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10 Questions for Amy Yee

- By Edward Clifford

Inside was an older Asian man of medium height and build. His head was shaved to a salt-and-pepper stubble. Square, silver-rimmed glasses perched on his gentle-looking face. He wore a white tank-top undershirt and a dish towel thrown over one shoulder. The man was busy cleaning up after cooking what smelled like cabbage soup. . . I realized that Mr. S, the guesthouse owner, had shut the kitchen door to block out the smell — and the sight of this man making his lunch.
from “Searching for Walter,” Volume 61, Issue 1 (Spring 2020)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
I took a creative writing class as an undergrad at Wellesley...

Our America


- By Kymberly S. Newberry

(Hurricane Katrina,

I was seated at my computer, trying to convince myself that watching one of my favorite YouTuber’s “Top Ten Nude Lipsticks” videos was germane to my dissertation research (it was not), when the short audio tone from my “digital assistant” Alexa—yes, I caved and along with 100 million other folks am now dependent on my electronic “customizable living experience” (insert eye roll)—alerted me of a...

Favorite Things


- By Joshua L. Ishmon

Editor’s Note: In January, 2017, when dancer and choreographer Joshua L. Ishmon sent us the following reflections for our “Favorite Things” blog series, we were at once saddened, honored, and awed. Yesterday his stunning creation, When Men . . . was posted publicly once again, in honor of George Floyd, his family, and the protestors. Our gratitude also goes out to each of them, and, of course, to Joshua Ishmon, to Deeply Rooted Dance, and to MR performance editor Tanya Fernando.

The summer of 2016 was filled with the deepest sense of empathy I had ever experienced. Sadly, I had considered myself almost numb to the constant tragedies permeating my...

Our America

End the Occupation

- By Jim Hicks

(Photo accompanying Bridget Brennan's article "America is facing a 'double pandemic,'" ABC News, Australia)

“First, let’s get one thing straight. I’ve never set foot in a war zone.” Those were the words that began my last post on this site, on May 23rd, two days before the cold-blooded killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police. At that time, I wanted to be explicit about the real limits of my knowledge in the area I have spent most...


10 Questions for Cynthia White

- By Edward Clifford

As a girl I pictured death the way
I pictured sex, transporting and light

on details. Except he should be
mounted. Mustachioed and dashing.

Now, I hear about a woman—
an acquaintance, my age—

on a shaded path I also walk, whose heart
quit just before the lime-kiln turnoff,
—from “Footpad,” Volume 61, Issue 1 (Spring 2020)

Tell us about one of the first pieces you wrote.
I was in the fifth grade when I wrote a description of a gathering snowstorm. I don't know if it was any good, though I enjoyed writing it. My teacher made me read it out loud to our class, usually a mortifying experience, but somehow I found myself paying attention to the sound of the words, how they fit...

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