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   Front Cover:
   Rabéa Ballin
   Bantu 2014
   Prisma color, galkyd, handmade paper

    Introduction, by Michael Thurston
    There are times when art is called more clearly, more loudly, than
    usual to engage events in the world. Political and social upheaval
    in one or another part of the world impinges on personal dramas,
    on the intimate tensions of relationship. . . .

    Translating the Spanish Civil War: Langston Hughes's
    Transnational Poetics, an essay by Evelyn Scaramella

    Langston Hughes (1902 - 1967) was a lover of travel, and a
    voracious reader, writer, and collector of books.His wanderlust
    took him from Harlem to Europe, Africa, Latin America, the
    Caribbean, and Asia. Living abroad he became fluent in Spanish. . .

    Elegy, a poem by Lev Rubinstein, translated by Philip Metres
    and Tatiana Tulchinsky

    Sometimes you ask yourself, "Could something else be possible?" —
    and it seemsat that moment that it could.

    War of the Clowns, a story by Mia Couto,
    translated by Eric M.B. Becker

    One time two clowns set themselves to arging. The people
    would stop, amused, to watch them.
    —What's that? they asked.
    —Why, it's only two clowns arguing. . . .

    Friday Was the Bomb, nonfiction by Nathan Deuel
    I walk down the block to the nearest ATM as the lights in
    Lebanon flicker. I think to book tickets to anwhere but here.
    But the websites won't work and the travel agency is closed.
    Everything is closed. The streets are empty. . . .

    Things Unspoken, a story by Sara Nović
Everything that moves makes a sound, my mother told me once.
    It was her response to a firestorm of test-cases, me running around
    our house pointing and saying, How about this? How about that?
    Everything, she said. . . .