10 Questions with Owen McLeod

Amal Zaman

“Barren field, tin sky, couds
the color of clouds. Why describe things
when things describe themselves?

Besides, there’s nowhere to turn
when your shield against despair
becomes its source,”

--from “Igloo” which appears in the Spring 2017 issue (Volume 58, Issue 1)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you’ve written

Yevgenii Yevtushenko: An Appreciation

Llyn Clague

To me, a young American in the ‘50s and ‘60s with a strong anti-Establishment streak and a poetry bent, Yevgenii Yevtushenko was a magnetic figure. After my six-month sojourn in the Soviet Union as a student learning Russian, his work appealed to me even more. I met him only a few times at public readings, and we were certainly not personal friends, but he has had a lifelong influence on my poetry.


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