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Volume 60, Issue 4

Front Cover by Anna Schuleit Haber, Bloom, 2003. WHITE MUMS AND ORANGE TULIPS ON THE FIRST FLOOR OF AT THE MASSACHUSETTS MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, BOSTON. Commissioned by the Harvard Medical School and the Department of Mental Health of Massachsuetts.

Courtesy of the artist.

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Our 9th Annual Jules Chametzky Translation Prize winner is here!

Kelsi Vanada and her translation of Berta García Faet's "Thirteen Theories on the Better Understanding of Birds of Eligible Age" have won the Jules Chametzky Prize for Translation. Appearing in our Fall 2017 issue, Vanada translated García Faet's nested-list poem from Spanish.

Kelsi Vanada is from Colorado and holds MFAs in Poetry (Iowa Writers' Workshop, 2016) and Literary Translation (University of Iowa, 2017). She translates from Spanish and Swedish, and her poems and translations have been published most recently in Columbia Poetry Review, EuropeNow, Asymptote, and Prelude. She was a 2016 ALTA Travel Fellow and currently works for the International Writing Program. Her first translation, The Eligible Age by Berta García Faet, is forthcoming from Song Bridge Press.

Berta García Faet was born in Valencia , Spain. She lives in Providence, RI, where she is getting her PhD in Hispanic Studies at Brown University. She is the author of La edad de merecer, Fresa y herida, Introducción a todo, Night club para alumnas aplicadas, and Manojo de abominaciones.

Congratulations, Kelsi! An interview with the translator is forthcoming, but, in the meantime, you can read her response to our 10 Questions back in 2017 here.

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