10 Questions for Francesca Bell

Katherine Keenan

“In the Maltese Church the American kisses
her dark groom and the priest watches
before he grants the blessing
why did the choice land on Prague why on this rainy day
white veils belie nothing
but the girl in the wheelchair wants to make it
over the bridge before the lightning gets going”
—from “Rainy Sun” by Ilma Rakusa, translated by Francesca Bell for the Summer 2017 issue (Volume 58, Issue 2)

10 Questions for Jared Harél

Katherine Keenan

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to,

says my son at his bris, though it’s my party

and I carry the weight of a hundred generations

on the tip of my penis might be more apt.

Or: It’s my party. Let us pray.”

--from “Meditation in the Key of an Exhale” which  appears in the Summer 2017 issue (Volume 58, Issue 2)


Tell us about one of the first pieces you’ve written.

10 Questions for Eric Henry Sanders

Katherine Keenan

“Lena smiles and bounces a little bit. I don’t have a particularly bouncy bed and it looks silly that she is trying to bounce on it. Her cheeks flush.
‘Have you seen Girls?’
‘I’m in it.’
‘Yes, I know,’ I say. ‘You’re everywhere.’”
—from “Lena Dunham Is Everywhere” which appears in the Summer 2017 issue (Volume 58, Issue 2)


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