greger

Harvest, Poetry by Ellen Bryant Voigt

Nine Advantages of a Dead Cat,
Poetry by Jerry Underwood

FICTION: "Cries and Whispers" The Complete
Bergman, Non-Fiction by Julian C. Rice

FILM: Exquisite Comedy and the Dimensions of
Heroism Akira Kurosawa's "Yojimbo",
Non-Fiction by Alan Barr

Visit to a Child with Leukemia; Fall,
Poetry by Barbara Courtney

Performing Arts: 1973-1974; Jospeh Papp and Others,
Non-Fiction by Seymour Rudin

The Story of My Life, Poetry by James Baker Hall

Job; Die Liebe Farbe, Poetry
by Carol Baker Hansen

I Am Not a Hero: Virginia Woolf and The First
Version of The Years, Non-Fiction by Grace Radin

Woman in an Exotic forest, Front Cover; The Dream,
Back Cover, Cover Art by Henri Roussseau


Getting Up, Fiction by Alan V. Hewat

Houses/My House, Poetry by Robert Hahn

Yellow Woolen Socks,
Poetry by Ameen Alwan

Music by the Waters; The Storm; Comb
Jelly, Poetry by John Hay

A Slightly Moving Figure, Poetry by James Sacre,
Translated by David Ball

American Dream, Poetry by Vern Rutsala

Riffraff, Fiction by Susan Engberg

Diamond Reo; The Death of Jazz; Housework;
Always; The Common Fate of Objects,
Poetry by Eleanor Herman

W.D. Snodgrass: The Mild, Reflective Art,
Non-Fiction by J.D. McClatchy

The Anarchist Heart, Poetry by Bill Tremblay

An Interview with Maxine Kumin,
Non-Fiction by Martha George Meek

1934, Poetry by George Bogin

E.E. Cummings as an Artist, Non-Fiction
by Robert Tucker

Seventeen drawings by E.E. Cummings,
Art by E.E. Cummings

Notes on the Dial Collection, Poetry
by Dagmar Reutlinger

Developmental Psychology and the Arts,
Non-Fiction by Richard W. Nolan

Solstice; In Margaret's Garden; Timing,
Poetry by Audre Lorde

Red Rosa: Bread and Roses,
Fiction by Sheila Delany

Borges' Orbis Tertius, Non-Fiction by Sheldon Brivic

The Last Covenant; Scenes from Life,
Poetry by Naomi Lazard

Dancing Girl, leaning Left,
Cover Art by E. E. Cummings


The Provisional IRA and the Limits of
Terrorism, Non-Fiction by W.H. Van Voris

It is Not So Easy, Poetry by Jayne Berland

Anatomy Lesson: A School for Boys,
Poetry by Stephen Dunn

The Wedding, Poetry by T. Hunter Wilson

In a Very Low Voice, Words that Can Hardly
Be Understood, Fiction by Rolaine Hockstein

First Act, Poetry by Steven Bauer

Naked Poetry, Poetry by Peter Cooley

Politics and Love, Fiction by John Clayton

If Only, Poetry by Candice Ward

Crossing the Plains, Poetry by Debora Greger

A More Perfect State: Thoreau's Concept of
Civil Government, Non-Fiction by William A. Herr

From the Cape in Winter, The Explorers,
Poetry by Gray Burr

A Third Party Emerges in Vermont,
Non-Fiction by Michael Parenti

The Library, The University and a Humane Society,
Non-Fiction by Frederick S. Troy

The Red Room, Non-Fiction by Milton Mayer

Baseball and the American Dream,
Non-Fiction by George Grella

Norwegian Rivers, Poetry by Joseph Langland

Round (a verse drama), Poetry by Peter Viereck

Surviving McCarthyism: Doctorow's Boom of Daniel,
Non-Fiction by Barbara L Estrin

A Legacy, Non-Fiction by Arlyn Diamond

Innocents at Home,
Non-Fiction by Cynthia Griffin Wolff

Janus, Front Cover; Henry David Thoreau,
Act. 44, Back Cover, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin



Where is the USA Going?,
Non-Fiction by Norman Birnbaum

Permanence; A Quietness, Poetry by Vincente
Aleixandre, Translated by Jeoffrey Bartman

What Grief Descends; Recollection;
My Friend; Tomorrow No Trance,
Poetry by Natalya Gorbanevskaya,
Translated by H.W. Tjalsma

To Make You Well, Poetry by Debora Greger

The Moving Finger, Poetry by Hilary Masters

Kaballah in the Connecticut River Valley--a Fragment,
Fiction by Mark Jay Mirsky

Papyrus #1212, Poetry by Jon Kelly Yenzer

The Independent Woman and Free Love,
Non-Fiction by Emily Toth

The Metaphysics of Empire-Building: American
Imperialism in the Age of Jefferson and Monroe,
Non-Fiction by Richard Drinnon

What's in a Name?: The Presence of the Victim in
The Pioneers, Non-Fiction by Lester Cohen

The Pocahontas Perplex: The Image of Indian
Women in American Culture,
Non-Fiction by Rayna Green

The Century After a Century of Dishonor:
American Conscience and Consciousness,
Non-Fiction by Frederick W. Turner, III

Uncle Tom and the Avant-Garde,
Non-Fiction by Frank D. McConnell

The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry as a
Subject for American Arts, Non-Fiction
by Chadwick Hansen

From the Civil War Diary & Letters of
Corporal E.W. Stone, 21st Massachusetts,
Non-Fiction by Paul Mariani, Edited with an Introduction
by Paul Mariani

Troubadours and Minnesanger: Six Medieval Lyrics with Illustrations, Poetry/Art by Ernest Gallo, version by E. Gallo

The Years of Shame, Non-Fiction by W. M. Frohock

The Ventnor Waterworks, Poetry by Barry Spacks

Alain Resnais's Stavisky: The Beginning of the End,
Non-Fiction by Frederick Busi

Bernando Bertolucci, or Nostalgia for the Present,
Non-Fiction by Robert Zaller

Pocahontas, Front Cover by Unidentified Artist; detail
from the monument to Col. Robert Gould Shaw and the
Negro troops of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer
regiment, Back Cover by Augustus Saint-Gaudens



Beyond Arcadians and Technophiles:
New Convergences in Culture?,
Non-Fiction by Ihab Hassan

Nabisco's Hiring, Poetry by Thomas Orr

Recovery, Poetry by Molly Peacock

Valediction, Poetry by Molly Peacock

Friday, Poetry by Susan Noel

Too Many Birthdays, Poetry by Ron Schreiber

False Clues, Poetry by Ron Schreiber

Alternatives to the New Fascisim,
Non-Fiction by Kenneth M Dolbeare

I Want To Be African: Paul Robeson and the
Ends of Nationalist Theory and Practice,
Non-Fiction by Sterling Stuckey

Bronze Bust of Paul Robeson by Jacob Epstein,
Art by Jerome Liebling

Six, Poetry by Jon-Stephen Fink

Indians, Art by Leonard Baskin, 12 Lithographs

Leonard Baskin's Indians, Indian Anangkan,
Non-Fiction by William Brandon

American Fiction 1975: Celebration in Wonderland,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

After Swimming, Poetry by Marge Piercy

Beauty I Would Suffer For, Poetry by Marge Piercy

Statelier Mansions: Humanis, Forster and Lessing,
Non-Fiction by Ellen Cronan Rose

Crazy Horse, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin



An American Economist in Paris,
Non-Fiction by Michael Piore

Circuit, Poetry by Vincente Aleixandre,
Translated by Jeoffrey Bartman

Memory; A Photograph; Imperfect Streak
of Light, Poetry by Barbara Ras

Pinocchio, or The Tale of a Man with the Long
Nose, Fiction by Alexander Theroux

Speaking of Courage, Fiction by Tim O'Brien

In the Desert, Poetry by Candice Ward

In Memory of T.B., Poetry by Joseph Brodsky,
Translated by Paul Zweig

The Best Ride to New York, Fiction by Bob Levin

Crevecoeur: A "Man of Sorrows" and the
American Revolution, Non-Fiction by A.W. Plumstead

Fort High, Poetry by Tom Wayman

Private Lives and Public Order: A Critical View
of the History of Intimate Relations in the U.S.,
Non-Fiction by Howard Gadlin

Roots Versus Restlessnes: Cooperative Households,
the City, and Recurrent Issues in American Family Life,
Non-Fiction by Rosabeth Moss Kanter

John Woolman's Dream of the Cat and the Fox,
Art by Leonard Baskin, 12 Lithographs

The Paintings of Frances Cohen Gillespie, The Artist
on Her Life and Work, Non-Fiction and Art by Frances
Cohen Gillespie, paintings and article

Mothers and Daughters: the Inner Landscape,
Non-Fiction by Oriole Farb

Of Growing Old, Poetry by D.J. Enright

The Poetry of Philip Larkin, Non-Fiction by
Martin Scofield

En Cest Sonet Coind'e Leri, Poetry by Arnaut Daniel,
Translated by Ernest Gallo

Serious Vulgarity: Recent American Cinema,
Non-Fiction by W. S. Dipiero

Leila, Cover Art by Frances Cohen Gillespie



Culture and Controversy: a diagnosis,
Non-Fiction by Robert Crossley

The Infant Football Game,
Fiction by Fred Miller Robinson

A Garland of Verse by Robert Francis
for His Seventy-fifth Birthday,
Poetry by Robert Francis

Civil Liberty in America: A Freedom
Odseesy, Non-Fiction by William Preston

The Latin Class: A Letter of Pliny's,
Poetry by Nancy G. Westerfield

Lambchops Goes into Training; Summit,
Poetry by Paul St. Vincent

Fortune Cookies, Poetry by Linda Pastan

Politics & Popular Culture in Brazil,
Non-Fiction by J.R. Molotnik

Taormine Journal, Non-Fiction by Bernard Elevitch

Cold Mountain, Imitation; Pechal Moya Svelta,
Poetry by Mary Haynes

Of Heroines and Victimes: Jean Rhys and Jane Eyre,
Non-Fiction by Dennis Porter

Fragments of a Killdeer, Fiction by Gladden Schrock

Robert Francis, Cover Art by Jerome Liebling



How the Puritans Won the American
Revolution, Non-Fiction by Sacvan Bercovitch

Conflict in a New England Town Meeting,
Non-Fiction by Jane J. Mansberg

Waiting Room at the Breast Clinic,
Poetry by Tamara Watson

Paul Cuffe: Indian Blood,
Poetry by Everett Hoagland

Poem Without Head or Tail Just With Belly
Ache, Poetry by Ifeanyi Menkiti

Alfonso Lacklustre, Poetry by James Tate

To the Couple on the Red Line,
Poetry by Marla Zarrow

I Live, Poetry by Kathi Aguero

Bas Relief; Bacchante 17, Poetry by Sandra Gilbert

Lear, Non-Fiction by Arthur Kinney

When it Was; Arrival, Poetry by Jeannine Dobbs

Snodgrass on Eliot, Fiction by Rima King

Witness: The School Maker,
Non-Fiction by Thomas J. Cottle

Preparing for Winter, Poetry by James Wade

Prescriptions from Sleeplessness,
Poetry by Rika Lesser

Liberation and Stalemate,
Non-Fiction by David Riseman

Medea, Poetry by W.H. Chaplin

Great Seal of the United States, engraving,
Cover Art by James Trenchard



The Politics of J. M. Synge,
Non-Fiction by Robin Skelton

Boxes, Fiction by Janet Gilman

Childhood; Peaches are Red and Yellow,
Poetry by Ameen Alwan, after poems by
Carlos Castro Saavedr

On the Political Rhetoric in Our Narrative
Tastes, Non-Fiction by George H. Szanto

The Literature of the American Prison,
Non-Fiction by H. Bruce Franklin

The Guidebook, Poetry by Alice Mattison

Paintings by Jane Lund, Art by Jane Lund

Revolution and the Meaning of the Humanities,
Non-Fiction by John William Ward

Concerning the Future of Britian; Oyster Lament,
Poetry by D.J. Enright

Alain Robbe-Grillet: The Aesthetics of
Sado-Masochism, Non-Fiction by John J. Clayton

Divorce; The Words; Thinking About the Future
of Jerusalem, Poetry by Shirley Kaufman

Hanging Fire, Fiction by Edith Pearlman

No Witnesses, Poetry by Paul Monette

Sex and Race: The Analogy of Social Control,
Non-Fiction by William Chafe

Infrared, Poetry by Stuart Dybek

Henry James, Radical Gentleman,
Non-Fiction by S. Gorley Putt

Stone Soup, Poetry by C. Itzin

Self-Portrait as an Entertainer,
Cover Art by Jane Lund



Emily Dickinson's Letters to Sue Gilbert,
Non-Fiction by Lillian Faderman, letters
by Emily Dickinson to Sue Gilbert

Moving, Poetry by Susan Snively

Lives & Letters: O Pioneers, with eight letters (1875--1881) of Nellie Wells Kennard,
Non-Fiction by Barbara Courtney

Lives & Letters: The White Papers: Letter (1861-1865)
of Pvt. Herman Lorenzo White, 22nd Regiment
Massachusetts Volunteers, Non-Fiction by Herman
Lorenzo White, Edited by Kathleen Kroll and Charles Moran

The Old Animal Floating in Bandages,
Poetry by Patricia Eakins

A Grappling of Light , Fiction by Robin Goodfellow

The Face of Creation; A Summer on the Lake,
Poetry by Otto Orban, Translated by Jascha Kessler

The Face of Creation; A Summer on the Lake,
Poetry by Jascha Kessler

Six Illustrations, Poetry by Randall Deihl
and a note by the artist

Under the Eyelid, Poetry by Kristina McGrath

Psychohistory, Theory and Practice,
Non-Fiction by Richard W. Noland

Sarah's Song, Poetry by Jane Flanders

The Struggle to Save the Cities,
Non-Fiction by Henry Giroux

In the Shell of the Ear and Other Poems,
Poetry by Joseph Langland, with a portriat by Barry Moser

Zone of Remission: Current American Fiction,
Non-Fiction by Shaun O'Connell

Witness: Against Capitulation,
Non-Fiction by Jiri Wyatt

Tree, Cover Art by Randall Deihl



Dedication for Sterling Brown,
Non-Fiction by John Wilson

Backwacking, A Plea to the Senator,
Fiction by Ralph Ellison

Study & Experience, an Interview with
Ralph Ellison, Non-Fiction by Robert Stepto,
coauthored with Michael Harper

Elegies for Paradise Valley,
Poetry by Robert Hayden

A Sense of Story, Fiction by James Alan McPherson

Photographs, Art by Lawrence Sykes

Bristol; Made Connections; Crossing Lake Michigan;
Smoke, Poetry by Michael Harper

Intimate Things in Place, a conversation with Toni
Morrison, Non-Fiction by Robert Stepto

Siras Bowens of Sunbury, Georgia, a Tidewater
Artist in the Afro-American Visual Tradition,
Non-Fiction by Robert Farris Thompson

Africa, Slavery, and the Roots of Contemporary
Culture, Non-Fiction by Mary F. Berry and
John Blassingame

Paintings, Art by Richard Yarde

Richard Wright & Afro-American Literary Tradition,
Non-Fiction by Robert Stepto

The Blues Roots of Contemporary Afro-American
Poetry, Non-Fiction by Sherley A. Williams

A Music of the Streets,
Non-Fiction by Frederick Turner

Marko's: A Vegetarian Fantasy,
Drama by Kenneth Bernard

Someone Sweet Angel Child,
Poetry by Shirley A. Williams

Bryant's Ride, Fiction by Hilary Masters

Nantucket Oil Merchants and the American
Revolution, Non-Fiction by George Rogers Taylor

The Village; Collecting, Poetry by Richard Frost

montage, Cover Art by Romare Bearden with
portrait of Sterling Allen Brown by John Wilson

Richard Wright (etching),
Back Cover At by Richard Powell



Chant of Saints: A Gathering of
Afro-American Literature, Art &
Scholarship, Non-Fiction by Edited
by Michael S. Harper and Robert B. Stepto

Packwood's Sermon by Firelight,
Fiction by Leon Forrest

Training for the Eye; For an Old Teacher;
The Wall; Crumbgiving, Poetry by Henry Braun

"If He Changed My Name": an Interview
with Leon Forrest, Non-Fiction by Maria Mootry

Names; Astronauts; Zinnias; A Letter from
Phillis Wheatley from "The Snow Lamp",
Poetry by Robert Hayden

In My Father's House, Fiction by Ernest Gaines

Uplift from a Park Tower, Poetry by Michael Harper

The Art of Romare Bearden,
Non-Fiction by Ralph Ellison

Odysseus, collages by Romare Bearden

from Almeyda, Fiction by Gayl Jones

Gayle Jones: An Interview,
Non-Fiction by Michael Harper

Love's Dozen, Poetry by Jay Wright

Covenant of Timelessness and Time:
Robert Hayden's Angle of Ascent,
Non-Fiction by Wilburn Williams

The Advancement of Women in Giscard
d'Estaing's Advanced Liberal Society,
Non-Fiction by Gordon Shenton

Toward a World Black Literature Community,
Non-Fiction by Melvin Dixon

The Wrestler Considers His Heritage,
Poetry by Ron Slate

Late Coltrane , Fiction by Kimberly W. Benston

An Image of Africa,
Non-Fiction by Chinua Achebe

from The Schooner, Flight,
Poetry by Derek Walcott

The Singer in the Song: Autobiography &
Time in The Odyssey, Non-Fiction by Roger J. Porter

Ballad of the Moon, The Moon, The Unfaithful Wife,
Poetry by Federico García Lorca,
Translated by Meg Bogin

The Special Relationship: Britian Through American
Eyes, Non-Fiction by A.S. Eisenstadt

The Sea Nymph, Cover Art by Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden (photo), by Niki Ekstsrom



A Lingering Death,
Fiction by Silvia Tennenbaum

Her Name Might be Magdelena,
Poetry by Ellen Wittlinger

Early Winter, Fiction by Max Schott

Edward Dahlberg (1900--1977), a reminiscence,
Non-Fiction by Frank MacShane

The Choir from the Soul: A Conversation with
Anne Sexton, Non-Fiction by Gregory Fitz Gerald

Nothing You Can Have, Poetry by Marge Piercy

Fall, Poetry by Bill Tremblay

Mytheopia, the Moon, and Contemporary
Women's Poetry, Non-Fiction by Dianne Sadoff

Crow: Or The Trickster Transformed,
Non-Fiction by Jarold Ramsey

Delicious Poison, Poetry by Robert Sabatier,
Translated by Elizabeth Hanson

Self-Portraits: Gregory Gillespie, Art by
Gregory Gillespie, eight illustrations with a
commentary by the artist and afterward
by the art editor, Oriole Farb

Solzhenitsyn's Image of America: The Survival
of a Slavophile Idea, Non-Fiction by Dale Peterson

I Will Go to Israel, Poetry by Naomi Lazard

Odon von Horvath: A Man of this Season,
Non-Fiction by Krishna Wonston

The Dead, Poetry by Lawrence Kearney

The Artificial Niggers, Non-Fiction by Claire Kahane

Secrecy, Poetry by Diane Wald

I Don't Even Ask to Write Them Down,
Poetry by Diane Wald

About Ammons 'Spehre', Non-Fiction by John E. Sitter

Self-Portrait, Cover Art by Gregory Gillespie



Shubert's Last Year, 1828,
Non-Fiction by Henry G. Mishkin

This Error is the Sign of Love,
Poetry by Lewis Hyde

Geometry, Poetry by Jaime Galarza,
Translated by Roberto Marques

The Ivory Tower of Babel,
Non-Fiction by Milton Mayer

Stoke Sobel in Polk, Fiction by Diane Vreuls

Just Living, Poetry by Kurt Heinzelman

For There Was Wind, Max; Max Plays With
Textures of Words and Things, Poetry by Frederic Will

Crosstown, Poetry by Julia Thacker

Regional Planning: The Need and How to Meet It,
Non-Fiction by Donald Allen Robinson

Five Stanzas for My Two Brothers,
Poetry by Siv Cedering Fox

Calm Seas and a Prosperous Voyage,
Fiction by W.D. Wetherell

Lesson of the Forgetful House,
Poetry by Paul Hoover

Dialogue of Poets: Mens Animi and the Renewal
of Words, Non-Fiction by Helen Bacon

My Mother Rehearses Her Funeral,
Poetry by Philip Pierson

Eyes, Fiction by Tamas Aczel

My Mother's Knife, Poetry by Lyn Lifshin

At Such Times of Divesture,
Poetry by Kinereth Gensler

The Well-Tempered Falsehood: The Art of
Storytelling, Non-Fiction by Nancy Willard

Inventing Childhood for Myself; Going to Sleep,
Poetry by Debora Greger

Witness: The Paper City,
Non-Fiction by Mary Doyle Curran

Anecdote as Destiny: Isak Dinesen and the
Storyteller, Non-Fiction by Marcia Landy

How its Engine Fevers!, Poetry by Simon Perchik

An Interview with Umberto Eco, Non-Fiction
by Elizabeth Bruss and Marguerite Waller

Portrait of Franz Peter Schubert,
Cover Art by Jean-Marie Leroux

Franz Peter Shubert, Back Cover Art
by Leopold Kupelweiser



Chaos or Control: Our No-Win Situation,
Non-Fiction by Jascha Kessler

A Suite for Hawkbells,
Poetry by James Baker Hall

Heavy Particles, Fiction by N.R. Simon

Getting Caught in a Rainstorm,
Poetry by Philip Dacey

Has Been Recorded; More on the End of
the Dock, Poetry by Stuart Friebert

Mark Reizen, Non-Fiction by Greg Audette

A Private Station, Fiction by Raymond A. Kennedy

Killing to Eat; Alligators and Paris and North
America, Poetry by William Dickey

Samuel Johnson in Modern Perspective,
Non-Fiction by Frederick S. Troy

Self-Supression and Attatchment: Mid-Victorian
Emotional Life, Non-Fiction by Judith Hughes

My Life and Death in the Negro American
Baseball League, Fiction by Jay Neugeboren

Bartleby and Schizophrenia,
Non-Fiction by Morris Beja

June Rain '72, Poetry by Robert G. Tucker

A Child Crying, Poetry by Ruth Fainlight

Film as Antipedagogy: Laughing at 'Laura',
Cackling at 'Kane', Drama by Frank D. McConnell

A Fine, White Flying Myth: Confessions of a
Plath Addict, Non-Fiction by Sandra Gilbert

Witness: The Return, Fiction by Irving Weissman

Death Mask Bust of Samuel Johnson,
Cover Art by Witty



Photography: Introduction,
Non-Fiction by Jerome Liebling

In Our Image, Non-Fiction by Wright Morris

Photography, Non-Fiction by Walker Evans

The Romantic Machine: Towards a Definition
of Humanism, Non-Fiction by Bill Jay

August Sander, Non-Fiction by Anne Halley,
Translated by Anne Halley

Photography as a Universal Language,
Non-Fiction by August Sander

Icons or Ideology: Stieglitz and Hine,
Non-Fiction by Estelle Jussim

Photography and the Institution: Szarkowski at the
Modern, Non-Fiction by Maren Stange

The Bus Show, Non-Fiction by Kate Carlson,
written with Bill Arnold

Sentiment, Compassion, Straight Record:The
Mid-Victorians, Non-Fiction by Elizabeth Lindquist-Cock

The Photographs of Helen Levitt,
Non-Fiction by Roberta Hellman,
written with Marvin Hoshiwo

The Photographs of Helen Levitt, Art by Helen Levitt

Photographs, Art by Jerome Liebling

Photography and the World's Body,
Non-Fiction by Roger Copeland

Form and Content in the Early Work of Aaron
Siskind, Non-Fiction by Carl Chiarenza

Camera Works: Notes Toward an Investigation,
Non-Fiction by Alan Trachtenberg

Dismantling Modernism, Reinventing Documentary
(Notes on the Politics of Representation),
Non-Fiction by Alan Sekula

A Few Alternatives, Non-Fiction by Paul Vanderbilt

Covers, Cover Art by Robert Lyons


For Hugh MacDiarmond: a portrait,
Art by Leonard Baskin

For Hugh MacDiarmond: The Eemis Stone,
Poetry by Hugh MacDiarmid

For Hugh MacDiarmond: from the 'London
Times', September 11, 1978, "Mr. Hugh MacDiarmid:Creator of the Scottish
Renaissance", Non-Fiction, obituary

Recycling Hobbes: The Limits to Political Ecology,
Non-Fiction by Robert D. Holsworth

Detroit Poem, Poetry by Tom Wayman

Living Off the Land, Poetry by David Wagoner

Making a Fire in the Rain, Poetry by David Wagoner

No Fear, Poetry by Mary Doyle Curran

Even Country Clubs Get the Blues,
Fiction by Richard Herzfelder

The Hunter Invited, Fiction by John Berry

Kaethe Kollowitz Installs her Statues at
Roggevelde Cemetery 1932, Poetry by John Allman

Listen, Poetry by Bette Beller Swados

Psyche, or Wholeness,
Non-Fiction by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Art: Seven Sibyls, Poetry by Ruth Fainlight

Provincial Sibyl, Art by Leonard Baskin

Revolutionary Turnings: The Mountain
Lion Reread, Non-Fiction by Blanche Gelfant

The Round Moon, Poetry by Wendy Bishop

Time is Not Just Chronology: Interview with
Wallace Stegner, Non-Fiction by Bill Henkin

The Train that Sang All Day Through the Bush;
Night Song, Poetry by Paul Jenkins

Turgenev's Dialectic, Non-Fiction by David Ball

The Adventure of Dialectic; The New Realism,
Poetry by Joan Retallack

Review: The Architecture of a Trilogy,
Non-Fiction by Donald L. Kaufmann

Provincial Sibyl, Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


The Way Down, The Way Up,
Fiction by Donna Wilner

Pacheteau's Calistoga Hot Springs,
Poetry by Stephen Ratcliffe

Lionel Trilling and the Romantic
Tradition, Non-Fiction by Jeffrey Cane Robinson

In Place; Watching, Poetry by Joan Joffe Hall

Two Modern Men, A Woman, A Dog: A Short Story,
Poetry by Jacquelyn Bonomo

Post-Party Politics: Doris Lessing's novels of the
Sevenites, Non-Fiction by C.J. Bullock and Kay L. Stewart

Sonnet to Seabrook, Poetry by David Ray

Domestic Animals, Poetry by Bob McNamara

Yeats' Prayer, Poetry by Lloyd Schwartz

An Innovation in Offset Lithography: The Press
as the Artists Tool, Non-Fiction by Hanlyn Davies

Ghost, Art by Hanlyn Davies

Self-Portrait, Art by Oriole Farb

Le Soupir, Art by Ron Michaud, lithograph

Iso Series #2, Art by Dale Schleappi,
lithograph with production notes

Imagining Women: Notes Toward a Feminist Poetic,
Non-Fiction by Mary Carruthers

The Remote Collector, Poetry by Andrew Salkey

The Wedding, Poetry by Sandra Kohler

My Relatives for the Most,
Poetry by Frederick Hudson

Ghosts of the Past: O'Neil and Hamlet,
Non-Fiction by Normand Berlin

Preparing the Silk, Poetry by Honor Johnson

Women on Women's Destiny: Maturity as Penance,
Non-Fiction by Nina Auerbach

Refelections & Review: Human Geography,
Poetry by Ruth Whitman

Refelections & Review: Re-Stirring the Waters, or
The Voice that Sees the World as Patients,
Non-Fiction by Neal Bruss

Refelections & Review: Erikson's Inner Space
Reconsidered, Non-Fiction by Cynthia Griffin Wolff

Refelections & Review: Hannah Arent's Testimony,
Non-Fiction by Bernard Elevitch

Refelections & Review: "Holocaust "on West German
Television, Non-Fiction by Werner Sollors

Refelections & Review: Cheers, Tarfunk: The Letters
of Flannery O'Connor, Non-Fiction by Carol Shloss

Refelections & Review: View from the Mid-Fifties,
Poetry by Leonard Nathan

Chieftain, Cover Art by Hanlyn Davies


A Note on the Issue,
Non-Fiction by Jules Chametzky

Revisiting Dos Passos' USA,
Non-Fiction by Harry Levin

Prayer for my 62nd Birthday, Poetry
by Mary Doyle Curran

Birth of a Nation--Propaganda as History,
Non-Fiction by John Hope Franklin

Life Story; Orientation, Poetry by J. Kates

Intellectuals & Society in Western Massachusetts:
The Pastorate of Jonathan Edwards,
Non-Fiction by Patricia Tracy

Intellectuals & Society in Western Massachusetts:
Emily Dickinson and the
Problem of Career, Non-Fiction by R.J. Wilson

Intellectuals & Society in Western Massachusetts:
A Response, Non-Fiction by Robert A Gross

The Dream of Lee, Poetry by Reynolds Price

They Say God Has His Hands in His Pockets,
Poetry by Maureen Helleren

Nine Night Version, Fiction
by Michael (Ekwueme) Thelwell

Callings, Poetry by Leonard Nathan

Dr. Johnson's Friends: Civil Rights by Copyright,
Non-Fiction by David Levering Lewis

Roses, Poetry by Jane Flanders

Wannsee: A Tragi-Comedy,
Drama by Eric Bentley

The King's Two Bodies: Lincoln, Nixon, & Presidential
Self-Sacrifice, Non-Fiction by Michael Paul Rogin

Minstrelsy and Early Jazz,
Non-Fiction by Berndt Ostendorf

Early Black Benevolent Societies 1780-1830,
Non-Fiction by Robert L. Harris, Jr.

Sidney Kaplan: Memoir,
Non-Fiction by Leonard Baskin

Sidney Kaplan, Front and Back Cover Art by Leonard Baskin


Advent, Fiction by Marian Novick

Letter to John Mercuryindividual,
Poetry by Michael Benedikt

The End of World War One,
Poetry by Sharon Olds

Nobura's Bullet, Fiction by William F. Van Wert

Imaginary Ancestors: What Makes or Breaks
Them; Ulysses S. Grant, Poetry by Madeline DeFrees

Keys, Poetry by Glen Rockwell

Ice Fishing Above the Dam, Poetry
by Thomas Reiter

Sisters, Fiction by J. Kobin

The Rustling of Foliage, The Memory of Caresses
(15 Poems), Poetry by James Tate

Loving the Albatross, Fiction by Ted Bent

The Strange One; Another Matter,
Poetry by Donald Finkel

Judy and the Real Estate Agent; The Pallet,
Poetry by Jill Neimark

Dandelion Greens, Poetry by Jane Flanders

Tea, Fiction by Francine Prose

Lumps, Fiction by Harriet Malinowitz

Hard Winter, Fiction by Sally George

The Land of Cockaigne, Poetry by David L. Fisher

Small Is Not Little, Front and Back Cover
Art by Wang Hui-Ming

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