7th Annual Jules Chametzky Prize for Translation Awarded

The winner of the seventh annual Jules Chametzky Translation Prize is Paula Bohince, for her translation from Italian of Corrado Govoni's poem "The Palace of the Soul," published in the Spring 2016 issue.

Paula Bohince is the author of three poetry collections, all from Sarabande, most recently Swallows an d Waves (2016).  She has received the Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship, a Fellowship from the NEA, and the Dartmouth Poet in Residence appointment at The Frost Place.  She lives in Pennsylvania.

Corrado Govoni (1884–1965) was a lead­ing figure in the Crepuscular movement in Italian poetry, and a contributor to Futurism.

Bohince says: "I first encountered Corrado Govoni through Geoffrey Brock's wonderful FSG Anthology of Italian Poetry. I felt an immediate connection to it. I quickly sought out Govoni's collections in Italian and began translating in earnest. An aspect that I truly love and feel such kinship with in Govoni's work is his focus on objects as a means to deliver emotional resonance. He looks so clearly and so deeply, and his gaze makes strange the familiar. 'The Palace of the Soul' was breathtaking to me in its leaps, the concrete images of the rose petals, the mirror, the bee, the river, how surprising all of this is and yet how coherent and moving."