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   Front Cover:
   Amy Johnquest
   All You Need Is Love (I Hate You, Mr Stredelwitz), 2014
   Altered cabinet card, casein, acrylic

   Introduction, By Jim Hicks
   Not long ago, in these pages, while mulling over how
   writerly imaginings shape the stuff of history, Sabina
   Murray made a striking claim: "What we learn through
   fiction, we don't learn through fact, we learn through
   people. We learn things through how people
   experience them". . . .

   The Factory, a novel excerpt by Ricardo Piglia,
   translated by Sergio Waisman

   From a distance the building looks like a fortress,
   rectangular and dark. In recent months the Industrialist—
   as everyone here calls him—has reinforced the original
   structure with steel planks and wooden partitions. . . .

   The Death of André Breton, a poem by Dean Young
   Only page 200 and already Breton's
   finding it impossible to reconcile
   life to his ideal. If only he could feel
   my old dog drinking from his cupped palms. . . .

   The Secret of Nikola Tesla, a story by Karim Zaimov,
   adapted by Aleksandar Brezar, with art by Enis Cisi

   Telling the Time with Emily Dickinson,
   an essay by Peggy O'Brien
Time consumes us in both senses of the verb. The
   more it ravages the body, the more the mind dwells
   on it. It toys with us. We play with it. We're subject
   to it and make it our subject endlessly. . . .

   Searching for a Head in Nigeria, an essay by Roger Atwood
"A place of lofty trees . . . as beautiful as Paradise."
   So the German adventurer Leo Frobenius described
   the sacred Olokum Grove in Ife in 1910. For months
   before I arrived in Nigeria, I wondered what the grove
   would look like. . . .

   Nehil'im, a poem by Hilene Flanzbaum
Our daughters were too beautiful for men—
   their oily hands, the dank soil that lay crushed
   in the creases between their fingers. . . .